BSC El Presidente Patrick Lee-lo Thick as Thieves With Union

The BSC cartel that El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo runs can only be described as a union.

Rodney Hide had a crack at them exposing the dodgy rort that the BSC entered into with Labour strategist Trevor Mallard, the Property Council and the SFWU.

Here’s the front people for this union rort.

There’s nasty National Secretary of the SFWU John Ryall, BSC’s El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo, Former Labour Minister Trevor Mallard and surprisingly the strange bed-fellow of Connal Townsend from the Property Council of NZ.


It seems the Department of Labour is involved in this little cartel as well. 

The ‘Principles for the Property Services Industry’, signed back in the dying days of the corrupt Clark regime saw the BSC entrench itself into the Government trough, with the proviso that;


Remember, the BSC is sitting on $1.8m and isn’t doing anything for its members.

Remember that the Truth exposed the Registrar of Incorporate Societies finding that the BSC’s own accountants couldn’t retrospectively audit the 2010 and 2011 financial statement.

Remember Patrick, NFWAB.

Thankfully the new Minister Simon Bridges is no fan of unions or their dodgy behaviour.


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  • LionKing

    Surprised to see the Property Council guy in this line up. But then again, they’re probably scared of the unions and so went along with the rort thinking that if they didn’t sign up to this, some union scum may decide to protest outside of their ivory tower in Shortland Street, Auckland. Now that wouldn’t be a good look having flag waving communists shouting (Minto would be there of course) abuse at the Property Council.

    The need to HTFU.

    • Hillary Green

      I can understand the three men on the left of the photo have a lot in common, but it does seem very strange for Mr Townsend to be there as well.

      But then again they entered into this agreement, probably thinking they’d get some favours from the Labour government. Makes me wonder how close the relationship between the Property Council and the SFWU/BSC is and whether they meet regularly. If so this needs to be exposed.

  • Time For Accountability

    Most of my property clients vote Labour because you can almost quarantine a property inflationary price boom.

    So it is no surprise to me that the Prperty Council Aligns itself to this group.

  • DLM

    Let’s hope the new Minister of Labour Simon Bridges takes these fuckers out. Overseeing a Government department that allows such rorts to continue is unacceptable. Not only is is anti-competitive, but it allowed the BSC to suck in millions of member fees by stopping non-members (typical tactic of bully-boy unionists) from being offered new opportunities.

    The message to Simon Bridges is simple. Make right this wrong.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Looks like a meeting of the “so fucking what union”.

  • Phar Lap

    Wonder is the crash of Mainzeal connected with the dubious BSC and their cohorts.

  • Patrick

    A picture is worth a thousand words – but I reckon just two sum this picture up…Dodgy f&ckers.