Charles Chauvel Redux

Further to David Farrar’s post about Charlie Shovel today about his propensity for self promotion, which bought him trouble under Clark and also under Goff.

I was rummaging through videos at the weekend and found this piece on Charles Chauvel, talking about how important it was for him to be on Labour’s frontbench, and take his rightful place at the decision-making table.¬†

He’s been trying to make out that his likely demotion in today’s reshuffle had no impact on his decision to resign from Parliament and go to the UN – but this shows just how important it really was to him. His decision to throw his toys and ¬†jump ship demonstrates how divided the Labour Party really is below the surface.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep… They can spin it however he needs or wants to. We all KNOW he was sacked in the reshuffle… Demoted unceremoniously for an average performance… And that takes some doing amidst all the other exceptionally average Labourites.

    At least he has a bolt hole to slither off to in the UN. Shame his qualifications and worldly work experiences could only get him a job at the UN though. Once he’s totally screwed that up too, maybe he might be qualified enough to join Trev in the Mana Party?

  • Dan

    I really don’t see how underperforming MP quitting because he is getting demoted in a reshuffle = party divided below the surface. But hey, it was probably written for people who don’t dwell on the logic of such statements.

    • Hazards001

      ok…you keep telling yourself that

  • Patrick

    The before & after videos tell a story, what was originally not a bad looking bloke was turned into a bloated pig after years gorging on the public tit – & the shot of big Gerry Brownlee only reinforces this.

  • Troy

    Chauvel, in that clip, gives away how selfish and self-centered he is. He mentions about what “matters to me”. I’d have thought that he wanted to be on the front bench because he wanted to work on what matters to his constituents. This of course is Liarbors modus operandii – they profess to be the peoples party yet really it’s the individual agendas that they really care about.