An email from a reader in Christchurch about unemployment

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Hi Cam

I saw this last night whilst out walking and thought it would be good ammo for you.

In essence, if you can fog a mirror you can get a job in Chch at the moment – and likely for the next ten years. 

The point which has been conveniently avoided by the Campbell and others is that healthy young men and women sit on the dole whilst the rebuild is being held up by lack of staff.

As a taxpayer I find that situation unacceptable!


vacancies in chch

UPDATE: An email from Australia

Further to the Christchurch dole bludgers story; a nephew moved there from the UK 6 months ago. He’s a young lad in the building trade.

He has so much work that he’s dragged his brother over (completely unskilled) to help out.

If there is anyone who is being paid anything other than disability allowance in Christchurch right now, you’ve got a bludger problem, I reckon.

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  • Mr_Blobby

    There are plenty of jobs and work for those that want it, around the country.

    The reasons for not wanting to work are long and varied but the common theme is that some have made a lifestyle choice not to work and others feel that, in their own minds, they are not going to be paid what they are worth.

    The lifestyle choice is a hard one to counter because it is encouraged by the system. Accepting that people will only pay you what you are worth to them is easier, The Government says if you have lots of children you are worth more to them.

  • They refuse a job they should lose any state assistance.

    • williamabong

      True enough Brian, the reality is these cunning littles shits don’t ever refuse a job they just present in such a manner that no sane employer would ever give then a job, pajamas to an interview, etc
      Start them on an dollar ammount then ramp them back every week may help to provide the incentive, or as an option we could just shoot a couple of the lazy little fucks, two wins here, lowers the bill and wakes up their dopey mates.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bring the prisoners here and make them work. Move the dole bludgers here and make them work. Bring Sheep and his useless crowd here and make them work.

    • Mr_V4

      Not sure you’d want a member of the Labour party working on anything. Then again maybe Taito could run their work gang.

      • Patrick

        he negotiates some pretty competitive rates too by all accounts

      • williamabong

        Probably the last thing they need is two dozen skilled union organisers.

  • BJ

    Unemployed single men and women should have to follow jobs whichever city the jobs are in – thats part of becoming a mature independent adult – to go out into the big wide world and seek ones fortune.

    ‘Lifestyle choice’ is a lazy and ignorant way of saying “I wish to stay in my comfort zone – I’m too scared of people to leave what I know, to make new friends and to be a successful person” The sense of self responsibility is lacking.

    I say make them move to follow the work – families as well, if necessary.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Long-term unemployed – often deliberately make themselves “unemployable” for the sole reason they can tell WINZ – they went to the “interview” and they didn’t get the job.

    Hand goes out – more free money please…

    A social contract is needed with beneficiaries so they MUST accept some form of work-related responsibility in return for the free money they are given! Trouble is – they have had it so good for so long, there’s actually now a highly developed and over-blown sense of entitlement.

    Stop the unemployment benefit. Food vouchers for basic essentials and working for the community in some way should be the trade-off for the free money anyone accepts.

    • Patrick

      On that note – first thing is to stop calling these benefits”entitlements” since when did bludging off the taxpayer become known as an entitlement?

  • Genuine question, because from Australia I can’t tell the answer: What’s the accommodation situation like though?
    In WA we have a heap of people in Perth (where rental vacancies are <1%) wanting to work in the mining areas because the money is great. I haven't met an unemployed person who wouldn't jump at $100,000 odd for an unskilled mining job, and would rather live there than FIFO, but in the mining areas they can't build houses and flats fast enough and there's even less available than in Perth.
    And while the mining companies will pay to FIFO trades and skilled workers, naturally they'd rather not spend that kind of cash on the unskilled.
    If a large part of the accommoidation in Chch is in ruins, will incoming workers have to pay insane rents (up north here it's an average of $2000 a week) or even not be able to find anywhere at all to stay?
    If that's the case, then the government needs to put the unemployed to work where they live building prefabricated dongas to truck down there first, surely?

    • andrewo

      Christchurch is a city. In in there innumerable (and likely innumerate) drop kicks who won’t work. They live there already so accommodation is not an issue. Bringing in large numbers of outsiders may well be a problem though.

    • Cadwallader

      I have a business in Perth and travel their regularly. My perception is that the number of unskilled jobs in the resources sector had depleted to low levels and the demand for rental housing had followed suit.

  • Simian

    Oh my god a place that has 4 jobs in Chch that all need relevant qualifications or experience why is anyone on the dole? Maybe they don’t have the experience or the qualifications for those positions and National seems intent on making it harder and harder to be able to get them without ending up in debt to this country.

    Sure there is quite a few “future” jobs listed there but the funny thing about future jobs is they don’t pay so well right now.

    • Bullshit! Plain and simple.

      Check here:

      Basically the only thing you have to do to get a job is piss in a cup! Any able bodied man in Christchurch can get a job on the rebuild. They can be absolute scumbags today, no qualifications, not even a drivers licence. All they need to do is stop taking drugs for a month, piss in a cup and be somewhat polite in the interview and they have a job.

      The only way to stop the lifestyle choice is to make the alternative to work unappealing. At a minimum to get the unemployment benefit you should have to turn up every morning at 7:30 am at the work and income office in a presentable manor. Don’t turn up, or turn up in any state that would prevent you from working, no dole. To make it a little more onerous you could make them sit there for 8 hours writing “I should be working. I am lucky that I am not working and still able to eat and live in a house. The sooner I get a job and pay back my debt to society the better.”

  • Simian

    Did you actually read the advertisements on the site in the picture above? They ask for more than being able to piss in a cup.

    My comment is in relation to this article which apparently is implying because of this sign there is tons of work available and no one should be on the dole.

    • Patrick

      So they are a training provider “dressing up” as something they are not. I would be dubious about these guys – where is the catch? Unless they are Government (taxpayer) funded.

      • Trust me the piss test is all that is required. There are only three requirements: the piss test, an interview and have your restricted licence WHEN you start working.

        They will hire ANYONE that is willing to work, as long as they don’t endanger themselves or someone else.

        It is an employment drive by SCIRT, the infrastructure rebuild team. It is an alliance of five contractors And it is 100% funded by the tax/rate payer.

        For the five SCIRT contractors to earn the billions they have coming their way they need to actually complete the work, as quickly as possible. So, yes, there are more jobs than there are people and there is no reason for an abled bodied man to be unemployed in Christchurch.