Auckland from space

Canadian Chris Hatfield is on the International Space Station and has been tweeting to his fans.  Yesterday he also posted this pic of Auckland


Larger version here.

Commander Hatfield says   

Auckland New Zealand straddles widely varied geology, in colour and texture.

Yep.  But he forgot to add

… and Len Brown is a …

He also took a shot of Mt Taranaki, commenting

The Taranaki Volcano looks too perfect to be real


Larger image here.

And just to close this post, we get a chance to poke some more fun at our brothers across the ditch


What could possibly be spilled all over the Outback, readers?  Let me know in the comments.


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  • Rockfield

    Funny, I can’t see any fat German pricks … or for that matter, the arse crawling hack from the Horrid.

  • cows4me

    On bottom image, farm at about ten o’clock position but not in image.

  • [pedant]Hadfield, not Hatfield.[/pedant]