Christchurch smartphone thief update: Location of Molotov Cocktail arson identified

A follow up on our Christchurch Smartphone Thief stories from earlier today:


The sleuths at the GP Forum haven’t sat still and found the location where the Molotov Cocktail was thrown.  Above, the wall, below, the broken pieces of bottle and some Google Earth context:  




Some have asked if the photos taken by the smartphone have GPS location data encoded in them.  No, they did not.


H/T: kgdl, Source: GP Forums





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  • Sym Gardiner

    But they have names and facebook accounts. Those fools are toast.

  • Timboh

    Reality blog!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Yes but in reality what will the courts do. I’m picking wet bus ticket.

    • thor42

      Yeah, you’re probably right. The judge will let them off on the grounds that Ahmed and his girlfriend are still being toilet-trained.

      • Mr_Blobby

        The trouble with these morons is that they are so stupid, they actually think the are smart.

        • Dave

          Instead of a wet bus ticket I hope they get a dry plane ticket home, happy for the taxpayer to fund it on the condition they never return.

  • P1LL

    photo 3 looks like a weird looking dick in profile ;)
    I hope they catch these scumbags

    • dbs

      That’s the route the thief took around the park

  • dudekrulz

    Thanks fatass Whaleoil, you can now update they’ve deleted or hidden their Facebook accounts due to you making them famous for your own personal bullcrap gain and giving this exposure to give you ad money and c-grade Internet fame. All you do is steal off Reddit and us at GPForums anyway you cheap hack. You did nothing to aid in getting these fools, only the direct opposite and the victim can now basically kiss goodbye his expensive smartphone.

    • What are you? 12?

      Ever heard of contents insurance fool? It was only a Samsung anyway.

      • disqus_5Gi7APo60X


      • dudekrulz

        Doesn’t negate the first part of my rage post you selfish git. Not to mention insurance carries things called excesses and no doubt future higher premium rates. you willing to pay them?

        • You useless twats shared it for the world…and you blame me? What are you a cocksmoker?

          • disqus_5Gi7APo60X

            Is that a homophobic remark? Caus thanks for that – your employers will love this screencap, I’m sure.

          • Bwahahah…my employers? Fuck you are thick aren’t you…and clearly not a regular to even suggest I am homophobic….in fact many of my regulars think I might have turned into a pooftah because of my support for gay marriage…I bet you don;t support that, or even have the courage to use your real name to support it.

          • disqus_5Gi7APo60X

            Gay marriage? Sure I do. Tim Ryan [email protected] (facebook is the same)

          • Suggest you go have a good long read through my site pal before you come here calling me a homophobe. I’ll await your apology.

          • disqus_5Gi7APo60X

            wait so I’m going to apologize why? Because you called someone a cocksmoker then fell back on “hur durr read my site I’m not homophobic?” brilliant. I’ll await my apology from fairfax from having to deal with your cretinous dribble

          • Why Fairfax…are you slightly deluded? I don’t work for them fool.

          • disqus_5Gi7APo60X

            heaps deluded, bro

          • dudekrulz

            it was your choice to post it on here and that means you admit to stealing content to gain internet fame and revenue? mmm..I’ve seemed to bumped up your blood pressure…or maybe it was the extra salt you had for the 5 scoops of chips you had for dinner today.

          • Oh look a fat joke…yup you must be 12…or that guy in the video with the small dick…but hey the ladies like an honest small dicked man don;t they?

          • dudekrulz

            notice how you’ve never even addressed the points I’ve made about stealing content for your own personal gain…..

          • It’s file sharing dude…I’ve hat tipped, linked and acknowledged all the way through…watch what the HoS or Stuff do to you..they won’t do any of that.

            Since we are talking about stealing…I just bet you are a big fan of kim Dotcom aren’t you? Coz he is sticking it to da man? I’ll bet you even have a sparkly new Mega account now for “filesharing”

          • dudekrulz

            Nope. Didn’t even have a Megaupload account. Unlike you, Stuff would of had some brains and realised if they leaked it, knowing they are popularly read, that word would spread very quickly. Not only that, but they would of realised that it would of impeded and complicated the police / crowdsourcing investigation.

          • Well one of your own put it on Reddit. Go hunt him down…and while you are at it check out this:


          • dudekrulz

            but the r/newzealand subreddit is not popularly read unlike Stuff and unfortunately, your blog.

          • BillyBob

            Hi, ChineseKiwi on GPForums.

          • Boo hoo, cry me a river of tears. It was put on the forum for exposure, that’s what it got, now you are declaring a jihad on me for doing what you all wanted…fuck you are sad.

          • dudekrulz

            We didn’t want it at all actually. if you read the thread, we objected to the original reddit posting.

          • You were betrayed by one of your own. Don’t come here trying to kill the next guy in line.

          • Especially when the next guy in line is pretty well armed and shoots back

          • Don’t. Just don’t. That’ll set David Fisher off on one of his gun license rants again….

          • dudekrulz

            the ‘next guy in line’ had a choice. the ‘next guy in line’ was more famous and therefore has greater responsibility and consequences of said actions therefore the ‘next guy in line’ should of thought about it but hey, money and fame, the name of the game.

          • “of course they are looking here…
            anyway lets kill the whaleoil”

            So when are more than 3 people going to turn up and “killl the whaleoil”?

            By the way, what’s with all the calls on your forum for him to be murdered? Isn’t it a bit rich to come here to discuss ethics, yet several of you are calling for Cameron Slater’s death?

            What’s that all about?

          • I think they might find themselves in a little spot of bother themselves with the Police for calling for people to suicide, or be attacked and killed.

          • Waaa waaa waaaa cry me a river of tears….since we are talking about responsibility .how about your pals suggesting finding out where the guy is and going around and molotoving his house?…I think you might find you guys could be in a spot of bother too…I note too that people on your “localised” little forum also don;t seem to mind wishing I would commit suicide, or be killed, or just die…you guys really are pathetic come here all upset about some exposure of criminals…and then carry on acting like criminal thugs yourselves.

            Your argument might hold water if you didn’t have people saying “Except fat arse deserves it. I’m quite happy for CK to rip him a new one. He’s a literal piece of shit and I wish he would die.”

          • dudekrulz

            as you know in a court of law, there’s a difference between saying something and actually committing or preparing to commit the act. Also we are trying to tbh, we have some circumstantial clues but no ‘smoking gun’ proof.

          • Dave

            Dudekrulz You really are a dumb wit arent you!! PLease tell, I assume you had a copyright notice on your article, with no allowances for re-posting without attributing the source article/author. And do tell, you have NEVER copied or re-posted anyone else’s work have you. Just go away and think little you little twerp.

          • BR

            Your anger is not based on principle, it is based on degree. You now need to define the limits on what level of blog visitation would have been acceptable to you.


          • Declaring war on me…well…welcome to my party…i’m up for it…always am and..oh great for page views too…thanks

          • disqus_5Gi7APo60X

            that is a badass avatar

          • dudekrulz

            adblock here.

          • Read what you are saying…it was ONLINE, CROWDSOUCING in PUBLIC…you can’t complain about it because it got publicity…FFS what were you going to do…go round and beat them up? That’s a crime too you know.

          • dudekrulz

            it’s called gathering evidence – the same evidence you have posted here. it was localised.

          • It was publicly on the Internet. Good god, how thick are you people?

          • dudekrulz

            this illogically assumes that every internet webpage has the same exposure level.

          • Yes, but you can’t control it. Things go viral sometimes. If you don’t want that, go talk in private #internet101

          • dudekrulz

            viral for selfish reasons, in this case oh yes.

          • Yup..want private…I can give you Bronwyn Pullar’s number if you want to be stupid about privacy

          • Yeah so localised it was put on a public forum for the world and google to see…pull your head out of your arse

          • Mr_V4

            Back the bus up, how many dotcom fat jokes have you posted recently?

      • BillyBob

        Do you realise that the image you posted has a giant cock drawn on it?

        • Yes of course I did…it represents the whiny bitches who post things ont eh internet then moan about people giving it publicity….well duh…Did you geniuses consider that your little club isn’t private? Obviously not.

          • BillyBob

            Don’t worry. I’m not a part of said “club”. I am 100% behind you posting this. I was just unsure whether or not you were aware of the cock.
            Enjoy these flaming you seem to be receiving.

          • Yeah so am I…it is great fun..What I can;t work out is why they are all pissy…they posted it on the net, asking for help finding them…I lend a million page view blog tot he cause and now they are all smack faced about it…seems a bit gay if you ask me

          • Maddy

            Trouble is by the time you posted it, the identities were pretty much known. All that posting it has done is reduced the chance of getting any more entertainment out of the situation.

          • Agent BallSack

            Sorry to ruin your fun. Get entertainment from the Dorner coverage too did you? Apply to for your apology

          • The Dick’d Image

            You had no idea there was a dick drawn on the image otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it hence your terrible reply by calling the creator of the image a whiny bitch.

            One question: can you use the build up of grease on your stomach from all the takeaways you eat as a mirror?

            Why do I ask? It seems you never get off your computer chair and are too busy replying with such primary school insults so I would highly doubt you would even remember where your mirror is, if you can even see your entire self in it.

          • Oh look a fat joke…from someone whining about primary school insults…irony much?

          • The Dick’d Image

            I wish you were more creative when insulting people however you’re just a child who can’t have all the toys in the world.

    • GregM

      Dudekrulz, You have seriously got the wrong end of the stick here. Whale attributed your very good work at the first post. The publicity gained from the dropbox photos will nail the alleged offenders, without facebook, GPForums, or anyone else.
      I suggest when you comment on NZ’s most read blog that you think about what you are posting, your intolerant and factually incorrect rant isn’t a good advertisement for your normally bloody good site. Just sayin dude, have a think about it.

      • New Zealand’s most read blog? I would doubt that. Notorious and controversial certainly does come up a lot in reference to Cameron Slater and Whale Oil though when Googled.

        Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personally or professionally against Cameron Slater and Whale Oil, but it seems to me that GP Forums and Whale Oil have lost track of the story, and now each is name calling to the other, and adding more fuel to the proverbial fire.

        Things like one calling the other fatass, cocksmoker, etc etc. Now the story is less about the theft of a mobile phone, which has been used to photograph and video record numerous illegal activites, and more about Cameron Slater the person, Vs. GP Forums the community.

        The ‘posting of people’s private facebook pages and other details’, all of these details that seem to have been gathered are by means of Google and Facebook…which are mediums that are freely available for anyone to view (for the most part)

        In regards to my Tweet you mentioned Cameron, I have no doubt these cretins are known to Police in Christchurch, and given the nature of the photos and videos I hope the Police can connect them to various crimes in Christchurch that have been/are being investigated.

        Perhaps until the original poster has something to report in regards to his contact with the Police, everyone involved in this inter-website fued could go to the fridge, grab a cold beverage, and cool down…calling each other names and threatening to do this, that, and the other thing to each other isn’t going to help ANYONE in the long run.

  • RightNow

    Hey gameplanet forum guys, I guess this is probably the most action you’ve had on a Saturday night that didn’t centre around FPS games, so you’re probably overexcited.Just calm down, back away quietly and don’t fuck with the whale. You’ve got other shit to do like playing amateur detectives, all you’re going to get here is mud-wrestling with pigs. You’ll get covered in shit and the pigs get to do what they love doing.

    Or stay, seems like a recipe for fun.

    • Or you could bring yourself down to the mudslinging level, which helps neither side tbh.

      • In my experience people who add “to be honest” to the ends of the sentence are usually liars and are emphasising the point…that this time they told the truth.

  • Hey, GP Guys, listen to one of your own, coffeeshop, he knows where it’s at

    “CK = dudekrulz? What a nob. Who gives a shit if he reposted it on his site, theres probably more people that read OD on gp than his blog, especially in the demograph of the peopel who stole the phone, unlike stuff and other reporters, hes even referenced where he got it. Stop being shit at life constantly.”

  • Massnz

    I believe the main reason why Whaleoil exists is because all the content is borrowed from other sources. Surely people have pointed out the irony in the name of this website with regards to Cameron’s size? Hurrrr durrrr primary school joke.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Children Children, BEHAVE.

    Now did we identify the offenders or not.

    NO. Keep looking.

    Yes. Well done Good Job.

    Now lets see if the Police can be motivated to do something.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    How ironic is it that these idiots are complaining about someone stealing something from Reddit…

  • HateSlate

    The day this piece of crap actually comes up with some news of his own instead of reposting other peoples hard work for his own fame will be the day hell freezes over. You havent helped shit all with your “million hits a day” site you chode. Your just trying to further your own inflated opinion of yourself and your site.

    That aside, GP you done fucked up, dont want shit public, dont post it in a public forum where low lifes can steal it and try and rake fame from it. Shame on KevinL, From forum good guy to ” what the fuck where you thinking” in one post.

    • Looks like you need some remedial english lessons.

  • paul

    You’re such a twat WO. Typical of your stinking hypocrisy. I mean you pretend to be all for gays but regularly call people “cock smokers”. Makes me think you know I think or two about it. Yeah, they say semen is good for depression, perhaps that’s why you think you are so much better. Actually you’re not better. You are just in the manic phase. Fuck,, who gave you a gun licence, you’re a liability mate. Talk about insecure, you can’t take even the teeniest bit of critisism without trotting out your ‘cock smoker’ name calling. How very grown up.
    But these guys have got a lot to be angry at you for. And you just let these crims get away with it. WO the friend of the crims! You ain’t gonna be #1 blog for long. Although fascinating in the same way a train wreck is, your blog will get old fast.

    • You’ll go blind….too much playing with it.

  • James M

    BillyBob, The Dick’d Image, paul & Jonathan P You guys are pretty freaking stupid really. I could make a few paragraphs explaining your stupidity but I’d begin to look and sound like you.

    dudekrulz you’re a shinning example of a dumb fuck. Your relentless ability to continually flame and talk shit is somewhat amusing, but it does beg the question of how you became to be like this. It maybe the result of being bullied by your older sister or perhaps you never got player of the day in an 8 year olds touch team. What ever it is you’ve got some angst in ya’ boy. Its your type that drove me away from GP forums, little troll boys that think they are the admin of the internet.