Another Paedo dealt to – throw away the key


Since the death penalty and torture aren’t really options for animals like Aaron Paul Laurence, the idea that he’ll be put into jail indefinitely certainly appeals.

It means everyone is convinced this predator is beyond redemption, beyond recovery, beyond repair.

Clio Francis and Blair Ensor and Fairfax report  

It can now be revealed that Aaron Paul Laurence, 38, has pleaded guilty to more than 60 charges of abuse, including the rape of young boys and the production and distribution of footage of their ordeals.

Aaron Paul Laurence represents the worst and most despicable:  abusing children for self gratification and for profit.

When Laurence’s stash of illicit child pornography was finally uncovered last year – hidden in a mire of computer encryptions and passwords – police found more than 31,000 images and videos. Many were homemade and detailed his horrific abuse of eight boys, aged between 8 and 13, across the lower North Island.

The piece of scum tried to have his photo suppressed

Laurence opposed The Dominion Post’s application to photograph him.  His lawyer, Louise Brown, said any photos could impact on his safety in prison and could affect his mother’s deteriorating health. Judge Ian Mill said such considerations were not sufficient to replace the principles of open justice.

Awesome.  Go Judge Mill.  We need more decisions like that.

Wellington District Court judge Ian Mill declined to sentence Laurence and said preventive detention should be considered because of the nature and extent of the offending.   He remanded him in custody to be sentenced at the High Court in April.

Judge of the Week, for sure.



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  • ratesarerevolting

    A Bullet in the head and then feed him to the pigs.

    • blokeintakapuna

      A sturdy rope can be reused… Again and again and again

    • Jax

      Waste of a good bullet – straight to the pigs..

  • peterwn

    The Judge spoke his mind. I think usually they kick the sentencing upstairs with vague comment only.

  • Note that he hasn’t been sentenced and that preventative detention “should be considered”. If he gets jail time, he’ll be out in a few years. Not really worth the “throw away the key” alluded to in the title.

    • Lion_ess

      Just a common, everyday paedo. Not one of the special one’s who get to hide within the Vatican for life.

      • 1) The Vatican doesn’t hide paedo’s.
        2) Pope Benedict is a saint.

        NZ, on the other hand, gives them a slap on the wrist and then put them back out into the community and even come down hard on policemen who try to warn the public.

        • Lion_ess

          a) The Vatican does hide paedo’s
          b) Since when do Saint’s resign?

        • Dion

          The Catholic Church has a history of giving them a slap on the wrist and a one way ticket to “another parish”, so what’s your point exactly?

          • As does everyone else have the same history, except we only focus on the Catholic Church, this thread proving that.

            Here we have a post on a paedophile in NZ, and all you and Lioness and P1ll want to talk about is paedophiles in the Catholic Church, not the paedophile right in front of you who probably won’t get much of a sentence and then will be released into the general population and we probably won’t even know how to recognise him. And he’ll be one of the hundreds that is out there.

          • P1LL

            “Here we have a post on a paedophile in NZ, and all you and Lioness and
            P1ll want to talk about is paedophiles in the Catholic Church, not the
            paedophile right in front of you”

            But he has not been hidden by a church that forbids its priests from having sex with females or males , not to mention children.
            You always seem to miss the point that your church actively hides / moves pedophiles once they have been discovered .

          • Lion_ess

            The Catholic Church pretends it’s the “spiritual guide” to over 1 billion people.
            The dirty Wellington cretin does not pretend he’s a spiritual guide to anyone – well may be ex-art-lovers.
            The point is, and I’m sure it has not escaped you, is that you are beholden to a cult that is rotten to the core, yet you continue to defend it and deflect it’s human rottenness towards others. Your “Saint” was personally responsible for all of the reports on child abuse cases within the Church on his watch. Tell me how he did at that?

        • P1LL

          “1) The Vatican doesn’t hide paedo’s.
          2) Pope Benedict is a saint.”
          In what world do you live ? because I do not want to live there.
          You have either been blinded/blinkered or have had a cultist brainwashing since birth.

    • peterwn

      There is a high probability that if he get Preventative Detention he will be inside until he is too old and frail to cause harm – there are a handful of prisoners in this situation. Even if the Parole Board lets him out – he would probably be on parole and subject to recall. It is vurtually life imprisonment until the parole Board lifts all conditions which would be unlikely. Preventative Detention is even more severe than a third ‘strike’ sentence. Stewart Wilson was lucky there was no Preventative Detention when he was sentenced or he would still be behind bars.

  • Lion_ess

    Of course childhood sexual abuse doesn’t start and stop with boys. Whale, you should cover the entire situation to put this abberation into perspective. It’s girls, boys, relations, priests, teachers, “friends” of the family, uncles, step-fathers, scout-masters, etc. Scratch a bit deeper, that will make a far more interesting story.