Caesar pleads guilty but fails to fall on sword


Caesar Michael Williams has today plead guilty to drink driving with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit:

HOWICK Local Board chairman Michael Williams has been convicted of drink-driving after pleading guilty to the charge when appearing in the Auckland District Court today.

The 47-year-old was initially due to appear at a defended hearing in the Manukau District Court on March 1 charged with driving with excess breath alcohol and refusing to accompany a police officer.

His lawyer, Karen Harding, told the court her client’s defence included the fact the incident “ended up being on private property”, and that once that was resolved with police the second charged was dropped. Community magistrate Rebecca Ewert fined Mr Williams $850 and disqualified him from driving for seven months.

She also ordered him to pay $132.89 medical costs and $100 court costs.

That is polite court and Police speak for cut a deal because he thinks he can get away with the drink driving charge and keep his role as Chair of the Local Board but he wouldn’t have been able to with the second charge.

Williams sent out a pathetic email saying sorry, but also arrogantly said the Police had dropped the charges regarding the refusing to accompany a police officer charges because they were stunned by the brilliance of his defence /sarc

The other charge against me was dropped after my defence was outlined.

Michael Williams mounted a shabby attack on Adele White claiming she didn’t have time to be the deputy of the Local Board due to work commitments making it difficult for her to attend meetings.

He failed in that attempt. He should also go from the chair because if he considered it impossible for Adele White to continue because of work commitments then surely it is likewise impossible for him to fulfil his role properly when he has a 7 month ban on driving.

But what made all that worse is he failed to tell board members he was at the same time facing these charges. Now he has plead guilty he should resign his chairmanship, indeed I think he should his position in full because of the shabby way he has conducted himself.

He has brought the board into disrepute through his actions. He should go.

Michael Williams needs to resign.


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  • ratesarerevolting

    He should but he won’t, for he is indeed a fucking cunt.

  • Gazzaw

    No driving for seven months? I wonder if he’ll charge his taxis back to the ratepayer as a business expense when attending Community Board meetings or on Council business?

    Please maintain a vigilant eye Owl.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Your kidding right. Council will put on a car and driver for him.