An email from Teri Buhl, a “decent journalist, trained and skilled”


Yesterday I blogged about Teri Buhl and her ‘Buhlshit’ attempt to sue people for publishing tweets. I scoffed yesterday that her behaviour was just like that of Bryce Johns and David Fisher…turns out I was right.

Here is her email to me, unedited (screenshot so you can see I haven’t changed anything):

Hi – there are so many version of what happen going around yet only one journalist from Poytner actually called to interview me to understand what really happen. Why do you think that is?

I have asked publications that took my whole twitter profile image (that I copyrighted and created) as a screen shot grab and posted it to take it down. It included two photos and are part of the marketing of my byline. If they don’t take it down I’ll likely send them a bill for a license fee and then if they don’t pay I’d try to sue them…

I have already apologized to the unnamed twitter person who asked about my ‘no tweets are publishable line’ in my twitter profile.It was knee jerk reaction which I said in Jim Romensko’s story on me. The idea is to sue over the copyrighted profile background image that is not under twiter’s TOS (as I understand it) and is owned by me. Not over the tweets. That’s why three non profit jurno organizations took it down already or re imaged it with my permission – knight, pointer, usc online jurno review.

I talked to a copyright lawyer he gave me advice on why fair use does not apply here and why I’d have a case (an expensive one) to sue for copyright infringement. Or if they are going to keep using the image to bill them.

Additionally – I was called a ‘smouthmash journalist’ by Josh Brown when he write a story for huffpo about the world’s most dangerous jurnos because they are going up against the establishment and are doing great reporting.

I did not come up with the term on my own but I do like it and want to trademark it.

Teri Buhl

Couple of things Teri darling, Josh Brown called you a “smashmouth journalist” not a smouthmash. Apparently you are “so fierce she even scares other financial journalists”…if your email is an indicator of your fierceness…then I’m sorry but I feel like I was just gummed by a nana.

Oh and explaining is losing.


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  • thor42

    Meh. Twitter sucks anyway.

    The only Twitter page that I’ve regularly visited is the one for “The Jester” here –

    He describes himself as a “grey-hat hacktivist” – he takes down and generally “futzes with” jihadist websites.

    Much more interesting than the usual “I’m having a coffee” trivial nonsense that you see.

  • williamabong

    Just another “legend in her own mind “, more full of shit than a Xmas turkey.

    The true definition of twitter is a small piece of skin between the twat and the shitter, perhaps that’s where Terri-ble should be concentrating her efforts rather blowing smoke up the worlds arse with own self importance, in fact she could be KDCs long lost sister, the ego is certainly big enough.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      No doubt she also expects the local Council to pay to receive her shit every time she flushes.

    • Marc Williams

      “The true definition of twitter is a small piece of skin between the twat and the shitter”.. now that’s just gold. ++

  • Michael

    The Terrible journalist, Teri Buhl. Is someone having you on?

    • Lion_ess

      Nice spotting.

  • Jimmie

    I don’t know what substance she smokes to inhabit her particular universe but I am sure it is both illegal and the concentrate version.

    I mean who actually cares about what she wrote on twitter? Trademark Smashmouth journalist? – I mean please.

    Also I think you owe the Herald editing team an apology. If all their journalists write to that appalling standard then the subeditors must be working overtime to revise stories into something close to legible.

  • She DID come up with the term “smouthmash” herself. Read her About page on her personal blog. It’s towards the middle of the post.

    (Teri should probably [proof]read it, too. She DID invent the term. She’s just not aware she did.)

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    The editor should be sacked for allowing this sort of Year 5 spelling mistakes to occur. I wonder if these so called journos at the herald went to university. If they did it was a total waste of money and they must have been there for the parties only. How do people get a job like this with the pathetic spelling skills. Unbelievable.