Chauvel quits making way for Carol Beaumont’s return

Cameron Slater at the Truth reports

Charles Chauvel has quit parliament in a fit of pique, taking a lifeline no doubt supplied by Helen Clark, though he denies this publicly.

It is no secret that Charles Chauvel was a fan of David Cunliffe and this will be a large factor in his bolting from Labour.

What is of more interest however is that Chauvel sees an exit to the UN as more preferable than sticking around and hoping that a David Shearer led Labour party may perform an electoral miracle and manage to govern after next year’s election.

Chauvel has clearly weighed up Labour’s chance and also his own and realised both are slim at best.

Click here to read the rest of Cam’s article.

Just as Labour is starting to build a little bit of momentum against the Government, they end up shooting themselves in the foot with this side show.



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  • Mickrodge

    So Champagne Charles is off to a comfy UN supplied bolt hole courtesy of Uncle Helen.

    I’m sure Chris Carter will be giving Charles a full briefing on how to extract the maximum amount of extravagance from the UN teat.

    I hope the fois gras gives them the shits.

  • ConwayCaptain

    So another union hack back in Parliament. Shearer about to get the order of the boot. He will return to the UN and some labour hack will get Mt Albert. If Jacinda got that then her place would be another hack coming in.
    So will Champagne Charles be off to Afghanistan to be with his old mate Chris Carter??
    An Old Pashtu Ballad
    Ah there is a boy across the river
    With a bottom like a peach
    alas I cannot swim

  • Dan

    Cameron Slater from Whaleoil reports that Cameron Slater from the Truth draws a long bow.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Is Cam going by the moniker “Pete” these days?

    • Hazards001

      You really are a sorry little illiterate fucking lefty loser aren’t you…have you worked out who the author of this post is yet you piss stain troll?

      • Dan

        Angry tories with sob stories. Should change the name to Wail Oil.

  • GregM

    Good. Another time waster gone. What pisses me off the most is the fact that the electorate, and all round good bastard Sam Lotu iiga, kicked Beaumonts sorry arse into touch TWICE, but thanks to MMP and the list system, we get her back.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      She is a frickin beast.. I lost so much weight looking at those election billboards due the hunger supression it caused.

  • BJ

    Rats leaving a sinking ship comes to mind.

  • starboard

    great..another sausage rider from the rainbow division departs the sinking HMS Liarbor.
    ” Dont let the door hit ya poof arse on the way out chucky.”


  • LesleyNZ

    So easy to up and leave when you are a list MP. All care no responsibiity. H1, H2, and H3 altogether again – very cosy.