Cardinal Keith O’Brien wants Marriage Equality

Cardinal Keith O’Brien said it was clear many priests struggled to cope with celibacy, and should be able to marry and have children.

I wonder he thinks this is a pragmatic move to provide priests with a way to express themselves as sexual beings without having to resort to abusing children?

The cardinal will be part of the conclave that chooses the next Pope.

He spoke of his surprise at the resignation of Benedict XVI, and said he was open to the new Pope coming from outside of Europe.

In an interview with BBC Scotland’s Glenn Campbell, the leader of the Roman Catholic church in Scotland, said some issues – for example abortion and euthanasia – were “basic dogmatic beliefs” of “divine origin” which the Church could never accept.

But Cardinal O’Brien, who is the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, said it would be within the scope of the new Pope to consider whether the Roman Catholic Church should change its stance on other issues, which were not of divine origin.

And Cardinal O’Brien said a younger successor who was able to serve for a longer period of time may be able to “get more things done, to steady us up a wee bit and to give us something of the courage of the earlier apostles again”.

But he said he had not yet decided who should be elected as Pope during the conclave, which is expected to be held next month.

Cardinal O’Brien, 74, stood down from some frontline duties in the Catholic Church in Scotland last year due to his age.

He has been an outspoken opponent of Scottish government plans to legalise same-sex marriage and was controversially named “bigot of the year” by a gay rights charity last November.

Opposing Marriage Equality by lobbying for Priests to get married.

You can’t make this shit up.


Source:  BBC News


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  • Andrei


    Nope – he is opposed to same sex marriage.

    It is married priests he is open to – and there are a great many married priests in the Catholic Church, it is only the Latin Church where celibacy is manditory so this is not a change of theology it is a change of customary practice.

    All of this will go right over your head I expect

    • Orange

      I thought the only way you could be a married priest in the RC was if they were a married clergy in the Anglican lot then defected to the RC, they let you keep the wife in that situation only. ?

      • Andrei

        No there are a large group of catholics called Byzantine Rite catholics and other Eastern Rite Catholics whose priests but not Bishops may be married – the catholics you are familiar with and who constitute the majority of the church are Latin Rite and their priests are generally celibate though there are occaisional exceptions made

        • Mitch82

          Perhaps Keef needs to make up his own sub-sub-sub-branch of Fairy Worship.

          Bloody good way to make a quid, from what I’ve been told.

    • Rodger T

      Here`s one for you Andrei,

      • Mitch82


    • Jimmie

      Hmm seems like kiddy fiddling is mandatory in the latin church as well andrei…..

  • Obviously the catholic church isn’t yet committed to ending boy buggering

    • Oh, it is. Boy buggers will be rooted out and removed. As they are homosexual, and form networks to protect themselves, there has been a bit of a problem in this regard.

      • TomTom

        I was just reading in the paper today about how there’s a ring inside the Vatican where they encourage clergy in having sex so that they can be blackmailed into doing the dirty work for others.

        The widespread nature of outright illegal and indecent behaviour by Roman Catholic clergy is not just a couple of unrelated incidents as you portray it. It shows that the Church is just simply rotten to the core.

        Tbh, if I did believe in God, I would probably join the Anglican Church, because they are traditional yet respectful of all people and mostly without hypocrisy. And I am from a heavily Catholic family where we went to church every Sunday, and sometime to the Jesuit services at my grandmother’s.
        But I don’t, cos I actually read the Bible.

      • Jimmie

        What about the priest in Aussie who had a relationship with a dsiabled female – I guess he wasn’t homosexual?

  • J.M

    As a Catholic I don’t see a problem with Priests marrying, and I would like to see the church change its stance on contraception. The day the church approves of gay marriage however is the day I leave it, as homosexuality weakens our society and should not be encouraged.

  • BR

    Good idea. As long as they aren’t allowed to marry other blokes of course.