Embedded journalists, an interesting twist from a NZ perspective

Yesterday I blogged about Kate Shuttleworth’s penchant for always regurgitating NZEI and PPTA press releases.

Then I got an email via the tipline that explained it all about why a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” seems to only run the union lines instead of doing additional research.

Shuttleworth KateShuttleworth

So it seems that not content with embedding their people in the Labour party they are now embedding them in the press gallery and the NZ Herald.

The tipline also coughed up this little titbit too about the Robert Wilson that Shuttleworth quoted in her anti-charter schools article:

Robert Wilson is the same Robert Wilson who was charged with fraudulently overinflating school enrolment numbers as principal of Cashmere High School in 1998 to increase state funding for the school; the Crown case fell over at pre-trial when the Crown failed to provide evidence of pecuniary advantage, but he hasn’t worked as a school principal in NZ ever since.

Radio NZ interviewed him at the time:

A two year nightmare is over for a Christchurch school principal charged with inflating the numbers on his school roll to get more funding. It was alleged Robert Wilson had inflated the roll to gain an extra 441-thousand dollars for Cashmere High School, as well as 167-dollars in extra pay for himself. Mr Wilson was arrested and charged last year following an Education Ministry audit in 1996 – but at a pre-trial hearing a charge of using a document to gain pecuniary advantage for himself. The Crown had decided not to proceed with three other charges.

Wonder no more where Kate Shuttleworth is coming from in her articles about education.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    “Related party” in this example is almost as twisted and tainted as between the thieving, lying, morally corrupt unions and their political lap dogs…the Labour Party.

    If I was one of the Irish owners, I’d be wanting her scalp for the ill repute she has heaped upon the paper… On top of all the other worries it has to deal with.

    Kate, your story and propaganda piece has sunk like the stinking turd it was.

    Now what are you going to do now your lack of journalistic integrity has been found missing? Maybe a suburban paper might need a tele-sales lady?

  • You have to admire the infiltration that the Unions have achieved in Parliament and the media. That’s the result of a very focused long term strategy paying off.

    • kohibruce

      Unintended consequence is the death of msm.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Not to mention Maori.

  • niggly

    LOL, another stupid partisan journalist caught out!

    APNZ should fire Ms Shuttleworth!

    Time someone used the Left’s tactics and complied a list of dodgy reporters to be named and shamed publicly!

    • Patrick

      Why would they fire her – they actually encourage this biased leftie behaviour look at the journo’s & opinion pieces – 99% lefties. Anyone who would actually reward the likes of Matt McCarten for giving his marxist views needs their head read..

  • Macca

    I can’t understand why there isn’t more transparency in the media with regard to who their individual political allegiances are with.
    A prime example was just prior to the last election, Hiskins asked Eva Retimanu who she was going to vote for – answer, Hone and the Mana party!!!!!!!! We wonder at the biased and regurgitated propaganda we get from these people!
    All these churnos MUST belong to a union – the EPMU I suppose, and we all know whose side the unions are on!

  • tarkwin

    I see she worked for The Northern Advocate. That says a lot, to get a job their you would have to be a yes person devoid of any back bone, bereft of independent thought but very good at cut and paste and plagiarism. That would explain the teachers union bit, and why she works for the Herald which is basically the Advocate a day early.

  • AnnaKirtlan

    This appears to a continuation of
    a bullying crusade against journalists – the aim presumably to force them to
    write things Slater approves of.

    For the record, Kate Shuttleworth
    was employed to cover a period of time when I was on leave in the Pacific. We
    employed her because she was the best candidate for the job and felt her
    experience at the Herald stood her in good stead for working with journalists
    as communications advisor. She had no affiliation with PPTA before she took the
    job on and we had absolutely no control over where she was employed after
    working with us.

    We believe this is malicious and
    defamatory and will be consulting our lawyers.

    • Dion

      In politics, there are two sides to everything – and at a major media outlet it’s a political reporter’s job to deal with the issues in an even-handed way.

      With all due respect, if she’d at least paid lip service to the other side of the argument this post wouldn’t exist.

      • Dion

        Edit: not to mention the fact that the guy she’s quoting as an authority in this area has been before the courts for falsifying his school’s roll numbers.

        I’m puzzled that the reporter didn’t ask him about this? (It’s material because it could affect his credibility in the eyes of the public)

    • davcav

      Good luck with that, oh and I think you mean libel, not defamation.

      • Damian Christie

        No, she probably means defamation, since that’s what we have in NZ as opposed to separate slander/libel. Nice try at sounding smart though, keep it up :)

    • I don;t want journalists to write what I believe, but if you are employed by a newspaper of record then it is beholden upon you to report information in a fair and balanced way…This post wouldn’t exist if Kate had simply done some basic research…remember Anna…I know what all your press releases say…you added me to the email list yourself. I’ll enjoy presenting all those in court as evidence and then matching up against the articles written.

      If the PPTA really did care for the kids as you profess then why waste resources on combatting a blogger in court? How is that going to help the kids?

      Funny how the statement of facts is malicious…it is a matter of public record…revealing them to a wider audience is malicious? Good luck with that.

      • AnnaKirtlan

        Thanks Cameron – but the issue is not about the merits of any stories as we have no control over who writes what and how. The issue is your claim that we somehow have control over who is employed where after working with us.

        Many people move between journalism and communications and
        to suggest that Kate Shuttleworth was somehow ‘planted’ in the press gallery after filling in for me for 10 months is ludicrous. The fact she worked for us is no state secret – it is freely available information (her name was on the media releases sent to every newspaper in the country for a start). What is not “a statement of fact” is that we have “embedded” anyone anywhere. That is as fanciful as the claim we have plants in the Labour Party. Our members vote across the political spectrum and because of that we do not align ourselves with any particular party. We support those who do good things for education and take on those who seek to hurt it, whatever political flavour they are.

        And yes, I am aware that you receive our press releases. As editor of Truth I saw no reason to treat you any differently from any other media outlet when it came to updating my contacts and providing information. The hope is to keep the media (yourself included) informed and engaged. Many reporters have written stories informed by our press releases and I can assure you not all of them have worked for us!

        As for whether I am a fool, a disgrace or should leave the country, I will leave that up to your commenters to decide as I have better things to do with my time than get into slanging matches with strangers on the internet.

    • tarkwin

      The first thing your lawyer will ask you is why didn’t you tell your readers about your past employment? The truth is neither malicious or defamatory and can never be libelous.

    • oob

      I couldn’t be more disgusted with you, Anna Kirtlan.

      Please leave, your presence in New Zealand diminishes our society.

    • Ronnie Chow

      You will be consulting your lawyers at $300 plus an hour . Who’s paying ?

      • Cadwallader

        I’m $475 per hour plus get and out of pocket expenses.

        • Ronnie Chow

          “plus get” That’s actually the best description of gst that I have ever seen .

          • Cadwallader

            Unitentional can’t claim the credit for that typo. How about “GST = Government Slavery Tax?”

    • Timboh

      Funny how you would see it as bullying. Pointing out facts and obvious biased behaviour is not bullying. Seems to me you ‘journalists’ don’t mind dishing it out usually in a biased or less than truthful manner but don’t like truth or an alternative view. If you are not aware that you are taking part in the death of print news then open your eyes and look around.

    • Good luck with that one luv.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      As a lawyer, I should advise you that there is nothing defamatory in stating a fact. You are patently stupid if you think otherwise. But consult away if it makes you keel better. Fool.

      • Damian Christie

        As a lawyer, if you can’t spot what’s potentially defamatory in Cameron’s post, you should go back to law school. (Clue: “embedding”)

        • Cadwallader

          Rubbish. The truth, no matter how derived is an absolute defence to defamation. (By the way, “defamation” is a generic term which embraces “libel” written and “slander” spoken.)

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          What on earth is defamatory about that? Jesus wept lefties are retarded.

          • Damian Christie

            Yes, I’m sure you’re very regarded by your profession. A little nudge and you’re swearing like an 8 year old boy. You must really impress in court.

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          Oh, Mr Damian Christie, I doubt many round here will take their legal advice from a former waterbed salesman, oyster farmer and now press release repeater. In short, go fuck yourself. Cock.

    • Michael

      The first thing your lawyers will tell you is to shut up and let them deal with the other party to any potential litigation.

    • Dave

      Anna Suggest you read what the original article (above) states, then check if Cam has reported the matters correctly, noting the links. I doubt there is anything malicious or defamatory, just a restating of facts. My belief, is your organization has been caught short, and is objecting. Please remember, if you are explaining or justifying, you are losing!!

      To Cam’s point below. HELL YES. “report in a fair and balanced way” I am one of the followers on WOBH who has given up on the NZ MSM as they are mainly mouthpieces for their favored cause! Journalism seems to be dead and overtaken by Paid Propaganda Artists. Most can’t write a balanced article and then their writing often contains factual errors. They also forget to qualify their own opinion, and disclose their own interests on a subject they are writing on (Mr Matt McCarten is a serial offender)

      So please, go check, think, consider, and perhaps take a view on what real taxpayers think of your little organization, it short, fuck all!! Teachers need a voice, YES, and most teachers do a good job, but please, think about the mission and objectives. Also suggest you check the teachers register and spend the time productively weeding out some of the worst you protect.

  • Patrick

    When will someone pick the scab that is the Labour Party’s affiliations (either organised or not) with the Unions, there is a money go round (taxpayer funding for safety courses), there are the patsy print, radio & television journos (& management), the patsy organisations such as Patrick Lee Lo’s BSC. This all should be revealed, whether it is right or wrong legal or illegal the public has a right to know what the background is of these so called journalists & experts supposedly with a modicum of integrity.
    The likes of Mallard bang on about the National Party’s rich funders, American bagmen etc – there is far far worse closer to home for Mallard.