Christchurch Underbelly: When amateur sleuths turn into vigilantes


Yesterday I ran a story about a Christchurch man who lost his smartphone.  It was stolen, but the thief didn’t know that any photos and videos taken with it were automatically uploaded to the Dropbox account of the original owner.

In a follow-up post earlier today, I explained why I stopped at publishing the personal details of the “suspects”, including their names, photos and full names and photos of possible friends.   Essentially, the amateur sleuthing was out of control.

Even some of their own are trying to stop the rot, to no avail  

It’s a bit poor posting some random guy’s details in here without any evidence. The three guys identified so far have a circle of friends who are almost exclusively Mairehau High School ex-pupils; this person you posted went to Hornby High School and there don’t seem to be any mutual friends from a quick scan of his contacts.Vans/utes with PVC tubing on them are hardly a smoking gun (note the vehicle in the video is a car/ute whereas the profile you’ve linked is a van). Dude doesn’t even work for the plumbing company, he’s a roofer FFS.

Late last night some of the “sleuths” wandered onto my blog to make wild accusations about how I was responsible for all sorts of things.  Apparently now that I had given this story a wider audience, the phone would never be recovered, and some “suspects” had now made their Facebook private.

A quick visit to the GP Forums showed what the real motivations were behind this anger.   Essentially they resented having their fun cut short, and a sub-section felt they lost their opportunity to deal out some genuine “justice” before the Police got involved.

And, of course, there was a call for my personal death as well.

(By the way, that’s starting to get boring – when is someone going to get creative, like kidnap me and stick me on an island with only a knife and some rope)

I hope Cameron Slater kills himself; useless fat piece of shit. — HappyCamper_NZ


What’s really sad is that all the good work done by the sleuths at GP Forum has now been tainted by these idiots going all surly and wanting to deal out violence to everyone they don’t seem to agree with.

You have to understand that this thread is really no longer about your phone.
This thread is about the entertainment of GP Forum


Good stuff Y3ZZ1R [original poster who lost phone]
Also volunteering for stakeout.


this is anti climatic, only gp vigilante justice will satisfy me now


[Original Poster] has Daniel’s address.
GP ChCh lynch mob assemble?


>>>GP ChCh lynch mob assemble?
I’m free tonight


I really want to hand out some vigilante justice
I can be the little guy in the back who comes in and kicks them when everyone else has already had their way with them


Keen to get a mob around to pay them a visit


Those involved will eventually be caught and I hope there is some vigilante justice sent their way too.


Only if this was in Auckland I could probably get 5 or 6 Tongan goons from church to go around and hand out 20 ****ing whacks

I really do hope the Police get a chance to take control of this before something happens that can’t be undone.


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  • BillyBob

    I think these posts need to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s an internet forum where people have their own opinions. I highly doubt any of these posts are actually serious. Especially the lynch mob :D

  • Mr_Blobby

    Wouldn’t worry to much, have been to GP Forum, seems like a very young and immature group, probably all piss and wind.

    The shits in the middle of it all are probably pissing and shitting in there pants and rightly so. A little bit of public naming and shaming might encourage them to wake up there ideas and grow up a bit.

    Entertainment value, I give it a 9/10.

    • Mr_Blobby

      More so than the slap with a wet bus ticket they will get from the Justice system.

  • Mr_Blobby
    • yeah, i looked closely to see if I could find the camera…how do they know?

    • Mr_V4

      In fairness it looks to be some sort of DPF/Whale hybrid creature.

  • “‘CK”…? They expect Cactus to deal to you…? :-)

    • JeffDaRef

      Cactus could “deal” to me any day….

  • Tom

    However, they ARE claiming Whale was caught with kiddie-porn on his computer now… I’d put a stop to that pronto.

    I don’t think they have grasped what having a Whale aimed at them really means

    • fozzie2

      Oh please Tom you aren’t buying into the whale army myth are you ? Whale is just a bully boy pure and simple and when the tables are turned – well he just reverts to type or hides behind is depression kick.
      There are two reasons he is pursing this – one is page hits the other is his paper thin skin.

      • Tom

        Do you often drink this much?

  • pukakidon

    Sounds like these naughty boys need a smack on the bottom and sending to the naughty chair. Immature little turds.

  • Think those threats arnt serious ,they are inside jokes that members at gpforums understand , the open discussion forums are to taken will a grain of salt, there is no actual evidence of any form of vililante jusitce , as for posting their names ? Werent you prosecuted and charged for publishing names of child sex offenders? Isnt that worse ?

  • Underbelly a story of a phat hypocritical idiot Vs immature young gamers . Atleast the gamers have a excuse to be immature.

    • oh look a fat joke…lift your game

  • HaydenNZ

    It will be serious, lol. Have you seen what the GP’ers have done before? It’s not exactly small. The site has 700+ active users at any one time.

  • Agent BallSack

    GPF wholly consists of a bunch of piss stained underpants posting teenagers whos only ever contact with women consists of trying to peek through the keyhole when their sisters friends visit. Nothing to be afraid of Whale, keyboard warriors every one of them.

    • Sounds like you have had expereince peeping through key holes , hope it wasnt your kid sister ? Or your mother ?maybe your dad ? Or brother? or are you one of those public toilet peeping creeps ?

      • Agent BallSack

        ‘Touch’ a nerve did I Kane? Just proves my point that you took the time to respond with counter claims of incest.

        • defensive much ! Proves the point you committed offences stated above. No need to peep through the keyhole , as your slack jawed yokel family prolly invited you to take part.

          • Agent BallSack

            keep trawling Kane….all youre doing is increasing page views and comments on the best blog in the country. Go figure that youre to stupid to figure that out.

          • Increased exposure ? Cool .its nice for the New Zealand Public to know that idiots like you exist on the interwebs. Best blog in the country , thats why im here posting , amirite or amirite ?

          • Agent BallSack

            lol ‘Interwebs’ Do you have a badge for retardedness or when you say that everyone just clicks? You think youre some sort of amazing troll? Ooooh claims and counterclaims of incest, how droll, excuse me while I laugh my ass off.

          • With a name like agentball sack , and with your opening post its clear that The troll got trolled , hurt feelings much ? Too scared to use your real name ? Anyway im glad you are so amussed by the word interweb, dont they say its easy to entertain a idiot ? Anyway just cuddle up to your uncle-dad and im sure you will feel better in the morning.

          • Agent BallSack

            You havent trolled me dickwad youre the one all butthurt about being likened to a piss stained pervert, not me. You escalated it to involve claims of incest, wow you act like youre original? I trolled you youre just too stupid to realise it.

          • Agent BallSack

            And yes idiots like me exist on the Interwebs. And idiots like you exist in real life, unfortunately.

          • And imbred hick slack jaw locals like you exist , mostly in small sparsley populated areas.

          • Agent BallSack

            ….Like GPF apparently.

  • Agent BallSack

    GPF wholly consists of a bunch of piss stained underpants posting teenagers whos only ever contact with women consists of trying to peek through the keyhole when their sisters friends visit. Nothing to be afraid of Whale, keyboard warriors every one of them.

  • 4077th

    Guaranteed they are noodle armed code bashing keyboard warriors. The only strength these idiots have is the firm grip they have on their tiny little cocks!

    • Just to disprove yours and Agent BallSack’s points, I am actually a 34yo professional Septic Tanker driver working in Christchurch on the Earthquake rebuild. I’ve been a contributing member to GPForums for just over 5 years now.

      The community there does a lot of above and beyond stuff to help each other out all the time. It is almost (and some would say it IS) family-esque.

      When one is in trouble, or needs some help, we all band together.

      I’d like to point this out as a prime example…

      We’re not mindless gaming teens with our hands on our discks, thinking about our sisters’ friends, as you say.

      • Agent BallSack

        And until GPF got all possessive and jealous – Cam was trying to help a GPF user too. All he did was try and find the thieves of a phone with his best tool available – his blog. Just like Stuff and Herald did recently with the shoplifters who assaulted the security guards. Matters not if it’s an interesting story it was in the public domain – unless GPF copyrighted it?

      • Agent BallSack

        One of the commenters on another thread put it succinctly “Thanks for destroying our entertainment” Nice that it’s entertainment, revelling in another persons misfortune.

      • Some of your pals are however mindless, puerile and pathetic…lying about me, wishing I’d suicide or worse just shows that. Unfortunately the ‘tards smear you all.

  • Travis Poulson

    All the no hoper little bitches come out to play. Come out on their keyboards that is, not out from behind it. 700 active people on the site at any one time!!! Wow!!!! Whoop dee fuckin doo.

    • HateSlate

      Where exactly does whale oil do all his work from? Oh thats right from behind a Nice try though.

      • Travis Poulson

        Dont confuse what you cocksmokers do with “work”, lets keep this in perspective…

        • Seems to me all the mods here love to use the word cocksmoker, what gives with that? Anyone that doesn’t agree with you automatically must be a cocksmoker?

          • Shit, you’ve worked us out..bugger

        • HateSlate

          Work?lol He “blogs” opinion. You want to keep things in perspective, cameron being attacked and yet you which to call GP cocksmokers.
          I quite like how Ive been quite polite, not name calling anyone or slagging people off yet you and other obvious Whaleoil regulars seem to having a good old time throwing around unsubstantiated comments.
          Your really not doing yourself any favours.

          • You’re not Your…lift your game please

          • Travis Poulson

            With respect, you came here not the other way around. Dislike my demeanor? Stiff shit, you can always fuck off. Although I was particularly amused by your “unsubstantiated comments” comment, which is the point being made in the posts that brought you angry hollow threat making numbskulls here in the first place. If you’re not one of said numbskulls, just what is it you’ve come here to defend?

          • HateSlate

            I came here to defend peoples ability to have disparaging comments about each other. However I unknowingly (and wrongly) enabled the comment of child molestation by suggesting that Cameron was only getting what he has given in the past, I was wrong and I have apologized to him both publicly in the blogs/threads in question and via his contact e-mail (this website).

  • Craig

    wtf am I reading?