Cameron fiddles as London burns

via: roomyverse

via: roomyverse

If I was Cameron’s strategist, I’d probably be looking at a pile of sleeping pills next to a bottle of vodka right now:

David Cameron told Tories they are “no longer the party of ­privilege” – at their swanky Winter Ball, where £100-a-bottle Dom Perignon “flowed like water”.

The £400-a-head fundraiser saw wealthy backers served the vintage champagne in true-blue glass flutes, while members of the plush Hurlingham Club complained to staff about Rolls-Royces and Daimlers clogging the drive.   

In an auction to swell party election coffers, one Tory blew £100,000 on a painting of the PM – who was at the do with wife Sam and ministers including Chancellor George Osborne.

As expected, this hasn’t been received well.  Lawrence Roper comments

Wining and dining the ‘Rich and Shameless’ whilst the poor shiver and go hungry to pay for their greed.

The National Debt, that’s NOT the Deficit, has risen by £289 BILLION to an eye watering £1.1 TRILLION since Dave moved into No.10.

So we just don’t mention it and hope it will go away.

Horse meat has replaced cow meat and portions get smaller and smaller for the same price to hide inflation that is probably around 7 or 8%.

They are starting to run out of places to hide the unemployed, so now they are being encouraged to become self unemployed.

Whilst the disabled are sent to disability denial factories to be pronounced fit to do jobs that don’t exist.

RBS got fined £400 Million for a massive fraud and said it would be paid out of the ‘bonus pot’ and profits. In an attempt to suggest that the taxpayer isn’t stumping up 80% of their fine, when in reality we own 80% of the back door and 80% of the front door and 80% of every pot and profit in between.

On the bright side Dave promised that there may be a possibility that he will consider giving the electorate their first say on EU membership in 40 years via a referendum. But only if we first reject his idea to ‘reclaim’ a few scraps of power from the EU via another referendum, and finally Starbucks have taken no profits from it’s UK stores in an obvious attempt to ease the suffering of recession and austerity by serving up cheap coffee to those in need.

You quite simply couldn’t make this stuff up.


via The Mirror


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  • thor42

    The NHS is a real “sacred cow” over there. I’m sure that the kind of economic reforms implemented by Sweden (mentioned by DPF) would go a long way towards making it a shitload more efficient.

  • blokeintakapuna

    They need another Thatcher to sort out the unions… That will make a huge improvement to their economy!

    • blazer

      reforming the rorting,gouging banking industry is whats really required.Its not the unions that caused the ‘credit crunch’….have a look at per capita debt in all western countries….somethings got to give!

  • surfisup

    Time to sell the pound.

  • johnbronkhorst

    He has said he will have a referendum on leaving the EU, if elected. That along could win him the next election.

    • blazer

      lose it you mean.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Another professional Pollie. Has no idea what is going on. Him, Clegg and that halfwit Milliband are what passes for sebnior pollies in the UK.
    All Public School, University and Non Jobs

  • Mr_Blobby

    Exactly how do you cut deficit without reducing your expenses.

    Mark my words this will all end very badly for everyone.

  • disqus_OKRtwis75M

    As long as Muslims aren’t offended. That’s all that matters in the UK these days……..