British MP George Galloway storms out of Oxford University debate

The Respect Party MP for Bradford West, who is a longstanding supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas, had spoken in favor of the motion “Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank” when Eylon Aslan-Levy stood up to speak against the motion.

Two minutes into his speech, Galloway interrupted the third-year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student and asked if he was Israeli.  

“I am, yes,” he was told and the controversial MP brazenly stormed out the hall claiming to have been misled.

“I don’t debate with Israelis, I have been misled,” he said to gasps from the audience. “I don’t recognize Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis.”

What a cock.  If you have the conviction of your beliefs, you should be embracing the chance to crush your opponent.

In a statement on Wednesday evening Galloway said: “I refused this evening to debate with an Israeli, a supporter of the apartheid State of Israel.

“The reason is simple: no recognition, no normalization. Just boycott, divestment and sanctions until the apartheid state is defeated,” he said.

Aslan-Levy, 21, who grew up in Finchley in north London and has Israeli citizenship as both his parents are Israeli, accused Galloway of “pure” racism.

“I am appalled that an MP would storm out of a debate with me for no reason other than my heritage,” he said. “To refuse to talk to someone just because of their nationality is pure racism, and totally unacceptable for a member of parliament.”

He said that had he been able to speak, he was calling for a withdrawal from the West Bank as part of a negotiated settlement that would recognise both an Israeli and Palestinian state.

Mahmood Naji, the organizer of the event and a fourth-year medical student at Oxford, condemned Galloway’s decision to walk out on a debate because of his opponent’s nationality.

“At no point during my email exchange with Mr Galloway was Eylon’s nationality ever brought up or mentioned, nor do I expect to have to tell the speaker what his opponent’s nationality is,” Naji told Oxford University student newspaper Cherwell.

You have to be pretty screwed up in your thinking to attend a debate and then refuse to debate your opponent simply because he holds a certain nationality.


Source:  JPost


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  • oob

    Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Superb, George Galloway. Best Leftie on the planet.

  • Patrick

    Galloway, corrupt lying snivelling wanker – once described Saddam Hussein as courageous. Advocates for greater welfare spending. Another marxist bludger up to his eyeballs enriching himself with the Iraqi oil for food programme.

  • grumpy

    His electorate his majority muslim – just playing to his constituency.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Is that tedious tribal war in the Middle East still going?

  • Phar Lap

    That moron came to NZ and was interviewed by Sainsbury on “Close Up”,Galloway a real pig dog was given an armchair ride,in fact i thought Sainsbury was just about going to sit on Galloway.The non interview was probably the worst ass licking interview performed on a current affairs programme in the history of Television Lie-bour Party,alias TVNZ.

    • Never in the dark…..

      Imagine if appeared on Campbell Live! It would have had to get a later time slot for ‘all the licking (and sucking)’ that Campbell would’ve done.

      Galloway’s a prat.

      • Mr_V4

        Yeah but it’d be a 10 second show as JC would blow his load to quickly.

    • Mr_V4

      So many soft interviews to choose from the Walrus career archives.

  • cows4me

    Displays the traits of a true lefty. They are always right so what’s the point of even talking about it. I suspect Israel will be around long after this tosser has been turned into worm shit.

  • Chris Fleming

    What a Dick.!!

  • Mostly_Harmless

    I liked the laughter at the end. Laughter, not outrage, is the best response to people like him.

  • Mike

    He calls Israel an apartheid state then refuses to speak with someone based on their nationality. Pot meet kettle.

  • thor42

    The “Respect Party” – what a misnomer! Bunch of fools.

  • GeorgeRomero

    He said that had he been able to speak, he was calling for a withdrawal
    from the West Bank as part of a negotiated settlement that would
    recognise both an Israeli and Palestinian state.
    21 year old jewden rat trying to sell out to the fakestinians , if galloway had stayed a bit longer , i’m sure the two would have got on like a house on fire