Captain Hypocrisy dons his tights, and it’s not a good look

Mike Lee

Apparently the Auckland Council subscribing to the Property Council is “not a good look“, according to Cr Mike Lee.

Yes, perish the thought of the Auckland Council wanting a membership to subscribe to information from the organisation that represents property owners and developers. I’m sure the council wouldn’t own strategic properties around Auckland that might have impact on or be impacted by various trends. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to participate in helping to form policy on property related issues. Why would the council want information from such an organisation anyway?

Mike Lee’s idea of what doesn’t constitute “a good look” begs some interesting questions. 

Does Mike Lee think accepting donations from the Maritime Union and then wading into the Ports of Auckland debate is also “not a good look”?

Perhaps paying too much for the Ports of Auckland and then dividend stripping and running it down over a period of years under your ARC Chairmanship is “not a good look”.

Is it also “not a good look” when Mike Lee played petty politics and bungled Queens Wharf when there was a tight deadline for the Rugby World cup? Especially when you represent the organisations responsible (ARC Chairman and then Auckland Council Chairman of the Transport Committee)for transport organisation that failed to plan for the Rugby World Cup opening night. That’s not a good look at all.

Generally behaving like your prostate doctor left behind too much diseased arsehole is not a good look.

It’s time for Mike Lee to move on from the council. He’s not a good look for Auckland.


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  • Gazzaw

    He’ll want a knighthood before he moves on Cam. Most socialists do. Mind you he’ll never have his head fully out of the trough.

  • Might want to check that Cam, last I looked (including into that independent urgent enquiry made after the opening night disaster) ATEED had the boot stuck into it for its utter failings rather than AT (and in extension the Transport Committee) herself.

    If anything AT was absolved of the situation which owed to a particular mayor opening his mouth and a Minister’s obfuscation before, during and after the RWC.

    I was there front line on the RWC opening night and knew full well what happened in which to this day I still have not forgiven the Minister nor ATEED, however as for AT and the Transport Committee – that relationship continues to build and gain strength after the opening night (no use pissing over both of them constantly and nothing would get done)