El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo takes one in the chook

It really must be time that the BSC packs up its bags and closes shop.

Looks like El Presidente has offended more people, this time the New Zealand Franchising Association (FANZ). Who are they you ask?


Just a group representing the franchising sector that contributes about $20 billion to New Zealand’s economy and a sector that employs more than 100,000 people.

FANZ gave Paddy a good slap saying in November “his article will surely raise questions amongst franchising companies that are members of the BSC.”

In other words, if you are a franchising company and a member of the BSC that tucks you for $20k a year, think twice about being a member as Patrick clearly doesn’t like franchising companies.

Even in today’s Herald El Presidente slags off the franchising sector.

With the Government’s new procurement policy that treats all suppliers equally and doesn’t discriminate, the BSC cartel is heading the way of the dinosaur. No wonder El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo is keeping tight lipped about what’s happening to the $1.8m he’s sitting atop of.

But with Labour’s union mouthpiece Darien Fenton now publicly supporting El Presidente the question about where that $1.8m will end up becomes even more intriguing. Has Darien Fenton got a wiff of the wad of cash sitting in the BSC and sees it as a potential slush fund for her beloved Party?


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  • LionKing

    NFWAB continues. This dickhead deserves everything he gets. Keep it coming WO.

  • BJ

    Solution – the BSC can do the right thing and give back the $1.8 to companies to pass on to employees over time as a wage increase.

    I do believe those that do a decent days labour are been squeezed out of a decent wage increasingly – in fact, eroded by all the middlemen that find ways to clip the ticket by adding yet another unnecessary layer to the business model – all for doing nothing and producing nothing. But then having contributed nothing to increasing productivity, the payment for work done or services provided through someone else’s labour, gets diluted and shared around more and more people than haven’t done a thing.

    Capitalism is good but who looks out for the hardworking but vunerable ones – ah, there is an opening for a new Union model.

  • Hang him

    Did Talent 2 (Novopay) have to pay a bribe (Fee) to this crowd to get there contract? if so can we blame el Presidente? Perhaps he could buy the bribe to the education dept.

  • Fred

    This guy is bent, but remember he is the fall guy for Bent Bob! Poor old Patrick has the wolves circling and the pressure is mounting. The fraud that has been undertaken on the NZ taxpayer and the members of the BSC by this guy and his coucil of management is slowly rising to the surface and Paddy is going down, his signature is on everything. Its time he and his dodgy old mate John R were retired to the pastures any way as dinosaurs of the past, to old and pig headed to adapt to the new era. Nice food in white collar cells boys! ha