David Fisher performs miracle, lowers Herald’s standards even further

David Fisher is really scraping the barrel today with a massive beat up using a stolen photo provided by an alleged dog-napper to write a nothing story:

Truth reports:

The NZ Herald this morning launched an attack on Justice Minister Judith Collins and her husband David Wong-Tung using a photo taken at the funeral of Wong-Tung’s mother.

The story makes allegations that Collins appointed Robert Kee to the Human Rights Commission mainly because Collins’ husband once worked in the same multi-story office building as Kee and Collins also worked on another floor below. It is also alleged that sometime in the 90s they all had drinks together at DeBrett’s bar in the hub of the legal district, where presumably many, many other lawyers also drank.

The reporter who wrote the article, David Fisher, described the article on social media platform Twitter as “how a real newspaper works”.

Oh dear…was the photographer entitled to the photos? 

TRUTH spoke with Collins about the allegations and can reveal that the photograph used, which the NZ Herald labelled as ‘supplied’, did not come from family sources.

They did say however that they are disappointed that the photographer they had hired for the private function had chosen to give the photo to the Herald without permission, especially considering he was paid for the job.

“It is essentially stolen from the family, and shows private moments of grief amongst family members, including my son” said Collins.

Who is the scumbag photographer?

The photographer, Clinton Bowerman is no stranger to controversy. He is a well known conspiracy theorist and was once busted spying on the home of Auckland’s Hobson Community Board chair Desley Simpson. He is also subject to other media speculation, also reported in the Herald, about involvement in conspiring to break into National party president Peter Goodfellow’s parents’ apartment on Tamaki Drive and of being involved in a plot to steal two dogs.

It is perhaps surprising that a publication of the repute of The NZ Herald would resort to using photographs of uncertain ownership and veracity supplied by a person alleged to have been involved in criminal activities such as dog-napping and breaking and entering.

It is fair to say that Clinton Bowerman is a nutter who regularly emails media with all sorts of conspiracy theories…not much of which bears any resemblance to fact.

Collins says she “is very disappointed that personal family moments have been used to score a shabby political point in a story of no merit”.

I bet he is wishing he never tweeted that his story was ”how a real newspaper works”.


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  • maninblack

    Fishers a cunt.

    • Dumrse

      What about the mayor of Auckland or can you have more than one ?

      • maninblack

        there is many cunts.. but i will leave it to ratesarerevolting to describe len brown.

  • Remember that email you got Whale saying how you should behave like a “real journalist”.

    “Real journalist”, as David Fisher shows, is just code for bigoted left wing scandal mongering propagandist.

  • rightoverlabour

    Simple. Sue the paper and the reporter. However, no one with any intelligence takes that toilet paper rag seriously so maybe not worth the effort. The real use the herald has is as a BBQ/fire starter. I use the neighbour’s cast-offs for this noble deed.

    • Patrick

      Waste of time, take out a contract with the Head Hunters, they have ways of making people see sense.

  • Marcus50

    Another journalist trying to create news rather than report it.

  • “He is also subject to other media speculation, also reported in the Herald, ”

    Not good Whale. Pathetic.

  • You’re talking shit on this one Cameron. Very one-sided.


    A private detective acting for his
    former wife, Libby Black, has been accused of conspiring to break into
    Goodfellow’s parents’ house. And the private detective, Clinton Bowerman, is
    now threatening legal action against the Auckland City Council for spreading
    the allegation.

    Private detective and Hobson
    Community Board deputy chairman Bowerman has been accused in an email of
    conspiring to break into Goodfellow’s parents’ apartment on Tamaki Drive and of
    being involved in a plot to steal two dogs.

    He strongly denies the allegations.

    The accusatory email was sent to
    the Auckland City Council by William Perese. Perese has previously acted as a
    minder for Black.


    Perese is known by several aliases
    and has previously been in the news as William Hirchkop. He and his partner,
    Lynda Ash, were sentenced to two years in jail in 2005 after being convicted of
    failing to provide the necessities of life to Ash’s 2-year-old daughter.

    • Do you want to see the emails Bowerman has sent me…bizarre stuff…I am not one sided.

      • fozzie2

        Fire ahead !!

        • I have to be very careful, a great deal of it breaches name suppression in several cases still before the courts, they are family court matters so very loathe to cover that aspect…the jewish bankers conspiracy stuff might be more up your alley though…and the one world order

          • fozzie2

            “the jewish bankers conspiracy stuff might be more up your alley though…and the one world order”
            given that most of the readers here are riveted by such ‘tinfoil’ theories – might be you best thread yet !

          • Hazards001

            The readers here are still waiting for a reply from you regarding your hand being out like all the other takers?

          • fozzie2

            I run a business that offers services to other businesses – I charge them, they pay me – I could have sworn this was a working definition of capitalism – no ‘takers’ involved.

          • Hazards001

            Bullshit, you’re a lefty whiner sinking the boot into Key and a slimy ratbag to boot. I posted the below to you last night and you chose to ignore it then claim you have no idea what I’m talking about..the link to your comment. You’re just another one trying to get your nose in the trough and bitter that you can’t…correct?


            the comment and my reply below which you chose to ignore…

            fozzie2> parorchestia•a day ago−

            Para I don’t care too much for Mr Shearer – i like
            politicians with convictions that speak their mind and have the best interest of New Zealand and our home grown businesses at heart. Key has clearly demonstrated time and time again that he sees his role as PM as just a ‘smile and wave’ exercise – whether is be swanning down runways, pandering to his mates in the financial industry or his new found friends in Hollywood – it’s all just a joke to him. It is my privilege to work along side some really innovative business – these people are smart – but with the way this govt governs many are struggling under the mad exchange rate, that Key made his money betting on – and government preferring to line the pockets of their already rich mates. They aren’t asking for much – R&D tax credits at the
            level offered to the Hobbit, to create real sustained and innovative jobs would be a start !! We have to build an economy that relies on more than white oil and mythical make believe creatures.

            My Reply

            Hazards001> fozzie2•a day ago −

            And now we get down to it at last…you’re just one more
            with your hand out. Why should the taxpayer fund R&D for you or the
            businesses you mentor or whatever it is you do?

            If the idea is sustainable take it to industry and get your
            investment, if it’s not then tough titty.

            The Hobbit got an incentive to bring investment to NZ.
            You’re asking for a handout. Totally different thing.

            Be like me going to IRD and saying I have an awesome
            business plan that will eventually employ lots of people but I have no money.
            If you let me pay no tax till I’m showing blah blah profit I’ll start the
            business. What do you think they will say to me?

            Oh..and anger is the only thing that has kept me going for
            this long..so I think I’ll keep it…ta!

          • fozzie2

            Why would I reply to you post full of som many preconceived prejudices and silly name calling. Keep with your unabated anger hazzy – you seem to enjoy it …

          • Hazards001

            You can’t reply because you are a troll. You have no credibility fozzie. You wait till no one can see the replies to your trolling. You’re a pathetic coward!

          • fozzie2

            hazzy, unlike some on this blog I don’t have time to sit and wait for responses and when I do reply I try to do it without calling the respondent every nasty name on the sun – but if that is your definition of a troll then I confess -! I see no point replying to a diatribe of name calling – maybe if you temper your anger we can have a civil discussion on the matters of the day and our differing points of view.

          • Hazards001

            I doubt it

          • you dont bring anything to the conversation. you take cheep swipes that require no intelligence.

  • LionKing

    What a non-story in the Herald. Why would this guy Bowerman want to give a private photo to the Herald. What’s his beef?

  • Gazzaw

    Stupid bastards using that photo. Should have played it safe and featured the Whangarei fire engine.