Conveniently short memories

Phil Goff couldn’t remember if he had been briefed by the SIS, now he is attacking John Key because apparently Kiwis have become second class citizens in Australia.

Perhaps he should remember who the minister was who inked that deal:

Source: NZ Herald Insider

Source: NZ Herald Insider

It is all well and good to attack John Key for failing to cut a better deal but when you are the prick that did the original deal then that just makes you a hypocrite.


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  • StupidDiscus

    Kiwis have become second class citizens in Australia.

    Kiwis are not any class of citizens in Australia. Kiwis are citizens of NZ. Geez.

    Kiwis can currently enter Aus “visa-free” under a guest-worker programme (an immigration loophole) that goes back to Muldoon signing CER. Tony Abbott’s government will close that loophole along with many others.

  • Patrick

    Goff is a proven liar, enough said.

  • BJ

    Watch this space. Another of Labour’s cockups that National will take the heat for is NAIT – National Animal Identification and Tracing. The Nait project set up in 2006 following lobbying by the industry (read – the animal identification industry) is a lemon that NZ should have never sucked

  • williamabong

    Didn’t Helen and Heather coach the plonk in lying, fuck they made an art form out of it, Goofy must be to stupid to learn.

    • Troy

      Yup, Goof strikes again. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • steve and monique

    And if labour get back in we will be second class citizens of our own country,especially if you work for a living.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      And white …. oh wait.

      • steve and monique

        Had to be said

  • Rodger T

    Jeez,I fucking hate politicians.

  • James M

    I do find it laughable that Labour seem to think its a Kiwis right to be able to move into Oz and setup shop and use all the their benefits (health, unemployment ect) without any prior contribution to the system.
    What if we just let everyone from neighboring countries or islands into NZ then have them just sit on the benefit and take up our public health care… oh wait!
    But yes strange how the memories of those on the left are affected