Christchurch thief steals smartphone but neglects to disconnect Dropbox account – Hilarity ensues

steveTwo Saturdays ago my S3 was nicked from my friend’s doorstep (in Mairehau) while we were inside. Wasn’t signed up to Samsungdive nor did I install one of those tracking apps (yeah I ****ed up). Looked everywhere couldn’t find it, accepted it was gone, life went on…

So the other day I log into my Dropbox account to get some old photos and discover the scumbags had been using my camera. And being from the lower half of society, they obviously haven’t yet figured out that the photos are being uploaded to a website where I can still check them out. So far they have taken about a half dozen photos of some bagged up weed, and there’s also a video of someone driving a 4WD down some street.

My plan is to not do anything for the time being and just wait until they take photos of them or their mates so that I can give the police something they can actually use.

Here are some of the photos the thief took   




If you recognise any of these scrotes, drop me an email with the details and I’ll send it on.

You may have seen them in the first video with what looked like a Molotov Cocktail?

Here’s a video of it being used.  (towards the end)

H/T: kgdl, Source: GP Forums


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  • Tom


  • Jonathan

    Now we miss out on the awesome weekend photos/video :(

  • Quote of the first video “I have a very small dick, but at least i’m honest. THAT’S what the chicks like”

    I think this fellow has been seriously misled…maybe he thinks he’s funny and the girls are laughing at his jokes not his tiny cock.

    • Maddy

      Did you even watch it? He said penis, not dick, and he didn’t say ‘at least’.

  • disqus_5Gi7APo60X

    oops: nvm

  • Mr_Blobby

    You wouldn’t think it would be to hard to track these num nuts down, But don’t hold your breath.

    They have to be the dumbest criminals around, probably best to leave them with the phone for a while, so they can record some more evidence.

    Now let see what the Key Stone Cops do.

  • Sym Gardiner

    Classic. Why would anyone steal a smartphone nowadays? You might as well just hand yourself in to the cop shop.
    The dude should check the photos for geo-tagging. If they have a location it should be simple to locate the phone.

  • Andrewj

    The quality of our immigration policy is obvious.

  • Tristanb

    What’s the bet that if the police used this evidence against them, the judge would throw out the case?

  • what a waste. i fear for my kids with idiots like this around.

  • Tom

    There’s more to it, he went to the police early this afternoon. Great thread

  • RedgeNZ

    Bloody immigrants, why do we let people this stupid into the country? You can tell just by looking at them that they are trouble.

  • Hi – good luck getting the Police
    to “officially help” one of my team recently had an iphone stolen
    from a subway outlet. She managed to track it (using find my Iphone app) to one
    of two houses within half an hour and phoned 111 for the Police to come an
    recover the phone and arrest the scum bag. She also managed to get CCTV from
    the subway outlet of the offender “stealing the phone”. You know what
    the police said “go and lodge a complaint tomorrow with your local police
    station and they will look into it” !!!!!! What sort of a Tui’s statement
    is that. So my staff member phoned me at home so I tried 111 and boy did I get
    a real brush off – no thought that effectively we had already solved the case
    and identified the offender just they had better things to do. What?

    Young son to the rescue he phoned a “mate” in the force who just
    happened to be out on patrol – so he and partner came to the rescue and
    recovered the phone – now damaged and identified the offender for later
    “questioning”. This little service was rewarded with some brown
    liquid later which we very willingly donated as thanks.

    So the question is will the Police assist you to recover your smart phone – I
    think not even if you identify the rat bag and give them everything on a plate.
    You need to know someone to get any action these days. I think this brings to
    mind it is not what you know it is who you know as always. Friends help friends
    is what life is truly about.

    Good luck getting your smart phone back

    • Callum

      Wrong approach, just ring them up and tell them you are about to go in and recover it yourself with a bunch of mates. They will show up fast then.

      • The Dog Thinks

        Hi Callum – it is interesting as we did say that my team member who is a very slight slip of a girl was going in on her own and could very likely get assulted or worse raped etc. The reaction from Police control was one of total indufference just repeating that she should go to the station and lay a complaint the next day. This is why we went the alternate direct route – which worked in the end. Accepting $100 damage to the phone etc.

        • Callum

          If you hint you are going to commit a crime rather than be a victim they WILL react.