Dodgy ALP Ratbags getting their beans

Perhaps the most fun in politics right now is watching the dodgy ALP ratbags get their beans in Australia at the moment:

THE words packed all the power of a hunting rifle in the crowded hearing room high above Sydney’s streets.

”Look, Mr Macdonald, what I really want to put to you is that in fact you’re a crook.”

The accusation, from the lips of counsel assisting the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Geoffrey Watson, SC, seemed to suck all the air out of the commission’s gallery.

Ian Macdonald, the fellow being accused of skulduggery, was a cabinet minister in the New South Wales Parliament until 2010, when, having gained the sobriquet Sir Lunchalot, he resigned after a spot of bother concerning misuse of public funds.

He is no stranger to ICAC hearings. Last year the corruption commission inquired into his extracurricular habits allegedly paid for by a Sydney property developer and murder suspect, Ron Medich. Though no findings have been reached, he was accused of enjoying the services of an Asian prostitute as recompense for introducing investors to senior bureaucrats.

The man with whom Macdonald was now being accused of conspiring in an inside-knowledge coal mining scam worth tens of millions of dollars, Eddie Obeid, was also a former state Labor cabinet minister and the leader of a faction so powerful its very name – The Terrigals – struck fear into the heart of premiers.

Captivated Sydneysiders had queued for hours, as they have done for weeks now, to snap up scarce tickets for what has become the hottest show in their rollicking town, and the drama playing out before the lucky few has proved no disappointment.

It is high time we had a similar organisation in New Zealand, one that had the nads to take on bent politicians, bent political parties and bent unions.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    With the Aussie unions helping the NZ unions such as MUNZ and the film/TV/actors trying to sabotage the LoTR movies being made here, being the same side to another similar coin, do birds of a feather flock together?

    We’ve read for months about how the NZ unions aren’t complying with minimum financial reporting requirements and auditing standards, and we’ve seen demonstrated again and again the in-bred corruption amongst many, many Labour Party members over numerous issues, on numerous occasions.

    With the Owl’s great work… Plus many other contributions also and now that many millions in cash and assets have “appeared and disappeared” from their inaccurate, late filed and incomplete financials… Would all this smoke be enough to get the attention of the fire brigade authorities?

    Would the NZ unions and Labour Party be susceptible to even more, undiscovered corruption? Maybe a Royal enquiry should be launched…. The timing of the results released about 4-5 weeks out from an election please…

  • peterwn

    Why Doesn’t ICAC book the Opera House for its hearing? Even the smaller theatre would be a vast improvement.