Believe in yourself. Back yourself. Never quit.

There is no secret formula.  Just hard work.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

Thanks for all your kind words guys! It’s quite overwhelming to see this shared and retweeted all over!

All sins typographic in nature have been amended, hopefully. Thanks for bearing with it the whole time. :)

As always, all credit due to the amazing Ira Glass.

Source audio is from this very seminal video by

Made in three days on Illustrator and After Effects, for Day 6 of the #30daysofcreativity.


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  • thor42

    Arrrgh! I *hate* American English with its phrases like “most everyone I know”.

    It should be “almost everyone I know”.

    The same goes for them saying “I could care less”.

    It is “I *couldn’t* care less”.
    You’d think that phrase would be *obvious*.

    Not to Americans, apparently.