Announcement: Open Mike. It’s your turn to shine

Open MikeHave you ever sat there and thought, “At times I wish I had access to Slaters’ blog audience.  I have something to say!”.

Have you considered starting your own blog, but realised you simply wouldn’t have enough inspiration to keep it up every day?

Yet… the desire is there.

Then you should sit down, get those thoughts into an email, and send them to me at [email protected]

I’m especially interested in the sort of articles you wouldn’t normally find here.  So green, left or single issue advocates should give it a go.  So anyone, including right, green, left or single issue advocates should give it a go.

Do write for this audience.

Keep it to 300-700 words.  (1000 words max!)

No need to publish under your full or real name.

One word of advice:  Comments will be on, and this blog audience isn’t one to let you get away with half truths or  poor logic.  So it pays to have a thick skin, especially if you post on a topic that would normally not attract the approval of the Army.

I think it is good and healthy to debate other points of view.  So, give it a go.

Let’s see how this experiment works out.

Here’s the mike.

You’re on.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Any chance of a ‘live’ WOBH chat room?

    Any chance of compiling together a list of all the ‘good’ things National have done since in office… Against the bad of the left? Kinda like Labour’s “fact sheet” except with truthful, full facts… Used against Labour and the scaremongering greens. WO and the Army could help National with their PR silence to fill the PR vacuum so often filled by the shilling, moaning union mouthpieces.

    Refruting propaganda and populist rhetoric with facts… PRICELESS!

    • Who would run it?

      • blokeintakapuna

        Good point… Maybe the moderators? Plus a few other regular commentators that might be keen. Obviously to keep the trolls from hijacking it, it would only be “on” if a moderator was around… And interested, or it wasn’t available. Some days it might be on all day,others not at all. But think of the possible ‘celebrity’ audience it would attract wanting to increase their profile on NZs most popular blog? Some on the left would be too scared to join in because their populist puff piece sound bites would be questioned in depth, like asking Shearer some details on the 100,000 houses they are going to build.
        It could be a new, obscure sport – public troll roasting.

        • I’ll bring it up with Cam again and see how the land lies.

          • blokeintakapuna

            Thanks Petal. I just had an image of WOBH holding a ‘live’ leaders debate in the chat room. Yes, that would probably only mean Key being present, but others could be added if they thought their policies were robust enough for the Army to critique.

          • We’ve had a chat about it, and here’s he short version. Not now. We have enough balls in the air at the moment. However, it’s an idea we will return to. We also had an offer from someone who’s got a chat room ready to move into, but if this blog does a chat room, it will need to fully own it and control it. That doesn’t stop anyone from setting up their own of course, and I’m more than happy to announce its existence as a reader-initiated WOBH chat room.

  • “I’m especially interested in the sort of articles you wouldn’t normally find here. So green, left or single issue advocates should give it a go.”

    What the hell are you talking about? This blog frequently supports left wing political concepts. How about the extreme left Louisa Wall and her bill redefining marriage? You’re her biggest supporter.

    How about traditional Conservative political and social values? You constantly sneer at them.

    Wouldn’t normally find left wing stuff here?

    What self serving crap. You’re a confused political chimpanzee who wouldn’t know left from right if your life depended upon it.

    • Now, sit down, think it through some more, and write a “Why this blog is a pile of crap” article, then send it in.

      But you are correct, I’ve added “right” to the list of perspectives encouraged to contribute.

      Open Mike is for anyone that takes the opportunity seriously.

      • Honestly, apart from rank anti-Catholic bigotry, I don’t know what this blog stands for these days. Its just 30 posts of confused drivel every day. With a comments section dominated by boring brain fucked progressives. (like Ballsack and Mitch) No time for it anymore.

        • Mitch82

          Why don’t you fuck off and pitch your tent over at Lucia’s place then? This blog obviously doesn’t suit you, and nobody wants you and your ‘get off my lawn’ politics here.

          Seriously, all you do is come here and whinge about how Cam isn’t right wing enough for you. That’s the sum total of what you contribute to the debate here. I suppose you visit the neighbours just to tell them about how their furniture arrangement isn’t to your taste?

          • Mitch, you’re a typical left wing hate merchant and dumbfuck. I have one of the highest comment approval ratings on here (average of around 12 ups per comment) so fuck you and your “nobody wants”. Speak for yourself you fucking ignorant progressive turd.

          • We really don’t need this. We got rid of some people a few weeks ago that thought this is the way to talk to people. You may have some historical credit, but based on your input on this post so far, we don’t need any more of it.

            Be constructive, or just pass this blog by, ok?

          • Fuck you too you boring power seeking fuckwit and your constant threats to ban people. A good example of why people who apply to be moderators should never be given the job.

            You let tonnes of vile shit pass from scum like Mitch and other progressives because you are a progressive yourself.

            Faint hope that losers like you could ever moderate a blog objectively.

          • Mitch82
          • I just politely asked.

            Fact: I haven’t banned a single person, but I managed to bore two of them enough for them to want to leave.

            You think that’ll work with you too?

            Please, just lift your game or don’t say anything at all.

          • You’re just unbelievable. You let comments filled with the most vile crap pass without a word of warning and yet you’re down on me like a tonne of bricks for what I said above. What a joke you are as a moderator, as I have already said.

            However on a progressive blog, it would be stupid of me to expect anything like fair and consistent treatment in the first place wouldn’t it?

            Naturally you will protect your political buddies.

          • blokeintakapuna

            Abusing mods whilst as a guest in someone else’s room has never proven to be a good way to make friends and influence people.

            Just sayin’

          • Agent BallSack

            When has that ever been Redbaiters goal?

          • Agent BallSack

            You’re an angry wee fucker, aint ya?

          • I don’t need this kind of help, thanks.

          • To my secret downvoter: I love you, I really do.

          • I’m asking you to talk nicely to people. That should be your default setting.

            What use would I be as a Mod if I didn’t ask you to moderate this

            Mitch, you’re a typical left wing hate merchant and dumbfuck. I have one of the highest comment approval ratings on here (average of around 12 ups per comment) so fuck you and your “nobody wants”. Speak for yourself you fucking ignorant progressive turd.

            That could have gone like this

            Mitch, I have one of the highest comment approval ratings on here (average of around 12 ups per comment) so what I have to say obviously resonates with a lot of people here.. Speak for yourself.


          • Where is your school teacher style admonishment of the cowards who regularly abuse Lucia Maria on here? (for one example)

            I’ll tell you.


            Progressives have free reign on here to abuse Conservatives (see Mitch above) and you are a fraud.

          • You are right. There is no apparent consistency here. But I tell you the difference. It’s the BALANCE of posts.

            If a regular commenter goes off the edge occasionally, and it stops there, then I let it slide. Because they balance it with lots of posts that are just fine.

            But if someone comes less frequently, or only comes in to disrupt, and then doesn’t leave it at one, or maybe two vitriolic posts, then, my friend, I think I need to do my job.

            Anyway, that aside, if you do find some time, and you’d like to have your say, the Open Mic is for you too.

          • Mitch82

            The difference between you and I, is that I can challenge Lucia’s Catholic faith and views without having to resort to swearing at her and calling her derogatory names. She’s put her view out for everyone to see, and I’m not afraid of challenging them, just as you’re not afraid of challenging Cam’s. But I don’t go to her blog and abuse her in comments. If I swear in a comment here, it’s intended for effect, not used as bulk content. If I’ve ever personally abused her by calling her a ‘fuckhead’ or something similar, I’ll be more than happy to apologize for the insult, however old. But I doubt you’ll find anything remotely close to that.

            As long as I’ve seen you posting, your M.O. has been to jump at the throat of anything and anyone who you disagree with, by calling them every name under the sun, political and non-political, that you think might offend or belittle them. You’ll do the same thing again in replying to this, because it’s about all you’ve got to fire. People would respect you if you had something to say and could hold a calm debate, but that doesn’t seem to interest you. Around the whole NZ blog community you’re now reviled. Well done with that one.

            As for your beloved upvotes, that’s a tenuous thread. I already proved a while back how easy it is to quickly cycle IPs via TOR and upvote your own comments, which I suspect you’ve been doing for a long time. There are always a silent dozen or so upvotes to your comments, but never more than a one or two comments from other users in your defense… because switching through dummy Disqus accounts is much more time consuming.

            Now go abuse Petal and Pete a little more so you can cry on Kiwiblog about how your right to an opinion was quashed when you got banned.

          • Your allegations of vote tampering are entirely without substance. That you make such a smear without the slightest proof makes you a complete and utter coward. It is you with your complete disregard for any principle of decent behaviour who are the odious person and the outlier. (average comment approval ratio of 3)

          • Mitch82

            You mad?

          • Just for you Red


          • I constantly wonder…no I don;t really, just fleetingly, wonder how someone with so much hate in them manages to even see the screen through all the spittle that you obviously hurl at it…and why you don;t just self immolate with rage. You clearly need help, might I suggest you go visit the doctor and seek some assistance or guidance…because from where I am looking it certainly appears you have issues.

          • Agent BallSack

            We get it. You hate progressives…You are bigoted to the point of despising anyone without the same views as you. But you still have the right to comment and display your hate filled views to the world – right or wrong

          • Mr_V4

            Thats hardly a reasonable explanation when over the last few days/weeks a barage of “cocksmoker” insults have by thrown at people, by moderators none-the-less?

          • What I say is reasonable coming from me because I do not go around calling people cocksmokers. If you are looking for some sort of consistency between my expectations of people and the behaviour of other mods, then you’re as lost as I am. I’m doing the “be the change you want to see” thing.

            You can pick up on any cocksmoker comment from Cam or Travis and I’d probably be on your side.

            But that really has nothing to do with what Redbaiter did today.

            Anyone who thinks what Redbaiter did today is what they want to see here every day, not just from him, but from anyone who feels the need, as normal acceptable behaviour, can show themselves the door too.

          • Cadwallader

            You certainly tout the typical leftie ad-hominem cursing. If that is your preferred method of delivery then perhaps the Standard is your true home? Just wondering….had my doubts about you for a year or so…

          • Kacanga

            Red, I’ve given you quite a few ups recently, because you have made sense and presented facts logically. Just like you do on the Crusader Rabbit blog.

            If you revert to your old ranting abusive ways (like the post above) I’ll either skip your posts like I did with “he who shall not be named”, or give you my “P not so bright” treatment and skip to the end of each post and give it a downer on general principal.

            You may not care either way. I guess it depends on whether you want to put your ideas out there to encourage right of centre discussion, or just come in here to vent and piss everyone off.

          • There is no evidence that Mitch is left wing…meanwhile there is plenty of evidence that you are an angry ball of pus waiting to be lanced.

            You seem to get your kicks from up ticks…whoopy…most people can’t be bothered with the pathetic-ness of up or down votes

        • Agent BallSack

          You still havent explained how being anti-homo is a political stance. Because you can’t. Fuck off to the National Front blog you would fit in well over there.

        • Lopsy

          Don’t like Reds as much as you, but I don’t run away from them sunshine. DEBATE FFS!…

    • Mitch82
    • Agent BallSack

      Explain what bending so far to the fucking right of the political spectrum that you’re fellating yourself has to do with hating homos so much? Surely that’s a personal view not a political one?

    • Pete George

      Red, you can be such an attention seeking wanker at times. Have you given up on your blog and decided to try and disrupt others again?

      Does your twenty year plan involve being an arse for nineteen years and then winning everyone over with charm or something that might actually attract support in the last? Two decades is a long time to risk spending on the off chance it might work.

    • Quoting: “How about traditional Conservative political and social values? You constantly sneer at them.”

      I just read through the replies your entire piece Master Baiter and not once did you post the definition of “traditional Conservative political and social values?”

      Come on – its open mic here and as a Social Liberal (obviously Satan to you) I am waiting (patiently) for you to post some “traditional” conservative political and social values so I can at least have a read if not have a dialogue or debate here.

      But Master Baiter it seems you sully the good name of Traditional Conservative Political and social values with your copious amounts of fuckwit-ism which is is what I call an extreme case of Fascism which The Pope, Robert Mugabe and Hone Harawira (according to the Political Compass) all occupy (political ideology that is)

      So what is it going to be

    • Lopsy

      Not sure the ‘gay’ issue is a left/right wing issue at all. I understand why the marriage issue is important, particularly when it relates to children as they are pure existentialists and can be subject to taunts and bullying. Louisa Wall is wrong because of her politics, not because she tips the velvet. That said, being gay is not a political descriptor or a measure of a persons moral warrant of fitness, despite what the labour party (lower case intended) would have you believe. Also, this is a great blog because there is no morally righteous, PC left wing obersturmfurhrer to censor your opinion. If you don’t like what you read, debate it, don’t whine like a little girl.

  • legion

    It’s mic, not mike.
    Sorry to be pedantic, I’m an audio guy and it’s one of those little things that annoys me………
    ….and if I was going to be really, really pedandic, I would suggest that you use a picture of a real Shure 55SH instead of a nasty Chinese knock-off.

    • Hi legion, sorry it took this for you to decide to jump in and comment. I guess we can call it open mic. I don’t think we’re going to die in a ditch over the spelling.

  • Pete George

    A very good idea opening up to more input. I’ve got a blog but that’s for a niche, I’ll take you up on your offer here.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Well done Pete. Bomber probably would secretly love an invite too, but pride would stop him no doubt…. Unless you asked him?

      • Pete George

        I’m not going to ask him.

        I was on a panel last year at a public meeting and he was the moderator, full of his importance, and I wasn’t important enough for him to acknowledge my existence.

        The only other time I’ve been associated with him was recently on Twitter, he accused me of following him but he was replying to my tweets and then ‘followed’ me. The twit.

  • Agent BallSack

    I think as highlighted on this thread some people can’t abide the thought that others out there may have views and beliefs different to their own, so moderators may be extremely busy keeping factions from hijacking Open Mike/Mic threads.

    • I don’t think we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater just because redbaiter decided to wade in today and throw his positive comment rating about.

      Until he did, we’ve actually had a very sensible two weeks. I know it can be done, we just have to pull the self important ones aside and have a chat about civil discourse in a public place.

      It’s important to keep in mind that Cam wants this to work. I suspect loyal Army members that think it’s appropriate to shout down or otherwise sabotage guest posts are really messing with Cam, not with the guest poster.

      We are at risk of being just an echo chamber here. If you look at healthy political blogs around the world, they also are adult enough to read and discuss opposing ideas without resorting to adolescent name calling.

      In my mind, if that doesn’t work here, and there are some identifiable individuals that constantly throw the spanner in, then loyal Army or not, they’re going to be asked to do better.

      • Pete George

        As far as I have seen moderation here under the new structure has worked well, fair and very moderate.

        But it’s not just up to the moderators, forums become communities where it’s up to everyone to contribute to a decent discourse, it can be robust but stay decent. Peer pressure working together with balanced moderation can be fair and effective – if the community wants that.

        • What you don’t see are the emails Cam gets from people telling him directly what they want to share, but they aren’t game to put that opinion out here because they feel they would get mauled. (Note: I don’t get to see these emails either, unless it is relevant to something I need to do or change)

          Since a few disruptive people decided to leave, I’ve noticed dozens and dozens of new names pop up in the comments. When I checked, most of them were existing commenters who appear to have found the atmosphere had returned to the point where they found it was OK to come back and participate.

          I’ve also seen quite a few new people join in as well, many more than in the equivalent period before.

          We all know redbaiter, and we could just let him do what he does, but it comes at the cost of many people simply not bothering to join in. As a moderator, I’d rather have 30-50 people join back in the discussions and have their say as opposed to one or two characters making the place too hostile. I want people to feel they are safe enough to come here and say their piece.

          • “we could just let him do what he does, but it comes at the cost of many people simply not bothering to join in.”

            Well, as I write this thread is the most popular today by far and I’ve also had the most up votes by far, so that’s that claim easily dealt with isn’t it?

            You need to get more in touch with reality instead of just writing self serving and completely false drivel.

          • Mitch82

            You still haven’t enlightened us as to why you keep coming here, Red. You’ve said many times that everything here is shit. All you do is abuse the mods, abuse the commenting system and abuse the readers.

            So, again, why are you still here?

          • To sabotage, and to feed ego. (Did you see the votes he ‘gets’?)

          • Agent BallSack

            After reading the posts from Red and chuckling I am left with the feeling that most of the community could handle vapid self serving comments from most spectrums of the political landscape, hell they can’t be much worse than the ‘progressive shit head’ comments he bandies about.

          • Mitch82


            He has me pretty well pegged in his own mind as to what my affiliations are politically, despite the fact that I only really comment on gay marriage and Catholic Church abuse stuff. Outside of that, I’m rather apolitical. In his mind, I’m a card carrying Communist Party member waving a Red Army banner, like everyone else who doesn’t share is brand of extremism.

            Obvious paranoid schizophrenic is obviously a paranoid schizophrenic.

          • Kacanga

            See, this is what I was talking about. A lollipop, a star and and up for you

          • It’s EXACTLY what happened here today that I do not want.

            This thread is now all about YOU. When a comment thread becomes about a commenter, and not about the post original post, I want that person to adjust, or leave.

            You like blunt, so here’s blunt.

            Go away until you can play nice with the other kids. This isn’t about you, your personal needs, your personal expectations of this blog, and your curious need for up votes. (We both know where they come from buddy, don’t push it)

            This blog wants to have 30 other people in here talking about the Open Mic concept rather than one self absorbed person thinking they are in any way more important than anyone else.

            You are responsible for derailing a post about new concept Cam Slater was hoping to get his readers excited about.

            Instead of people having a chat about what they would like to do, you’re come here and tried to shut it down in the most selfish way possible.

            Go. Away. Please.

          • Only a few comments ago you were asking me to make a guest post and now you’re asking me to go away. When I am the most popular commenter on this blog. (Your cowardly and false allegations of vote rigging notwithstanding)

            We both know the reason for that change of heart. Your abilities as a moderator have in the last few comments been shown to be completely zero.

            For example you think its right that because the cowardly little progressive swine Mitch is a regular commenter he can abuse as he wants those who only drop in occasionally.

            What utter crap reasoning that is.

          • Sure, why not.

            Can I count on you sticking to the post’s topic from now on?

            We’ll write this one off, eh? We’ll just call it a bad day. For you, or for me. Depends what side you’re looking at it from I guess.

          • Mitch82

            Best of luck with that, Petal. :)

          • When you have patience and the boss got your back, then luck never comes into it Mitch.

      • What Slater wants is hits, and if he thinks having posts authored by belly crawling self professed socialist “moderates” like Pete George is going to help him in that respect then Cam has got his head further up his arse than I ever suspected.

        • No, I think Cam’s ability in the Head/Ass department has pretty much maxed out. It’s so far up, he’s seeing daylight again.

          You need to explain to me why a blog wanting to grow its audience is a bad thing.

          People come here voluntarily you know. If there are lots of “hits”, it’s because people choose to come here. Cam can’t make them, he can only be grateful that they do.

        • Pete George

          Can always rely on you to be hypocritical. Who craves hits?

          ” I have one of the highest comment approval ratings on here (average of around 12 ups per comment)”

          You’re obsessed with being liked, although you excel at being unlikeable.

          In any case blogs like this aren’t popularity contests, they’re a contest of ideas and opinions. If you don’t get a balance of likes and dislikes you’re not challenging anyone enough, including yourself.

          I know exactly how I could score a lot of hits here, but I’m stuffed if I’m going to preen to be ‘liked’. I’d rather have a damn good debate knowing some will disagree.

        • Pete George is perhaps the most polite person on the interwebs, followed closely behind by Keeping Stock….whereas you ont he other hand, up ticks and all have a blog that isa virtual dust bowl complete with rolling tumbleweeds…you never have anything positive to say about anything, in fact you constantly call this site shit, yet day after day, week after week here you are…coming back…like herpes…and as annoying.

          • grumpy

            Next we’ll see a guest post from Lynn Prentice………..

          • I for one would support it.

          • Mr_V4

            Well I guess the question now is who started it, theres no doubt Redbaiters original comment is in shall we say a fairly loose tone. However once the mod starts replying to it then we get a sequence of to and fro etc.

            Had it just be left as is – a comment – would the original thread have veered off-topic?

          • Lion_ess


        • Lopsy

          Cam is not a socialist Red, he’s actually quite rational politically. Read a bit, and not just the stuff you agree with because that’s a copout.

  • cows4me

    I see Abbott is saying he will do away with the carbon tax as it’s based on a con and a lie. JK , hello is there anyone home are you listening? Nutman are you listening you fruitloop. Nick (fuck it’s getting hot ) Smith, what say you, you traitor.

    • Lopsy

      Pollies have dug themselves into a dirty hole on this one. The problem for them is how to withdraw with a smidgeon of honor. The real problem as I’ve said before is there isn’t a gnats cock of evidence to support dangerous, CO2 caused, human derived global warming. We have spent squillions investigating a non problem and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were a major component of the global financial downturn. I want a guillotine.

      • Patrick

        Gillard’s carbon tax miscalculation has resulted in a $AU 4 billion hole in the federal budget – Abbott will have his work cut out trying to fix the mess, he may drop the carbon tax but like any Pollie he will find another way to raise revenue. The carbon tax & minerals tax have proven to be a disaster for Gillard & Swan, looks like Labour in Australia will cook the books in much the same way as Cullen misled New Zelanders with his misrepresented PREFU figures. He should have been up on charges, instead John Key rewarded him with a plum job & a knighthood, disgraceful set of events all round.

  • blokeintakapuna

    A few, little known Naval stories just received in my inbox. CC might like this…

    The U.S.S. Constitution (Old Iron Sides), as a combat vessel, carried 48,600 gallons of fresh water for her crew of 475 officers and men. This was sufficient to last six months of sustained operations at sea. She carried no evaporators (I.e. Fresh water distillers).

    However, let it be noted that according to her ship’s log, “On July 27, 1798, the U.S.S.Constitution sailed from Boston with a full complement of 475 officers and men, 48,600 gallons of fresh water, 7,400 cannon shot, 11,600 pounds of black powder and 79,400 gallons of rum ”

    Her mission: “To destroy and harass English shipping.”

    Making Jamaica on 6 October, she took on 826 pounds of flour and 68,300 gallons of rum.

    Then she headed for the Azores, arriving there 12 November. She provisioned with 550 pounds of beef and 64,300 gallons of Portuguese wine .

    On 18 November, she set sail for England. In the ensuing days she defeated five British men-of-war and captured and scuttled 12 English merchant ships, salvaging only the rum aboard each.

    By 26 January, her powder and shot were exhausted. Nevertheless, although unarmed she made a night raid up the Firth of Clyde in Scotland. Her landing party captured a whiskey distillery and transferred 40,000 gallons of single malt Scotch aboard by dawn. Then she headed home.

    The U.S.S. Constitution arrived in Boston on 20 February 1799, with no cannon shot, no food, no powder, no rum , no wine , no whiskey , and 38,600 gallons of water .

    GO NAVY!

    • Wrong post, I think :)

      • blokeintakapuna

        Sorry… Thought it was open mic/mike post?

        • Open Mic is different to a General Debate.

          We have over 90,000 unique IP numbers visiting this site every month.

          And a minute fraction of those visitors read the comments.

          Open Mic is a chance for you, anyone, to elevate something you want to say and bring it to the attention of all of WOBH’s readers, not just the those that bother to read the comments.

          So the process is: write, email to cam, wait for the next slot, see your work posted as a full post on this blog.

          First one is queued at 2pm today.

          Friday’s spoken for already also.