Face of the Day

An Iranian scientist holds a live monkey at an unknown location in Iran on January 28, 2013. Iranian state media reported that it lauched the monkey in a suborbital flight and returned it safely to Earth.

via: UPI

Not so funny now, is it?  The thing looks terrified.




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  • starboard

    poor little bastard..pity they didnt strap Imavaginainejad into the box instead..one way

    • Mitch82

      He was probably grinning when he realized he just got out of Iran..

      Either way, they probably think they’re rattling the sabre. They forgot the part where the US did this stuff 60 odd years ago.

      • Morrissey

        Correction: The US did this stuff FIFTY years ago. Sixty years ago, it was busy destroying democracy in Iran.

  • tarkwin

    Why are the Iranians sending Sue Bradford in to space? And what has E.T done to deserve this? Prepare for the invasion.

  • Shoreboy57

    maybe Gareth can start campaigning for monkeys too.

  • dotcom


  • LesleyNZ

    What a cruel lot.