BSC El Presidente Patrick Lee-lo Thick as Thieves With Union

The BSC cartel that El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo runs can only be described as a union.

Rodney Hide had a crack at them?exposing the dodgy rort that the BSC entered into with Labour strategist Trevor Mallard, the Property Council and the SFWU.

Here?s the front people for this union rort.

There?s nasty National Secretary of the?SFWU John Ryall, BSC?s?El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo, Former Labour Minister Trevor Mallard and surprisingly the strange bed-fellow of Connal Townsend from the Property Council of NZ.


It seems the Department of Labour is involved in this little cartel as well.?

The ?Principles for the Property Services Industry?, signed back in the dying days of the corrupt Clark regime saw the BSC entrench itself into the Government trough, with the proviso that;


Remember, the?BSC is sitting on $1.8m?and isn?t doing anything for its members.

Remember that the Truth exposed the Registrar of Incorporate Societies finding that the BSC?s own accountants couldn?t retrospectively audit the 2010 and 2011 financial statement.

Remember Patrick, NFWAB.

Thankfully the new Minister Simon Bridges is no fan of unions or their dodgy behaviour.