Asset Sales v. Campaign against Domestic Violence

This was the scene last night as the Green taliban and Labour conducted an anti-asset sales rally in Frank Kitts park:

Celia Wade-Brown speaks to hordes of angry anti-asset sales protestors

Celia Wade-Brown speaks to hordes of angry anti-asset sales protestors

And this is the scene today where a rally against domestic violence has been held in the same location. A reader has sent in this photo as a comparison: 

Out enjoying another great Wellington day on the waterfront. There is an family violence awareness event on in the same place as last nights rally against asset sales. Thought the crowd today makes a good comparison on last night.




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  • Pete George

    This raises an interesting point – what if all the effort that went into campaiging against asset sales and getting petition signatures was instead put into campaiging against and actually doing something about family violence?

    It might not work so well as an election-election campaign extension but it would stand a much better chance of achieiving soemthing than a lame duck petition.

    • Patrick

      Or campaigning against the idle masses that are the recipients of welfare.

  • BJ

    How about billboards and frequent TV adverts that say from 2014 no newly born children of households on a benefit will be supported by the taxpayer

    • StupidDiscus

      How about “Nobody … will be supported by the taxpayer”?

  • rouppe

    Well these two photo’s weren’t take from the same place. If the second photographer had moved right to the front of this crowd and taken the same photo it’d look mighty bare too…

    • Has anyone else rebutted the photo with one of their own? 400 people, at least one of them with a smart phone or camera that reported back onto the Internet in some way?

      • rouppe

        Not the point. Two photo’s have been put up as some sort of proof, but they’re not comparable.

        • I’m not disputing that. But one doesn’t disprove the other either. So my question remains: Where is a photo of last night’s event showing approximately 400-500 people? In this day and age with just about everyone carrying a camera equipped smartphone, not to mention the organisers, at least some of which would be social media warriors, it’s been interesting that no photo has been presented (yet?) to disprove the photo here.

        • Michael

          Explaining is losing.

          Yesterday the organisers were hoping for “thousands” and got dozens. Those photos look like 150 people in total to me.

          • StupidDiscus

            Not “people”. Communists.

  • Dumrse

    The top photo is Waitangi Day 2020. Can’t wait.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Latest Roy Morgan poll has put the nail in Naked Emperor and National’s coffin. Sheep will be sleep walking to victory with Greens and Hone. Game over for sure,