Blogger issues fatwa against another blogger, I’m joining in

After burying the hatchet with real estate blogger Martyn Bradbury it was only a matter of time until Imperator Fish blogger Scott Yorke found another blogger to torment to an eating disorder.

He has issued a fatwa against Andrew Geddis…one I am tempted to join…since Andrew cannot and will not mention my name or the name of my blog.

It is all very Wogistani but extremely entertaining:

Blogger Scott Yorke today issued a “fatwa” against Otago University academic Professor Andrew Geddis.

Mr Yorke said he had issued the edict to “take my revenge on that dirty thief.”

Yorke said he had been forced to act after Geddis stole one of his blogpost ideas. 
“I’d just come up with the idea of a killer blogpost satirising the government’s crackdown on beneficiaries,” said Yorke. “In this post the government was going to announce a crackdown on people assisting tax dodgers. I had the whole thing thought out, and it was going to be my most brilliant work yet.

“And then, just as I was about to write the thing out, I discovered that Professor Geddis had beaten me to it.

Yorke said he had become overwhelmed with emotion upon discovering Geddis’ post.

“As I read his hateful work I began to feel a sudden dizziness and an urgent desire to listen to Elton John’sGreatest Hits 1976-1986. I get the urge to put that album on whenever I begin to experience any sort of strong emotion. It’s an urge I can’t control, and it’s one that almost ruined my wedding day.

“I only began to calm down after I’d listened to Little Jeannie, and by the time the album finished with Nikita I was left with a terrible sadness as I contemplated a love that could never be.”

Yorke said he had been left shocked at the brazen theft of his idea.

“I always knew that Geddis guy was a bit suspect, but I never dreamed in a million years that a law professor would actually go inside my head and steal my ideas.”

The Auckland blogger said he had spent hours trying to work out how Geddis did it.

Go and read the rest at Imperator Fish.


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  • NoVictim

    I know how he feels, when I saw the first iPod I was like WTF!!!

  • PlanetOrphan

    I wonder if Scott has connected TheStandard dots …
    The New-Scablanders living in the “Scab Zone” …
    Changing the face of Politics in New-Scabland.
    From what I can remember with my dodgy 3month typo riddin brain…
    Maggots M8!