BSC’s Patrick Lee-Lo Fails Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics


Looks like El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo just doesn’t learn. He needs to remember NFWAB, especially not to go to war with them. Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics explains why, especially Rule 7 – Never wrestle with pigs, two things are for certain if you do. You will get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.

But the BSC cartel run by El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo thinks it’s wise to take on the Whale. Let’s see how that works for him.

Paddy thinks there’s a mole within his secret little cartel. In his effort to keep on top of the $1.8m nest egg the BSC is squirreling away, he’s launched a witch-hunt saying there’s something fishy going on.

He’s even called them a member of the ‘Fish Gang’

image001 Well Paddy, here’s a preview of what’s going to happen…

More on Patrick later…


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Another Whale spanking is about to be delivered…

    Pass the popcorn and pull up a comfy armchair people…

  • Stuart Dumphries

    His moustache is beautiful. Do you think Patrick is gay?

    • Changeiscoming

      yeah he looks happy.

  • Whafe

    I feel a bitch slapping coming on, and oh boy, I love a bitch slapping against these unions whom are destroying New Zealand….

  • williamabong

    Never Fuck With A Blogger, if I was Paddy Lilo I would be staying indoors there is a shit storm coming his way, Pure Gold.

  • LionKing

    What a twat, thinks he’s being clever against the Whale. Bring on the canning (but then again he might like that). Paddy’s forgotten that an important role of a trade association is to actually get on with people, not piss them off.

    Again there’s no answer as to why some tin-pot association is sitting on $1.8m in cash reserves? WTF are the members saying about this? Oh that’s right their CEO is instead undertaking a witch hunt to flush out some “mole” member that pays them $20k a year.

    Going to be great to see how this works out for him.

  • Patrick

    Typical leftie union wank – issuing snide threats, as though he is the man.
    With a ‘tache like that he is probably very popular at certain men only venues.