Christchurch Underbelly: Are Christchurch Police under resourced?


Just in case you need a catch-up, here are the stories on the Christchurch Smartphone Thief thus far

The amateur sleuths at GP Forum have expressed some frustration that the Police, when told about the phone, the photos and the video, told the owner that they’d get back to him next week.

What’s not known is if the phone owner spoke to the Police about what was in the videos – namely, crimes involving drugs and arson.  

Be that as it may, one of the reasons stated by GPForum is that Christchurch Police would simply be too busy to deal with this complaint, because they were trying to deal with the huge problem of Christchurch “Boy” racers doing drag racing and burnouts under the guise of a law abiding “Cruise”.

The interesting thing is that this is so overt, it has its own public Facebook Page



And the size of it is simply unbelievable.


What makes the problem even harder for the Police to deal with is that all of them are very well resourced in terms of communication:


That’s not the baby posting to Facebook of course, the baby’s mum is.


The police do what they can, but they appear to just be able to work around the fringes of the problem



As soon as the Police tries to deploy any kind of operation, this informal Army is onto it



But what exactly are these kids doing out there?  How do they organise?

Well, some people have cars, some people don’t.

Those that don’t, offer money for petrol.

Or alcohol.

Reading between the lines, this is also pretty much a way to hook up with people.


Crystal Lee has a car, and is offering a “seat”.


Yep.  Who’s looking after baby when all that’s going on then?

The page isn’t without its humour either.  Here’s one “participant” that had his car dinged, and is complaining the Police are useless!


Here you go Sam, I think we can read the “plate nums” just fine


Anyway, it seems that if you are a girl with a car, and you need petrol for the week, and perhaps even a bit of fun for the night, this is the way to solve all the problems in one go


Of course, when the coast is clear, the “Cruise” does eventually turn into drag racing, burnouts and the unavoidable vandalism that comes from having hundreds of bored teenagers in the neighbourhood.



Christchurch isn’t unique in that it has a problem like this, but it is unique due to the scale of it and the high degree of organisation.

In the mean time, the olds are left to wonder what to do.


As I read through that facebook page, and took it all in, I thought to myself: “To what degree is this just kids being kids?”

But it quickly becomes clear that these are the underclass, the solo mums leaving their babies, somewhere safe (I hope), so they can have some fun and get the car filled up for the week?

I’m sure it’s all shits and giggles until someone gets hurt.   Right?





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  • Mr_Blobby

    All that money spent so the Police could go digital. To stop boy racers listening in on scanners.

    The answer is to pull head out of arse, face up to reality and be part of the solution, not the problem. Find them somewhere where they can go and do whatever it is they do, in a safe and controlled environment.

    • EX RNZN RM1

      They did Council spent big buck creating skid pan at Speedway. Boys Racers did not want to use as there was a cost, $5 a head to watch , if i remember and it closed at 11pm so as to allow the neighbours the chance at some sleep.
      They said along the lines “I can do that down the road for free and at any time I want stuff you.”
      Not a problem as what followed on was the anti cruise laws etc, they had a place but were to tight arsed and dumb arsed to use it..

      • Mr_Blobby

        Interesting, thanks for that. 11pm is a bit early for most young people, perhaps putting it away from a residential area would have been better, have car will travel. $5 a head to watch is nothing, they spend more than that on the gas to get there. Although as we saw people offering seats in return for gasssss money.

        I feel happier with heavy enforcement, knowing that there is an alternative even if it is not ideal. Incompetent council Muppet’s.

        • Callum

          I’ve tried organising legal events, most of these idiots don’t really want them.
          The retards will carry on doing stupid shit, genuine car and motorsport enthusiasts will carry on doing it properly and will continue to get tarred with the same brush.

  • Dave

    NZ police should do exactly what their Aussie counterparts did in a regional QLD city a few months back They always arrived to catch the Hoons too late, then said they couldn’t keep up. The Hoons boasted the police would never catch them and how piss weak the cops were. Strangely the cops learnt and arrested one of the ring leaders one evening and identified the evenings activities, called In backup and blocked off a huge area. Over 100 cars were blocked from leaving and checked for roadworthy ness Net result about 15 arrests and 40 vehicles impounded

  • Muppets go out on the road and act like clowns, the whine like little bitches when they get caught and/or get their cars impounded.

    If they were respecting the road rules, and had their cars warranted and registered like the majority of road users, they wouldn’t have any problems.

    Some people out there take pride in their cars, and enjoy modifying them, and going on legitimate cruises. These idiots give all car enthusiasts a bad name.