Exclusive Video: Wogistan MP Richard Prosser says he is sorry

Richard Prosser apparently says he’s sorry:

NZ First MP Richard Prosser has apologised for the lack of balance in his column calling for Muslim men to be banned from Western airlines – but has ruled out standing down.

Prosser, 45, penned a provocative column for Investigate magazine entitled Enemy of the State, after his pocket penknife was confiscated at Christchurch Airport.

“If you are a young male, aged between, say, about 19 and about 35, and you’re a Muslim, or you look like a Muslim, or you come from a Muslim country, then you are not welcome to travel on any of the West’s airlines . . .” he wrote. 

He also made reference to “a sorry pack of misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan”.

Prosser this morning released a statement “unreservedly” apologising.

He said he deeply regretted any embarrassment caused by his comments.

“I accept that I impugned many peaceful law-abiding Muslims, and to them I unreservedly apologise.”

That is just gutless. What is he apologising for? He said it, he planned it, he meant it, now he is just a coward for not standing by what he said. Pathetic…flip flopping politicians can’t be trusted.

Here is the exclusive video if Richard Prosser apologising.


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  • Patrick

    Why say sorry – if he meant the comments in the first place then why apologise? Is it because of the media storm created? Or Uncle Winnie phoning him & telling him the comments would cost NZ First votes? Time to man up Prosser, if you meant what you said & said what you meant then stand by your comments & don’t apologise. Otherwise in future keep your mouth shut.

    • it won;t cost NZ First votes, I’ll be they went up in polling last night

  • Agent BallSack

    Its more entitlement…anyone else would accept okay…dont carry a knife onto a plane – 9/11 terrorists used knives very similar to overpower 4 separate jets. But because Tosser doesnt see himself as a threat – HE is entitled to carry a knife onto an aircraft despite laws EXPRESSLY FORBIDDING it. Got news for you Dick Tosser, Timothy McVeigh. What colour and religion was he?

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Yea but the lotus eaters destroy the public view of them as rational actors by confiscating water bottles and duty free booze. Then suprise, someone with poor joined up thinking skills blames the Muslims.

  • Phar Lap

    He said what most people think about Muslims.A pity he used the wrong analogy.Would be nice to hear from some of the potential suicide bombers ,who do think of getting on planes,and blowing the plane up.Seems there is some case history on it.A recent conversation with a so called devout Muslim,confirms the thinking that Seventy Virgins await the suicide bombers in another life.I have often wondered what awaits women suicide bombers.Are they part of the seventy virgins,the male bombers dream of.

    • Patrick

      You would have to “pop that cherry” before strapping the bomb on & sending her out to do her days work wouldn’t you? Would be a waste otherwise….

    • Andy

      70 virgins eh ?
      Is that like 70 Susan Boyles…
      They must get really pissed off when they discover that.

  • 4077th

    Yesterday he proved he was a cock. Today he proves he is now a soft cock!

  • Mitch82

    Meanwhile, just like Colin, he’s laughing all the way to the publicity bank. People will remember the name, not the comments.

  • Hang him

    With all the fuss over his comments, and the talking heads in the media saying it will hurt trade etc. If that was the case why aren’t they calling for sanctions against Egypt after what there New President said about Jews, which he has not apologized for. Are they the bunch of hypocrites that we all think they are which is it is okay for muslims to insult and kill people but we aren’t allow to say anything against them.

    • GeorgeRomero

      The politicians and the media are all hypocrites all right , they look the other way when islam butcher girls and women in the name of mo , but express outrage when truth telling citizens speak up about them and their deeds.Truth is they are shit scared of them , fucking cowards all.

  • starboard

    I didnt hear any outrage when harawira the mp called whitey white mo/fo’s who rape the land yada yada..just as bad if you ask me. Fuck I hate hone harawira.

    • Mitch82

      There was plenty of outrage and commentary about it.

      • starboard

        well the asshole never resigned, so neither should Richard Prosser. Too many double fucking standards in this country.

        • Mitch82

          Yup. I’m not particularly worried if any of them resign or not. They’re like herpes.. very difficult to keep under control, impossible to get rid of completely.

    • StupidDisqus

      Hone was elected. Unlike Prosser.

  • grumpy
  • thehawkreturns

    The Muslim approach throughout the world is to pretend they are offended, demand apologies and then more concessions. Every concession to Islam is the loss of another freedom. Such freedoms can only be won back through war. In NZ the dhimmis are the talking heads and the press. They are clearly ready to pay their taxes to Islam, prostrate themselves and be muzzled. As long as they keep their jobs for a little longer they will chant subservience and follow the death spiral of Islam. Until they are destroyed with us all.

  • fozzie2

    What n exquisite interview by Katherine Ryan this morning no need for attack she just opened him up and let him hag himself – journalism at it’s finest !


  • fozzie2

    What an exquisite interview with Kathryn Ryan this morning – she just left him to explain and he hung himself – radio journalism at it’s finest !