Court action goes both ways

I see the PPTA has decided to sue the government over Novopay:

The Post Primary Teachers’ Association is launching legal action over Novopay.

PPTA president Angela Roberts said the association would seek compensation for members for the hurt, humiliation and financial suffering caused by the “dysfunctional” payroll system.

The union’s national executives met at the weekend and decided to take collective legal action on behalf of members. 

Fantastic news…can we now sue the PPTA and its members for the hurt, humiliation and suffering at the hands of incompetent teachers, those on power trips and those whose perfunctory attitude to teaching left people on the educational scrap heap.

Not to mention all those members, registered presumably, who have sexually assaulted students.

If you are going to claim hurt, humiliation and suffering from a few missed pays then we sure as hell have a case against teachers for their efforts against students.

Of course the union has just shot themselves in the foot with this claim because it proves beyond a shadow of doubt that they are only in this for themselves…it isn’t about the students affected by these poor hurt, humiliated and suffering teachers as they have professed over and over again…it is just about them and their egos.


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  • Bunswalla

    Regardless of what you think about teachers, teachers’ unions, teachers’ councils, their performance in the classroom, their militant opposition to National Standards and their strident opposition to every Education Minister they encounter, they are in fact entitled to know that their pay is going to go into their bank accounts at roughly the right time, with roughly the right amount.

    They’ve put up with far too much for too long, and I think it’s testament to them that they didn’t down tools at either the end of last year or the beginning of this one. I know in my own business if I shagged around with paying the staff like Novopay has, I would have had to get it fixed well before now. People have mortgage payments, HP, credit cards, normal bill payments etc, and it must be extremely unsettling to have to deal with the fiasco that has been Novopay to date.

    • I think you will find that there is much wailing with little or no evidence to support their claims…the error rate of Novopay is much less than Datacom, this was simple a convenient cudgel with which to beat the government…my understanding that barely 2% of teachers were affected.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Yup. I think 1500 from more than 80,000. And Datacom was riddled with errors as well. See:

        Also, its my understanding that a lot of the data entered into the Novopay system is entered by school administrators – no cause for possible errors there I suppose? But then why have a go at your own when you can conveniently have a crack at the Government (whom you have a ascerbic view of).

        • Bunswalla

          It’s true that there were problems in 2008 with Datacom, although according to the article only 1% were affected. However if you spend $30m over the next 5 years to get a better system, you don’t expect the problems to be twice as bad. I know about implementing software systems and the teething problems that can occur. This was a total fuck-up from start to – well, we can’t say finish because nobody knows when it will finish.

          It’s all well and good saying banks will give ODs and people will eventually get sorted, but it’s a bit like when someone backs into your car. It wasn’t your fault and it will all be sorted out eventually, but it’s still a pain in the arse when it happens.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Cant but agree with this Buns. But… but! Datacom was in for how long and cost how much and gave how many problems and recieved how much public vilification from teachers and the PPTA etc??

          • Bunswalla

            I’m not saying Datacom was great and I’m not saying Novopay is worse than it is. I’m just saying that getting your pay on time and the right amount is a fundamental part of the employer/employee relationship. I know – so is doing what you’re told and a lot of them are piss-poor at some aspects of that.

      • Patrick

        That being the case then bring on the court action – sunlight being the best disinfectant & all. Then the duplicitous Unions will be shown up for what they are. A rabble of self serving twats who care very little for the students they profess to “only have their best interests at heart.”

    • blokeintakapuna

      As bad as it is, all the banks are working with all the schools and the teachers to provide an interest free OD whilst Novopay never pay. So it’s not like they don’t have any support, just a lot of hassles… But probably far less hassles than MUNz have inflicted upon Auckland and the multi million dollars of sabotage they deliberately inflicted.

      The whinging is just the unions squawking yet again. Wish we had a teacher that would shove a tennis ball in their mouth’s. that at least would quiet down the young unionists… The older ones would need basketballs….

    • StupidDiscus

      they are in fact entitled

      Nope. They’re not “entitled” to anything. Especially not if unionists.

  • surfisup

    Suing for hurt and humiliation?

    Grow some nads .

  • unitedtribes

    Good mind to sue them myself. Were the PPTA about in 1958?

  • RightOfGenghis

    Key needs to come out swinging. Whether he does or not is the measure of the man

    • Mr_Blobby

      Or not, don’t hold your breath.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like. But I have always suspected internal sabotage and not only just on Nova Pay.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Across the board . Key/National needs at least two more terms to weed out the left-leaning parasites from government positions .

  • Anonymouse Coward

    The usual for this type of software is for pay information to entered as a batch. Once the input is completed it is stored until a commit instruction is given.

    Good software of this type will allow the user to print or display a batch report so the entries can be checked for errors and mistakes corrected.

    Does Novopay have this facility and are the users making use of it?

    • Marc Williams

      I think that is one of the problems – data inputted cannot be reconciled before the processing is started. When errors are discovered, it is after the lasagne has bolted as it were.

  • Lofty

    I am looking for NZrs who had shit teachers, both emotional & physical abusers not to mention fucking useless as communicators, involvers & general imparters of knowledge.
    From the years 1960 to today with a view to take a class action against the PPTA, who knowingly covered up and purposely hidden acts of general uselessness against the attendees of our union dominated public schooling system.