Another dodgy socialist politician caught with his hand in other people’s pockets


What is it with dodgy socialist politicians?

Always looting expenses or dipping their hand in the till. This one is Austrian, and a member of the European Parliament, caught for suspect expenses claims totaling 1.3 million euros, including one item listed as “elephant”.

In a request to the European Parliament to waive Hans-Peter Martin’s immunity, the Vienna prosecutor’s office said it suspected the independent MEP of embezzling public funds and making money “illicitly for himself or a third party by fraudulent means”. 

“It is suspected that, by using money for the reimbursement of election campaign costs for purposes other than those intended, Dr Hans-Peter Martin has committed crimes of misuse of funding … and embezzlement,” said the request, made last May and seen by Reuters.

Martin, 55, says the allegations are an invention by adversaries upset by his efforts to expose the parliament’s waste of public funds.

“I see a direct link between the fact that I have made these things public and now false allegations being leaked to the press,” Martin told Reuters last week.

Asked about some of the details and figures set out by the prosecutor, Martin said they were accurate but that no embezzlement was involved.

The prosecutor’s request details a series of suspect or unexplained expenses that were claimed either in Austria or via the European Parliament.

Among them is a payment of 832,800 euros for “public relations work” that the prosecutor says was made to “businessmen who are friends of Dr Hans-Peter Martin, even though no (equivalent) services were provided”.

Another concerns the employment of a parliamentary assistant at a cost of 67,343 euros. The prosecutor said it suspected the individual “never actually carried out work” for Martin in connection with his parliamentary activities.

One claim for 2,200 euros was identified in accounts as being for an “elephant”.


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  • People commit the sins that they rail against, so socialists are corrupt, conservatives are adulterous, and liberals are authoritarian.

  • cows4me

    No doubt another lefty tit that believes he is “special” and we should all be grateful him and his ilk are put on this earth so they can dictate and control. And of course for their profound wisdom and knowledge they should be kept in a life of opulence. Scum sucking low life’s. This prick should be put to hard labour so he can learn what life is really like.

  • Cadwallader

    Socialist politicians are fundamentally useless and could never earn the types of $$$$ (other peoples’) which they spend; through innovation,hard-work or integrity. Fuck I detest them!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Why do socialists always look dodgy …

  • Richard McGrath

    Further to the other comments – socialist governments always have their hands in other people’s pockets; I guess that’s why he has that “What, me?” look on his face.