“Decent Journalists, trained and skilled” really bomb up this time

Bryce Johns wrote me a sarcastic email describing Kathryn Powley as a “decent journalist, trained skilled” in an attempt to somehow shame me or ridicule me.

Of coure everyone knows that I am shameless and ridicule…pffft.

In today’s Herald on Sunday, you know the one re-launched with great fanfare and the one that was going to be bigger, betterer yada yada yada…they have a story about Greg King being cleared.



The “decent journalist, trained and skilled” even screwed up that.

I await my email from Bryce Johns saying that due to extensive research and quality investigative journalism they have uncovered a quirk that all the media actually used the wrong photos when they were covering the Ewen McDonald trial and that this photo (above) is the actual photo of Ewen McDonald….which probably explains why the jury were so confused.


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  • I bet Bryce Johns rues the day he got a rush of blood to the head and emailed you. If he sat there and thought “now, what’s the worst that can happen, and what’s the best that can happen if I send this email?”, he would have hit the Delete key so hard, it would have come off the keyboard.

    • Probably feels about the same as David Fisher does after trying and failing to have a war of attrition with a blogger.

  • Dave

    Its unbelievable a once proud and professional publication, can sink so low. The errors keep on no matter what they do. Whilst I don’t mind the odd spelling or grammatical error, and laugh off incorrect captions, this is inexcusable. I know the HORRID monitors WOBH and other popular blogs, and I beg the monitors, to PLEASE take a good hard look at the editing and checking of KEY facts and data. I also hope the HORRID apologizes to the family of Greg King, who is not a convicted criminal. And before anyone points out my spelling and grammar, I’m not a trained or skilled journalist claiming to make my living by my journalistic skills.

  • Patrick

    Just stop buying the fish wrapper – it is doomed & you are only prolonging the death spiral. A quick kill is much more humane.