Euphemism for the day: Irregular maritime arrivals

In the case of Australia, concerns over ‘unauthorised’ boat arrivals or ‘boat people’ (also referred to as ‘irregular maritime arrivals’) have occupied successive governments since the 1970s. However, many argue that the number of boat arrivals in Australia is very small in comparison to the significant flows of ‘unauthorised’ arrivals in other parts of the world over the last few decades.    —

Well, sure.  Compared to the Iraqis fleeing their country before Desert Storm, or compared to the mess that’s Dafrur, I guess that would be true.

But that’s really just hiding the true problem among bigger numbers.

Australia publish  a quarterly report on their immigration problems.  In the latest one, IMAs (Irregular Maritime Arrivals, remember?) , presents some scary looking numbers:  

Non-IMA  Protection visa applications are typically lodged by air arrivals (but may include very small numbers of ship  stowaways or maritime crew).  IMA figures include all people who arrived on an irregular vessel.

Protection visa applications are typically lodged by air arrivals (but may include very small numbers of ship
stowaways or maritime crew). IMA figures include all people who arrived on an irregular vessel.

I don’t think New Zealand wants any part of that problem.  Luckily we’re just a little too far away for anyone to strike out for NZ shores on a boat.

This is the make-up of nationalities that Australia is processing as IMAs


Our own government reports

Where refugees are marginalised – through negative media reporting, political antipathy, insecure legal status, a lack of educational and employment opportunities, and/or hostility from local communities – there is less integration. Those who feel threatened or excluded from the host society, instead of striving to belong, may seek to emphasise their difference through isolating themselves in their own communities and may also be more open to radical influences.

Yes, well, shit happens.  They may no longer be in fear for their lives, but that doesn’t mean you can insert them into New Zealand society

A Ms Quin commented on this issue as part of Waikato University research into this problem

Ms Quinn, who moved to New Zealand from the UK in 1980, says Kiwis should accept Somalis and other refugees from war-torn regions if for no other reason than humanitarian issues. “We do live in paradise here, and some people don’t – through no fault of their own. Many Somalis have seen people slaughtered or raped.”

She said there were several reasons New Zealanders struggled with accepting Somali people: Often orthodox Muslims were arriving into a secular culture which had little understanding of the Muslim religion; Somali people could be voluble, expressive and wore very colourful clothes, and their culture did not value shyness – and they come to a country full of self-effacing Kiwis. However, Somali people shared with Maori the importance of whanau, Ms Quinn said.



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  • Lion_ess

    “Somali people shared with Maori the importance of Whanau”

    Does this mean Ms Quinn thinks other races don’t value their families, or does it mean that Whanau is very important when it comes to covering up baby-killings and other crimes?

    • kohibruce

      Agree. Seeems that skills in reasoning are not a requisite for University of waikato staff.

      • cows4me

        Sounds more like skills in university PC speak.

    • Apolonia

      Better warn CYPS

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Mrs Quin can fuck off. How many is she bileting? What? none?
      Pommy misfit, go home to Pomgolia and take your IMA’s with you

  • Rodger T

    ‘irregular maritime arrivals, IMAs,as in Ima want it?

  • thehawkreturns

    No No No. We don’t want any of them. Muslims are not “refugees” from Islam. Sure they are escaping the horrors of war and poverty. Just like Europeans had to deal with through history. It’s just that Europeans have abandoned the idea that they are chosen by a God to conquer all other cultures and where the other peoples do not surrender they should be exterminated. That is Islam. That is the belief of these people. No we don’t want them. At any price. Judge actions by the belief system of the other culture and accepting Muslims will be seen as totally suicidal to everything the Western world holds dear. Freedom is under threat. We need to build an iron wall to protect ourselves from this violent misogynistic cult. That wall must stand for a thousand years.

    • thor42

      I agree.

      “…. a secular culture which had little understanding of the Muslim religion…”
      Pffft…. what *bullshit*. We understand the CULT of Islam *very well*.

  • thehawkreturns

    Lion ess – – I believe the UN has recommended that Somalis are not taken as refugees into Western society as they have never integrated and have a high risk of extreme violence. We have already seen that here.

    • Lion_ess

      Where did you read that THR?

      • thehawkreturns

        Hi, Thanks for your comment. I read a UN warning about a year ago but cannot find it on Google and wonder if it has been removed. It recommended Somalis are relocated within African Muslim countries. Interestingly, Kenya is now swamped with them and Egypt clearly does not recognise them. It is worth noting the domination of the UN “Voice” by Islamic states. The refugee process is acting as a dissemination of the infection of Islam.

        For further background on Somalis…/unhcr_studyguide.pdf
        Topic 2 is a good place to start.

        As the testimony of Abdirizak Bihi before the House of
        Representatives made clear, the divided identity experienced by many Somali Americans serves as a fertile recruiting ground for pan-Islamic jihadist organizations like Al Qaeda and its affiliates. What’s more, the much more widespread problems of drug abuse, violence-especially the type linked to organized crime-and welfare exploitation are endemic to large swathes of these communities…

        From the experiences of Shelbyville, Tennessee:
        Brian Mosely of the Shelbyville Times Gazette.

        In a series of hard hitting articles Mosely has vividly portrayed the problems of what happens when hundreds of Somalis with a strong tribal culture and Muslim faith come to a small community in America’s
        heartland. What threads through Mosley’s series is the Somalis demonstrable lack of discernable public health standards and minimal education, plus their rejection of US cultural standards of tolerance and offers from community outreach groups.

        98 percent of Somalis practice female genital muilation. I find it highly unlikely that they have abandoned this hideous cultural tradition.

        The Tyson plant generated national controversy last fall when it dropped Labor Day as a paid holiday in favor of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr.
        (THR NB This was reversed due to a protest)


        Fifty Years on and the British authorities have not learnt from previous experience. Being of Caribbean descent and born in England, I wonder why the British government continues their policy of multiculturalism when the results seem to destroy both the lives of immigrants as well as the indigenous population. You just don’t have the will, or apply the means to make it work right.

        Mervelous, Norcross USA

        • Patrick

          & that goes to the heart of the issue – multiculturalism is a crock of sh1te. it doesn’t work. We are different, not better, not worse, but different. Tossers at the UN can dream up whatever social engineering schemes they like but the reality is you will not successfully integrate such vastly different people. Look at the north of the UK, what a mess it is, they now have African kids kidnapped in Africa, smuggled into the UK where witch doctors kill them for muti (sacrifice). How perverse in a so called first world nation.

  • BJ

    This very worrying.

    Any immigrant to NZ should have to assimilate into our NZ culture ( which is rapidly being drowned out) If its required of a western woman going to a Muslim country to cover up then the reverse should apply here. No cultural or religious practices should over ride the laws of NZ society and we should not be bending over backwards to accommodate any other cultures sensitivities. If they wish to live here then they have to take the whole package and nothing but the whole package – otherwise you know whats going to happen. Damn globalization.

  • Patrick

    So we live in a so called paradise & others don’t – that is the argument for allowing people in from these crime ridden repeatedly war torn countries? Are we really prepared to import the problems from these countries? Go & talk to the locals in places like Hastings UK. The number of male on male rapes have increased massively in recent years – Hastings just happens to be the destination of choice for Kosavan immigrants/refugees.

    Are Kiwis really prepared to accept this because some whining immigrant Pommie University knob head says it should be so?

  • Mr_V4

    Gillards changed the terminology again, last I heard it was Irregular People Movement.