And so it starts…



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  • sheppy

    “and its my teddy bear and you aren’t playing with it so there….”

  • BJ

    I must say Davis Carter has some body language he really should learn to control. I don’t think he has the right disposition for The Speaker at all

    • Chris

      He’s way too thick to be Speaker.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Better he be sure of Parata having lied, what with making the announcement in public. Wet behind the ears much?

    • coventry

      Didn’t she announce it last year, and they close at the end of this year ? that’s 2 years in my books. 2012 & 2013.

  • JeffDaRef

    of course Chippy when Margaret Wilson was speaker the Labour MPs gave incredibly straight answers… (yeah right!!)

    • Timboh

      Well when she was the Speaker I had the impression she was …… Well lets say I thought Lockwood was one of the very best speakers.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        I no longer give a fat rat’s arse about anything leaking from the job of a Labourite. I just don’t give a fuck about words they have taken the time to get their lips off the teat long enough to form. Cunts, the lot of ’em. Same goes for Greens.

        • Hazards001


  • 4077th

    Sunday, Monday Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday Happy Days…

    • Dr Wang

      …or little “Opie” off the Andy Griffith Show?

      • Bunswalla

        Same dog, more hair

  • peterwn

    Perhaps Chris should repeat his second tweet inside the House.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Funny to see Mallard acting as hallway monitor again by saying how many in fron middle and backrow were talking during point of order. He is like a little child at school who just has to dob everyone in. He’d probably cry if no one listened to him and go back to sucking his thumb or Shearers.

    • Dion

      Funny but not surprising given that the guy is an ex school teacher.

      • Patrick

        Somebody needs to catch him in the toilet & flush his head down the loo.
        Film it & put in on youtube – we could all watch the big sook cry.

    • williamabong

      Or Shearers what?

  • StupidDiscus

    Good. About time that National had a speaker to protect its own interests, not those of the unelected communist “opposition”.

    • Meg

      Yet another stupid comment from the aptly named poster.

      The speaker CANNOT protect the government that she/he is a member of, otherwise there is zero point to trying to hold the government to account for what it does.

      And on the subject of our new speaker, he is sure no Lockwood Smith and he needs to sharpen up his act.

      • Patrick

        Labour have been spoilt with Lockwood Smith, just spend a few minutes & recall what a biased useless speaker Margaret Wilson was when National were in opposition.

        • Meg

          Watching a replay of Question Time now, there is enough circumstantial evidence that Parata has either mislead people or out and out lied and the Speaker prevented her from being held to account.

          And as for Wilson I do not give a rats arse what sort of speaker she was. She is gone, and the new speaker is making some very poor and seemingly bias rulings. Remember 2 wrongs do not make a right.

          • Patrick

            Funny that with you commies – the only history you are interested in is the history you rewrite to suit your argument. Wilson was a Labour patsy, pathetic speaker along with that drunken old fool Jonathon Hunt. Now you are getting some of your own medicine & you don’t like it. Suck it up.

          • Meg

            I agree they were crap, but the problem with people like you is you look to the past to excuse the behavior of the now.

            A Minister of the Crown has seemingly lied to the house, to parents, children and schools in a city devastated by massive fatal earthquakes.Are you seriously OK with the speaker protecting her?

          • Patrick

            No Meg you have double standards & that is the issue, under Clarke’s reign Peters demonstrably lied to the house, he was one of her most senior Ministers at the time. He lied about the money he received from his racing buddies while he was Minister for Racing, he lied about the money he received from Owen Glenn. Philip Field misled parliament, he lied & lied. We could go on. Clarke & the Labour Party turned a blind eye to all of this. Yet you excuse this by saying it is all history!
            All I am saying is you cannot have double standards – were you shouting from the rooftops at the time re Peters & Field? Somehow I reckon I already know the answer to that one.

          • Meg

            Peters is unfit to be a Minister and I did say so to many at the time.

            And Field was tossed, and deserved it. Helen was far from perfect, something else I said to many people. However, this IS NOW and it is people like you who allow the Peters, the Fields and the Paratas get away with lying.

            You are simply making excuse after excuse for a Minister who has seemingly lied. If she did not make the promise, then she should say so IN PLAIN ENGLISH, not bullshit Parata babble speak.

          • Patrick

            Re Peters – so you will be at the front of the queue criticising Shearer (or more likely Robertson) when he tries to form a Government after the next election. Sure as apples are apples Labour will do a deal with Peters. With a bit of luck he will not feature for either party & NZ can be rid of his toxic influence for ever.

            Field was not tossed that is patently untrue, Clarke at the time refused to condemn him “he’s guilty of working too hard” was the so called condemnation. It was only when he was donkey deep & went feral on the Labour party that he was give the cold shoulder by Labour.

            If Parata has misled parliament then she should be called out for that & punished, I have no problem with that, once again Meg there are double standards with Labour.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            Hi Meg, we’ve never met. Why do you come here? I’m guessing yore a Labour-bot with a moustache and a penchant for having your arse slapped.

            We no longer give a fuck about Chch schools, turns out all the crying is about useless teachers loosing their jobs on closure as opposed to keeping them on merger. Frankly I couldn’t give a fuck. But please think of the children being abused in the cause of keeping useless teachers employed.

          • TeacherUnionsRscum

            Meg = teachersrock

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Told ya that photo of a snake was him

  • Dion

    Chippie is right he is absolutely not a patch on Lockwood.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Chippie could be chipping in for a speaker role in Sheep-Norman government in 2014?!?

  • That ginger toss off of John Campbell has a fucking cheek..

  • johnbronkhorst

    A couple of definitions for you:
    Hipkins:……Noun: The worlds only self fertilzing house plant. ie a vegetable (in intelect) that often talks bull shit. Adjective:..”to do a hipkins”…to do or say something stupid.
    Lies:……False statements while KNOWING at the time they are false. See helen clarke (possibly the most experienced NZer at this) Hipkins should know, after being an intern in her office for a year. (no monica lewinski references please)
    Lies are NOT:
    Changing your mind.
    Changing actions due to changing circumstances.
    Repeating a falsehood, believing it to be true, by some one else.

  • Chris Hipkins is the Alfred E Neuman of New Zealand politics…

    • Hazards001

      Wot? Me worry?

  • Troy

    Wait for the breach of privilege to come forth in terms of contempt. Hipkins has just fucked himself up the arse by making public comments via social media regarding the position holder in parliament. If he was really courageous he would move a motion of no confidence in the Speaker… instead he is a yellow-bellied labour coward, just like the rest of them. Every opportunity should be taken to put this guy out of order.