C’mon Australia, find ya balls will ya?

Once a proud nation of bastards doing their own bloody thing, the unstoppable tide of government interference is killing any hope that’s left that the Aussie Bloke will still exist two generations from now.

Today we learn that they will  no  longer allow kids to blow out candles on birthday cakes.

via: Herald Sun

via: Herald Sun

The Herald Sun reports

The new guidelines state that kids who want to blow out a candle on their birthday should bring their very own cupcake – to avoid blowing germs all over a shared cake.

“Children love to blow out their candles while their friends are singing ‘Happy birthday’,” the document says.  

“To prevent the spread of germs when the child blows out the candles, parents should either provide a separate cupcake, with a candle if they wish, for the birthday child and (either) enough cupcakes for all the other children … (or) a large cake that can be cut and shared.”

A lone voice of sanity rings out from the Australian Medical Association

But the Australian Medical Association warned the clean-freak regulations place “kids in a bubble”.

“If somebody sneezes on a cake, I probably don’t want to eat it either – but if you’re blowing out candles, how many organisms are transferred to a communal cake, for goodness’ sake?” AMA president Steve Hambleton told News Ltd.

He also criticised the rule requiring children to wash their hands before and after playing in a sandpit.

“Just wash your hands before you eat,” he said.

“It’s normal and healthy to be exposed to a certain amount of environmental antigens that build up our immune systems.

“If you live in a plastic bubble you’re going to get infections (later in life) that you can’t handle.”

via: The Herald Sun


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  • Richard McGrath

    FFS this sort of germ phobia is appropriate in an operating theatre or hospital ward, but in the community it is better for children to be exposed to a few bacteria, which their immune systems are capable of repelling. Studies have shown that mollycoddled children are more prone to infections because of less exposure to microbes.

  • sheppy

    Stand by for the Australian Asthma epidemic in a few years time due to under developed immune systems…

  • Gazzaw

    Let’s not get too cocky! Sue Kedgley will be on to this in a flash.

  • Patrick

    That’s what happens when you put Aunty Helen’s sister in charge…remember the nanny state attitude her Labour Party had?

  • Mr_V4

    Yes once you grow up you will be exposed to parasites like Gareth Hughes, Russel Norman, Meteria Turei and god knows you don’t want them to get a foothold.