Explaining is losing Mai, you of all people should know that

Mai Chen has been explaining:


Perhaps this is what she is talking about? 


I happen to know who posted that…and I believe them and not Mai Chen…after all explaining is losing isn’t it folks?


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  • ConwayCaptain

    In my life as a Master and Chief Officer of ships I have rubbed shoulders with many people v high up in shipping circles and also Diplomatic Circles and NONE would have behaved like that.

  • Alex

    Have had the misfortune of several “audiences” with Mai Chen. In my experience, her abilities are greatly over-estimated. I’ve yet to understand what people see in her. Last seminar I attended — which costed my work $750 — she turned up at the podium, opened her notebook, started babbling about her upcoming book on accountability in the public sector, and said “right, I’m keen to know if you people know any interesting aspects of public sector accountability that I might think be worth me discussing in the book”. The rest of her session was taken up by her scribbling notes of things said by the audience.

    • Morrissey

      To compound the horror that is Mai Chen, she works for that odious, pompous, useless stiff “Sir” Geoffrey Palmer.

      • The Palmer part of Chen Palmer left years ago, she keeps the shingle up to fool people like you

        • Morrissey

          Doh! I’ve been living a lie for all these years.

  • Tony

    Both of the statements could, of course, be correct. If she had an original meeting at, say 0830 which was subsequently moved by the Minister’s office to 1000, she could have said that she was being held up by the Minister.

    Why Mai Chen is where she is b/c of good looks, asian background and kiwi accent. She may also be a great lawyer but I have no facts to back that one up.

  • J.M

    Discrimination in NZ against Asians is way overblown, but good on Mai Chen for making money out of it. If anything Asians are masterful at things like ethnic discrimination, racial purity being a defining point of what makes a Japanese, Korean or Chinese. Pity those who fall outside of that, or ethnic minorities in those countries.
    And FFS so what if a cabinet minister did hold you up