Brian Edwards on outrage


My good friend Brian Edwards notes the proclivity of the media to be and generate “outrage”:

If we are to believe the papers, the radio and television news, New Zealanders live in a perpetual state of outrage. The nation’s blood pressure is never less than 180 over 110, so outraged are we by the egregious sinning of our fellow man and woman, at home and abroad. Our outrage can be singular or plural. An individual may be outraged by a neighbour’s cat walking across his lawn and want to damn the breed. In response an entire community of cat-lovers, numbering millions,  may declare themselves outraged at such a perfidious suggestion. Occasionally the entire nation is said to be outraged, most commonly by something said or done by an Australian. An under-arm ball comes to mind.

The connection between the seriousness of an action and the public outrage it occasions is tenuous at best. Where outrage is concerned, actions need no longer speak louder than words. Indeed, as sources of outrage, words seem to have surpassed actions altogether. 

I agree wholeheartedly. In fact I am outraged over the amount of outrage that exists out there. His assessment of Richard Prosser and his “Wogistan” comments almost matches mine. I am concerned that this might cause some outrage.

Now my assessment of Mr Prosser is that he is blithering idiot because only a blithering idiot would paint a target on his forehead, while carrying a sign with the words “please shoot me” in neon letters, and distributing loaded firearms to passers-by. God knows, one would have thought being a member of Winston Peters’ raggle-taggle caucus was ignominy enough without revealing oneself as a suicidal maniac.

Mr Prosser deserves our pity, not our outrage, but our outrage he has got and it runs to tens of thousands of column inches and millions of spoken words.

Pity and mocking…especially the mocking. Same with skin-heads, bigots and racists. They should be actually encouraged to speak their minds so that we can see that their thinking is as shallow as a car park puddle.

Now some you may be outraged that I agree with Brian Edwards, but remember he agreed with me first.


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  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    The media makes our country look like a bunch of idiots. Most people couldn’t care less about anything the media says is outrageous.

    I think the less the media say about something, the more outrageous it is – inverse

  • Cadwallader

    I agree with Brayin’ Oddwords for the first time ever…what’s next?

  • Andrei

    Outrage is how we do political discourse in this country.

    When someone says something you don’t like have a tanty and fly into paroxysms of indignation rather than engage the debate.

    Lefties have got it honed to a fine art

  • Agent BallSack

    Some people live their lives in a perpetual state of outrage, notably failed television presenter blog writer and radio host Martyn Bradbury

    • I keep being amazed people pay him money for things.

  • BJ

    In all truth ‘outrage’ is a most severe emotion that one is choosing – allowing uncontrollable behaviour to come to the surface – it is that individuals task to get some self control and deal with that emotion in a logical mature manner. To continually use this emotive word without showing at least , some individual expressing outrage, is disingenuous to say the least.

  • kehua

    Classic case this week of the pathetic vegans/SAFE zealots getting a full page of absolute bullshit about animals used in rodeos accompanied by dozens of their members outraged comments. fail ,fail fail Herald.

  • boristhefrog

    Frankly I am outraged at the amount of outrageous outrage that spills forth in this country.

    Its completely outrageous that our media can’t seem to use a thesaurus to find a better adjective than outrage and its doubly outrageous that they don’t have the common decency to inflict a different word on an over-outraged and frankly outrageously brow-beaten populace.

    I’ve had enough! And I’m writing a suitably outraged letter to my MP to express my extreme outrage at this effrontery!

    Lovingly yours,
    Angry of Mayfair