Brian Edwards on Seven Sharp

I think I need a little lie down. Today is the first day I have linked to two articles from my good friend Brian Edwards.

This is his comment about Seven Sharp last night, after a day earlier praising it:

And then there was last night, Thursday 14 February. I made my fourth attempt at spaghetti alla carbonara and finally got it right. So we had dinner and sat down late to watch Seven Sharp and later Campbell Live and, after that, maybe a movie. (Let us now give thanks for MySky.) 

But I never got beyond Seven Sharp. Yes it was Valentine’s Day and you might be forgiven a little romantic frivolity, but, as JC has observed, this 22 minutes of air-time felt like an hour. And it was total and absolute, mindless, inane, gratuitous, viewer-insulting, indefensible crap. It was testament to the fact that, even with three talented presenters, the whole can be considerably less than the sum of its parts. With the best will in the world, it had no redeeming merit.


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  • Dr Wang

    He was probably stoned too, so nothing was going to make too much sense was it Brian…

    • Lion_ess

      I’ve tried to watch it a couple of times, and frankly it would make better sense if one were stoned. Is it Animal Rescue, Fair Go (light), Larry King Live – fucked if I know.

  • BJ

    A better use for that time slot would be some parliament TV without editing

  • redeye

    Those of us that thought the Walrus was the lightest weight current affairs commentator ever have sure got egg on our faces now.

  • tarkwin

    I don’t care how bad it is it’s better than Campbell Live.

  • Jman

    Last night I made the mistake of giving Seven sharp a second look. The first time had been the opening night. Anyway the entire show was complete vacuous fluff. There wasn’t a single item of actual news or even current affairs in there. A complete waste of 30 minutes, and the presenters are simply awful. No chemistry whatsoever between them and any attempt at humour falls flat every time. I won’t be wasting my time on it again. It’s a real shame because I actually wanted the show to succeed and hopefully damage the ratings of that pompous lefty twit on TV3 but I don’t see that happening now.

  • The guys at 7 Days have been given a lot of ammo from 7 Sharp….

  • LesleyNZ

    Decided to briefly check out what was on tonight – what on earth are the producers thinking? After tonight – never ever again! Crude, slang language from the presenters (Ali Mau) is not what I expected to hear from the taxpayer funded Seven Sharp. The viewing audience Seven Sharp are targeting is not the viewing audience that used to watch Close Up. TV1 should do the right thing and cancel any more shows – starting Monday.