Comment of the Day – MSM veteran on Charles Chauvel


What appalls me is the contempt Chauvel and the rest of the left have for people’s intelligence.

It seems only the left has the perspicacity – and virtue – to determine what we should be able to hear and read.

I am increasingly persuaded that the left actually despises people; it is the “idea” of people that they like.

I have worked in newspapers for nearly 40 years and still do.

I find this blog hugely entertaining and read it often.

I am also fully aware of the provenance of many of the opinions expressed here.

Often I agree; often I don’t.

But I certainly don’t appreciate a slimy little commissar like Chauvel’s implied regulation of freedom of speech.

He and the vermin at the UN deserve each other.


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  • LesleyNZ

    Thank you for this Homunculus and beautifully written. I learnt a couple of new words today! Now we are wondering who you are. Someone who thinks and has a good brain! Great that you are still working in newspapers – 40 years on. Wish there were more journalists like you.

  • cows4me

    The left have to control the argument simply because their arguments fail to stand up to critical scrutiny. Why do after time lefty governments full into totalitarian mode, their censorship and propaganda increasingly fails to woe the sheeple as their bullshit rises to the top for all to see. Good riddance to this tin pot dictator but he leaves to join that nest of lefty vipers that would quite happily subjugate us all, something we should be very worried about.

    • unitedtribes

      But his last jibe was against his own labour party! wonder why this was? By the way do you have a computor in the cow shed or have dried all the cows off?

      • cows4me

        No computer in shed unitedtribes, only milk once a day, early morning. Things real dry here, just shifted cows off turnips, fucking dust bowl. Thinking about milking camels next season.

        • unitedtribes

          I feel for you. Been in primary industry all my life and know how tuff it gets. If the weather dont get ya the market (exchange rate) dose

  • le sphincter

    Sounds like more drivel from Karl du Fresne.

    Anyway is Farrar now denying that he puts stuff from “a reader” on his blog that has obviously come from ministers offices. To take refuge in weasel words like – I write the copy- and yet Whaleoil seems to have a rapid response to Official information requests- when others are held up in Ministers offices. Depends on where your friends are.

    • cows4me

      Back on the drugs Phil?

    • Curious

      It always amazes me that the left assume everyone is as corrupt as they are. They forget the old saying “For every finger pointed at me 3 point back to you”

      • Hazards001

        It always amazes me that some people that clearly have their head so far up their own arsehole haven’t actually turned themselves inside out….still I guess le sphincter’s time will come!

    • Agent BallSack

      Ahhh yes the great VRWC. We had forgotten about that while you were banned.

    • The accusation was that the blogs were paid to run material by the National Party if I recall correctly.

      The fact information leaks to the blog… you’re not seriously considering that any different from how it leaks to left blogs and the media, do you?

    • Agent BallSack

      Yes OIA requests are filled quickly in Labours eyes. We are still waiting for the GCSB recordings Sheep has on Key. The problem is the left are so used to dealing in subterfuge and backroom deals, that when someone actually rocks up and asks for the information and receives it, it rocks their paranoid little world to the core. According to Chuckie, there’s pogroms being effected constantly within the party. Even Jacindas looking long in the tooth.

    • Sponge

      Has it ever occurred to you (I am sure it has not) that the request from Cameron have been sensible, well written and (most importantly) within the prescription of what is required by the Act? – I suspect the “held up in ministers offices” actually means a piss poor written request. I.E. “Please provide all information relating to the Canturbury earthquake”

      • Dave

        I like that sponge, had a sinister thought to fix the Journo that writes that poor request ………

        Dear Skilled and Trained Journalist. We thank you for your request under the OIA, for information on the Christchurch Earthquake. We apologize it has taken so long but can advise it is being finalized and the information should leave our premises today. As you are aware, the information under OIA must be provided free of charge, however we are entitled to charge for copying and transport, These are itemized below, but given there was over 28 million page copies made, and it occupies 6 large shipping containers, we believe we have been prudent to keep costs under $280,000, and the account should be with your CEO and editor by lunchtime today. However, to keep the costs down, we have not indexed the papers or categorized them as you did not request the information in any order. We wish you all the best in sorting all the information. Enjoy your weekend. CC Gareth Morgan & Russell Norman. Gentlemen, 128 trees were destroyed to make the paper to fulfill this request.

    • Dave

      Gez Le Spinc, I (and many others no doubt) had hoped you would read, study and learn a few things on your little holiday. Bugger!!

  • Timboh

    the commissar prick is off the be an apparatchik in helengrad. The left with their view that the state is more important than the individual means they view the people as a lump of organic matter that the state looks after (controls) and the state knows best. Of course it doesn’t help that their base support in general are 50 shades of dumb and I guess that reinforces their view that the commissars of the left know what is best for the Proletariat.

    • BJ

      Brings to mind ‘Anthem’ by Ayn Rand In which freedom and individual rights have been obliterated.