Cashing in on Gareth’s promise

More readers have sent in photos of their efforts to assist Gareth Morgan in his quest for a cat free New Zealand. Looks like we have earned a fair bit. Here is another $5.00.


Here is the full gallery of cats sent in so far: 

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  • Alice Nikenbocker

    Wait are people murdering pets because of some misquote of Morgan’s? God that’s some pretty dumb vigilante justice.

    • no you idiot, they are killing cats in rural areas in remote places.

      • MoaningMoa

        Cat with a blue collar in a trap, would infer that yes people’s pets were killed – i.e. trapping near a residential area.
        Which is not funny, when one day it is a kid caught by the trap.

        • Agreed – someone’s pet domestic cat that had a collar was caught in a trap which means some family is not going to be exactly thrilled (I wouldnt)

          • muffinmclay

            Whale the person who killed someone’s pet is not on. As per the photo a collar is something that would only be placed on a pet. Imagine if it was your child’s pet. That photo is fucked up

          • kehua

            Plenty of pet dogs been shot for worrying sheep and biting kids, what`s with the `pet` thing.

        • Travis Poulson

          what a load of nonsense, children traps were abolished decades ago.

        • Yeah..tell me how a kid would put their much larger head into a Timms trap…specifically designed to kill vermin like cats and possums…not going to happen…and anyway the cat was stealing a possum’s dinner, not snapped…too bad,

          • Alice Nikenbocker

            You don’t have to put your head in a trap to get caught in it. ><

          • Tom

            I think that nice bright yellow box would do a LOT of damage to a kid’s arm. I’ve used one before, seriously powerful. And it’s not like kids are more or less conditioned to think that bright plastic objects are for playing with, are they?

            Don’t like cats myself, but they do mean a lot to some people. The mouse/rat/stoat population would explode without them. What other natural predators would fill the gap?

        • some people bout as sharp as a bowling ball…..

      • Alice Nikenbocker

        No you idiot, some of those are definitely well looked after animals. Like the one in the box.

      • Jester

        Even in built up areas Cam. We got this big bugger near Orana Park in Christchurch.

        Gareth won’t return my calls about claiming a bounty though!

        • Hazards001

          OMG…you SHOT Snokums?……….. BASTARD!

      • kehua

        SPCA kill more cats than Cockies.

    • Sponge

      FFS do you really think that this was a result of the blow hard Morgans inane comments? Really! You mad bint!

  • Gazzaw

    Cam & Travis, you know that I’m no pantywaist liberal but I like a lot of others in the WO Army own cats and regardless of whether these cats are all ferals (and I doubt that) I find the public display of their bodies to be in pretty poor taste. The pics are not important to the story, in fact they are as irrelevant as the Whangarei fire engine. They don’t succeed in the ‘shock’ stakes either but fit just fine in the ‘disgust’ category. The ammo box and scope rifle must be there to send some sort of message. Not sure exactly what chance a cat has when spotlighted from a quad bike but I guess there must be some sort of sporting element that I’m not aware of.

    I guess the ‘ups’ and the ‘downs’ will show where I stand on this. I just find the subject way below par.

    • Alice Nikenbocker

      The political spectrum is united by a love of cats.

    • They aren;t game animals who deserve a “chance” they are feral pests…except for the trespassing kitty that tried to get a free feed of possum food.

      • Gazzaw

        Fair enough but they don’t all look feral to me. The tabby with the ammo box definitely isn’t. Would appreciate some input from a real country person on what damage feral cats actually do. Sure, they’ll get the occasional bird (cats do) but rats, mice, rabbits & stoats are far more likely to fall victim. Cows4me, are you on for an opinion?

        • Travis Poulson

          “The tabby with the ammo box definitely isn’t.” Sorry Gaz, but doesn’t wash with me either. The cats that I used to catch while trapping (usually tabby) were fairly decent sized and healthy, and bigger than the target species possums. These aren’t your recently abandoned town moggies dumped in the bush, these fuckers have been breeding for several generations. People seem to be under this false perception that all feral cats look gaunt and unhealthy with a dull coat. They’re not, except town cats that have been abandoned.

    • Andy

      agree. Shooting peoples pets is pretty low.

    • AzaleaB

      I absoluetly concur. A new low has been reached.

    • Travis Poulson

      What are you telling me for? Not my photo’s, nor did I post them.

    • kehua

      Nothing sporting about 149 aborted lambs from feral cat shit Gazz.

  • That’s really disgusting and made me feel sick.

  • AzaleaB

    Cam, is your aim to generate comments or are you trying to show a side of you perhaps we need to see. I don’t expect you to like cats ( and we know you don’t) but to delight in their slaughter when it is clear some are pets shows a sick mind. Personally I am disappointed in you.

    • My guess would be comments because we all know that the majority of the NZ population are Cat lovers.

  • Allan

    Cam, I normally agree 100% with your views, however in this case I am totally opposed to this posting. I think that it is sick as there is obviously much loved pets being slaughtered by those who are being encouraged by the rantings of a rich,idle, idiot who has got nothing better to do with his life than try and make headlines with outrageous statements or actions. The sooner we stop giving this clown oxygen on this subject the better.

    • muffinmclay

      Gareth Morgan is a fucking moron and to be fair Cam I’ve always enjoyed your Blog however the posting of these pictures is sick, yeah sure explain the cat with collar as greedy but you needn’t post the picture.

  • Honcho

    Clearly not pets, save for the cat funeral and the curious (greedy) cat who went for the food in a possum trap. The fact that the others look well kept and well fed just reinforces what the prick morgan has been saying.

    Some people need to grow up and start living in the real world, its very nice getting meat from styrofoam trays in a supermarket, but kind hearted animals get slaughtered to provide that meal, these cats, feral cats in the country are not kind hearted animals so It blows my mind that some commentators are sticking up for them.

    • Alice Nikenbocker

      Cats don’t have coats that nice unless they are getting absolutely all the nutrients they need and some.

      • kehua


  • kris

    the majority of those cats looked far too healthy to have been feral. Contrary to popular belief most cats that get dumped are not good enough at hunting to be healthy. I guess your need to post the pics is due to falling ratings?..Pathetic attempt at sensationalism?…either way it makes you look like a tosser.

    • Sponge

      Yeah look at the blog ratings – they have been going through the floor….

    • kehua

      You simply do not know what you are talking about kris.

      • kris

        You would be very surprised Kehua

  • GeorgeRomero

    Large rodents and mustelids are just as , if not more destructive of our native wildlife as the feline.Gawith Moregun should put a $10.00-$20.00 bounty on these killers heads as well , i saw a huge weasel run across a country road the other day in Waikato.
    Gawith can pay for the de-sexing of everyones pet cat , with a $100.00 grocery voucher as well, ,and we can pick up a free cat collar with a bell from the local vet , courtesy of Gawith and his millions of free money.

  • There is no hard fast description for a feral cat, the fact that all feral cats is NZ are descended from domesticated cats means that they can and are all sorts of colours.
    The cat with the collar on, well i’m going to assume the other way to those that say it MUST be a pet, it may be that it was trapped in the middle of nowhere and was the product of another dumbarse that didn’t want thier pet anymore and released it far from home. The fact is, people have created the problem of the wild cat population in NZ, and the people must do something to solve it.

  • manuka416

    I’m all for the killing of feral cats, and exterminating the stray cat colonies. I don’t care if the ferals are trapped or shot. But, the photos are causing some angst (I guess it’s particularly unnerving for people who haven’t experienced hunting or pest control). May be best to leave the business-end of conservation out of view.

  • Lion_ess

    I have two cats, but have to say I’m not offended by pictures of dead cats.

    I am miffed though, that some self called philanthropist jerk off, farts, and the media (including this one) follow.

    If this is a “story”, I think you’ve selected the wrong target. Lets see some more pictures of the lovely Gareth, seeing as he’s the (apparent) master of the topic. Dead cats, like anything dead, can’t defend themselves.

    FFS it’s good to ignore people and their stupid ideas sometimes or at the least shine the spotlight where it belongs.

  • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

    I’m on the side of the victims here. I’ll keep killing the evil bastards and yes even the ones that don’t ‘look feral’ whatever the hell that is!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    After a little reflection, I’m not too bothered by this. After all, none of us get too exercised by the senseless murder of beautiful children, so why do we get so outraged by a cat expiring? Do we care more about felines? Just visit Whale’s Hall of Shame, and get angry about that. I do.

    • Jester

      A quick check of recent posts here at Whaleoil shows that twice as many people were morally outraged enough to post about dead cats than they were to post about a 5 year old raped and murdered by some raghead.