Another traditional Maori welcome. Does wonders for our international reputation

That and a double coincidence of silly first name syndrome:

Two Argentinian tourists were bashed and robbed in a road rage incident in South Westland, a court has been told.

Kaylah-Maree Fern Terei, 20, of Hokitika is jointly charged with Cadyn Kirt Ryan, 22, of assaulting the tourists and robbing them of a laptop computer and US currency on June 24 last year.

Greymouth District Court was told that Terei was a passenger in a car driven by Ryan, who took exception to the driving of the tourists, stopped their car near Whataroa and attacked them. 

The tourists had slowed to a speed of 30km/h on a stretch of roadworks when Ryan passed his vehicle.

Later, on the open road, the tourists passed him, enraging Ryan.

Both he and Terei threw punches at the visitors but Judge David Saunders accepted yesterday that Ryan had been the principal offender.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Message to the Greenies: Its not their attacks on our “clean green” image that cause problems with tourism internationally, its the people that likely support their free handout policies

  • williamabong

    Silly First Name Syndrome once again, and at it’s best might I add.

    Before we get all concerned about our “clean green” image perhaps we should fix up our “dirty brown” problem.

    Fair money says these two rocket scientists have previous form, and one of them is about to drop a bundle, no doubt it will be funded through life yet again by the poor long suffering taxpayer.

  • Patrick

    Before we get all concerned about our “clean green” image perhaps we should fix up our “dirty brown” problem.

    Much easier for Wee Wussel to bang on about rivers & streams & our national shame – aint too many rivers that are going to cry “racist”

  • Mr_Blobby

    Feral scum. But seriously what is the justice system and some soft cock Judge really able to do about it. slip slop ……….missed a spot.

  • thor42

    Hand these scum over to the Chinese.

    Dollars to a knob of goat poo that they’ll be “organ donors” within a day or so.