An email about tree funerals

A reader emails about the tree funeral I blogged about yesterday:

Hi Cam ….

Many years ago, I lived for three years on the West Coast. I have never been able to understand the precious attitude to selective felling of native trees in the area as the re-forestation rate is way, way beyond replacement requirements. In fact, some selective felling would be the equivalent of a good pruning….   and provide a good income !

To mourn one kahikatea tree is  “obsessive behaviour” and would indicate that those involved don’t have balance in their lives !!! 

There are thousands of kahikatea , rimu and beech in the West coast forests, with probably millions of seedlings springing up hoping for a chance to grow up big and tall.

In my own 1 1/2 acre garden, I have kahikatea, totara and nikau coming up like hairs on a cat’s back and regularly have to pull them out…I could be in trouble !!

Keep up the good work :-)


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  • williamabong

    A background story on Peter Lusk, sure makes for interesting reading, perhaps sometimes some of these people should have their past dragged into the spotlight, it just seems to add some balance to the story, something our news media seem to struggle with.

  • Cadwallader

    Great e-mail from your reader. The background from Williamabong serves to highlight the inter-meshing between reds and greens perfectly. Thanks for this.

  • Patrick

    To mourn one kahikatea tree is ”obsessive behaviour” and would indicate that those involved don’t have balance in their lives

    Too true – most of them don’t have jobs, earn their own money or have a wash from time to time. They have massive chips on their shoulders because other people get of their asses & get jobs, earn money & have self respect.
    That is the problem with the commies, they want to drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator, they are bottom feeders.

  • grumpy

    Lusk is worse than that, he and his mates are just pathological haters of mankind. They are behind the jacked up “protests” about damming the Mokihinui, Coal mining at Denniston and anything that will even slightly better the living of coasters.
    The bullshit about rare “giant snails” is a classic. Up where that tree and hut is, you can’t walk through the bush without standing on them! That’s why the place is full of Weka – they feed on them.

  • grumpy

    I see a Twitter reaction here from Ian James ex F&RES, Hi Sid!