Campbell Live jumps the shark


Look, I understand some of you are missing the taste of it in the morning, but Stuff is losing the plot with this article foreshadowing its imminent re-appearance:

An impending announcement from Sanitarium is widely tipped to confirm Marmite will shortly be back in production.

Sanitarium, the makers of Marmite, confirmed on their Facebookpage they would be making an announcement tonight at 7pm relating to the production of the breakfast spread.

Yeah, whatever.

But Stuff is just trying to ride the Hype Wave.  Because it gets worse:  

Let’s take the Campbell Live Prime Time slot and really ram one up those idiots at Seven Sharp by making this a ratings winner, shall we?


Exclusively LIVE!



What is much more interesting, and entertaining, are the majority of the comments on that Stuff piece aren’t showing Sanitarium much love:






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  • boristhefrog

    Oh dear lord…. Anyway I am a huge fan of BRITISH marmite and have a jar of BRITISH Marmite XO in my pantry right now (double the yum!)

    I wouldn’t eat that Sanatarium shit for anyone – not even for money. My house is also pleasantly Sanatarium free…

    I’ll not be giving any money to those God botherers….

  • BJ

    So I guess we can look forward to seeing Campbell in the decile 1 school classroom spreading donated Marmite onto donated white fluffy bread.

  • Mr_V4

    Stuff lost the plot a long time ago, it’s called “Stuff Nation”. Which should be voted the most inane writing on the internets.