Dodgy ALP ratbags hire investigators to rake up dirt on journalists

The ICAC investigations into the dodgy union and ALP ratbags is fascinating. They even hired a private investigator to follow and dig up dirt on journalists who were exposing their crooked behaviour:

A BARRISTER appearing for an allegedly corrupt player in the current ICAC inquiry asked me this week if I had seen House of Cards, an English political thriller in which conservative politician Francis Urquhart deploys blackmail and other nefarious methods to achieve his political ambitions.

There were two things I recalled about the program, and one of them was that the journalist met with a sticky end, still clutching her tape recorder as she fell to her death.

It was therefore with some disquiet that I learnt one of the central figures who has appeared at the recent Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry approached a private detective to have me followed.

The private eye, who doesn’t want to be named, thought I had better know that in mid-2012 Moses Obeid came to his office wanting his family’s homes and businesses swept for ICAC bugs. The other thing he wanted was ”to have you placed under surveillance”, the investigator said.

Moses’s beef was that I had led a campaign against him and his family and they needed to find a way to make me stop. ”The whole thrust of his conversation was: ‘Everyone has skeletons in their closet and I want to know what skeletons she’s got.’ You might have been having an affair, anything like that. Anything they can use to get leverage on you they would use,” the investigator said.

Moses Obeid, 44, is one of the five sons of controversial former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid. Along with his father, Moses has been accused of being part of a ”criminal conspiracy” in which the former resources minister Ian Macdonald acted corruptly to subvert a government coal licence tender. This resulted in the Obeids making $30 million with the possibility of $100 million more.



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  • Patrick

    Just like NZ Labour sending their top investigator Mike Williams to Australia to dig the dirt on John Key. Another shameful act by Clarke, Cullen, Mallard et al.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Birds of a feather…

      Makes one very pleased for the great work of Owl’s, WO and all the others in the Army, lifting the lid on matters these individuals would prefer kept buried. Outstanding efforts everyone. You rock!

      • owl

        And next weeks observation has six million questions for EMPU

        • Patrick

          When, are you going to focus your gaze on the shenanigans of the SFWU?

  • redeye

    Well that explains Campbell Live.

  • Hazards001

    So? Where’s ole “Cops ‘n’ Glocks now? The rich powerful and privileged can make their money anyway they like and the scumbag peasantry will STFU and bow down to their rightful masters. Doesn’t matter a fat flying fuck which side of the corrupt political spectrum they’re on…so long as they are wealthy and have power all’s right in the world. Correct SD, 2nd amendment, Economist or whoever the fuck you are today?