Collins gazzumps Shearer and so does Goff, who is in charge in Labour?

Russell Brown tweeted:

David Shearer not only refused to say if he would reverse National’s asylum seeker policy but he was also was unable to say if he would have sacked Richard Prosser for his outrageous comments.

It is clear that he doesn’t just refuse to make the hard calls, but can’t even come out with a firm position on what should be easy calls for him. 

Not so for the former leader Phil Goff, he had to issue a correction of Shearer/Labour’s position:

Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson Phil Goff has condemned the racial and religious stereotyping by New Zealand First MP, Richard Prosser.

“Mr Prosser’s comments are extreme and unjustified. They require an absolute withdrawal and apology by him without delay.

“To suggest that young men who are Muslim should be banned from air travel is bizarre and reflects appallingly on the prejudice of the MP concerned.

“Mr Prosser is suggesting that young men of the Muslim faith as a group are likely to be terrorists.

“That is an insult to the thousands of young Muslims in this country who are responsible and good citizens and who contribute hugely to New Zealand.

“Mr Prosser’s statement is unacceptable from an MP and he and New Zealand First should consider whether he has any future in politics,” Phil Goff said.

Unequivocal, direct and exactly that David Shearer should have said. Instead we got the Clark-like prevarication and weasel words as Shearer attempted to garner support from Peters.


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  • blazer

    said he would stand Prosser down if he was a Labour MP.

    • Agent BallSack

      After flopping on he hook for 20 hours. Someone obviously took the gaff and beat some fucking sense into him.

      • Patrick

        He had to wait for Aunty Helen to wake up in New York before making his mind up.

    • Goldie

      But he’ll happily go into coalition with him…

  • Even though he doesn’t read the blogs (cue Tui billboard), Shearer has had a dramatic change of heart overnight, and now says that if Prosser was in his caucus, he would stand him down. Another day; another shifting policy position.

    • He either lacks the intuition / confidence to deal with these issues on the hoof, or he’s got to go ask someone what he’s allowed to say, first.

      Either way, it’s not a good look.

  • Macca

    Don’t you love the way the MSM go running breathlessly to Sheep to dote on his every word – after editing out his stutters of course! The usual dribble then follows of how National have done this or the minister should resign blah blah blah … but never a solution in sight!
    Remember how the MSM were all over Clark’s comments of how Key would embarrass NZ on the world stage – and Shearer is to be our next PM in waiting?! God give us all strength!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Macca bro – whether you like it or not MMP will deliver Sheep as your next PM. So whether he makes a statement or fumbles doesn’t make a diddley difference to the outcome of 2014 election. Sad but true.

      • Simo

        Bin listening to Barry Sofa’s leftie rant on Newstalk ZB last night? He holds the same view you do. It’s the oldest BS there is – keep telling a lie and it MAY become a truth. However you will be disappointed here.

    • BJ

      JK would have to be the most highly respected and liked NZ Prime Minister on the world stage ever

      • Agent BallSack

        Would have to agree and the first PM since Lange to have a sense of humour.

  • Troy

    The gutless wonder strikes again. He also screwed up in question time yesterday when he forgot the nasty deeds of Labour’s past – that’s one of the problems with Shearer – he doesn’t know his own party.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      But according to the idiot media he is stealing the hearts of the voters…..

  • Its almost as though Shearer is Labors own little ‘pet project’.

  • Pete George

    Goff’s statement was appropriate, very good – and correct.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Foreign Minister in 2014.

      • Goldie

        Won’t happen.
        Shearer will have to form a coalition with Greens, Winston Fist, and Mana.

        Given the Greens likely vote (and the fact that Russel Norman and Turei are rat cunning compared to the pathetic Labour frontbench), they will likely take the Finance and Social Development portfolios, and add another three-four Green MPs to the mix.
        Winston Peters will get the Foreign Affairs portfolio (outside cabinet of course). And he’ll demand baubles/portfolios for another one or two of his MPs (Andrew Williams as Minister for Local Government?).
        And Hone Harawira will get Maori Affairs (outside cabinet of course) to keep his vote.
        That means Shearer probably only has about 10 Cabinet posts to allocate to his own caucus. Shearer will need to accomodate the unions, the sisterhood, a couple of token Maoris, and Grant Robertson and his supporters in cabinet – so Goff will find himself out in the cold.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I was poriginally in favour of MMP as I beleived that it woulod give everyone equal representation in Parliament. However I am rapidly changing my mind. The reason: Thetotal NUMPTIES that are foisted on us as List MPs.
    An electorate MP has to stand up to the electorate and campaign to be an MP. These List MPs are under no scrutiny from the electorate when they are chosen and we end up with these.
    NZF now has: One MP/now Independent under police investigation, the ex Mayor of N Shore City who is a numbskull and now Prosser.
    Greens are a bunch of Brainwashed numbskulls, over educated and under experienced. Labour well Gays, :Lesbians and self serving unionists.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Still Winnie the Poo and his chums will be re-elected and put Sheep in power.

      • BJ

        Well those that vote NZF need to be told that, seeing as they’re all likely to vote National if their vote for NZF has a high risk of Labour running the country.

  • Hamilton Lad

    Prosser’s comments were in poor taste at best and a civilised response is to treat them as such. But is the real reason the world is outraged, perhaps, that the troglodytes of Wogistan rather lean to the strategy of one of Darrell’s neighbours in “The Castle” and “make bomb, and blow them to fucking hell”.

  • Agent BallSack

    Shearer has to take a firm position on everything, Yes or No. His words regarding the boat people deal – “I dont agree with it but I wouldnt repeal it” is a tacit approval of the scheme. The guy has no balls to make a decision on anything, all he is good for is throwing shit at whatever National do.

    • Patrick

      A simple Yes or No would help him avoid the stuttering issue – perhaps he should try it.

  • BJ

    Typical – one persons opinion in a controversial column – that would otherwise only be known to those that choose to follow that column – picked up by some sorry sad-arsed shit-stirrer that can’t go out and find a real life story that would be useful to this country.

    Who knows what may be being written or said in a newsletter/blog/community chat room in another language in this country. Maybe the beat-up media need to employ some neutral staff that speak middle eastern languages – we might all ‘be shocked’ at what’s written about the Infidel’s and Christian’s if someone translated. There’s one thing that’s certain – Muslims will put Allah before any loyalty or love of this country. If they have their calling – wo betide.

    • GeorgeRomero

      Absofuckinglutley correct!Channel the coptic Christians or Nigerian Christian community in New Zealand and see the MSM’s heads explode!Good times ahead.


    MMP promised to deliver us representative government. And it did! The Numpties in NZF are typical of many in our rural heartland. Who doesn’t have a cousin or uncle who rants about the “wogs” after a few beers at the local?