Biofuel from Whale Oil

This will upset the green taliban, though what could they possibly object to about biofuels:

Kristjan Loftsson plans to kill 150 fin whales this year (Anton Brink)

Kristjan Loftsson plans to kill 150 fin whales this year (Anton Brink)

AN ICELANDIC entrepreneur has created a new “biofuel” using whale oil — which he then uses to power his whale-hunting ships.

Kristjan Loftsson, who runs a business catching fin whales around Iceland, claims his biofuel, a mixture of 20% whale oil and 80% diesel, is the world’s greenest.

Loftsson says the oil is doubly environmentally friendly because he uses geothermal energy from Iceland’s volcanic vents to melt the whale carcasses to extract the oil. 

However, a leading whale conservation group described the practice as “completely perverse and unethical”. Loftsson says each boat burns the equivalent of one whale a day during the hunting season, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Fin whales are classed as “endangered” — at very high risk of extinction — by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Past hunting of the 40-ton creatures nearly wiped them out.

However, Loftsson has the support of Iceland’s government, which says the fin whale sub-population around Iceland is healthy and can easily sustain the “harvest” of 150 animals that Loftsson plans to kill this year.

Loftsson, reputedly one of Iceland’s few remaining millionaires, said: “We export the whale meat to Japan. Why not use the leftover oil to help catch more whales?”



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  • Of course they will complain. They won’t see the 100,000 population figure, and the relatively small take of 150 animals per year. They will twist it into an emotional story where whales are effectively humans and killing them is murder.

  • thor42

    Hmm…. hardly the world’s greenest biofuel when it is 80% fossil-fuel (diesel).

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Every religion has it’s contradictions, I suppose. But bio-fuel from whale oil, that is kind of funny.

  • manuka416

    Old school biofuel

  • What is Mr Slater’s opinion on whaling?

  • fecnde

    YES! Perpetual motion. Wales are fuel to hunt wales – the circle of life continues

  • disqus_iIjZmwROnB

    Kristjan Loftsson only cares about his bank balance. Nothing else.