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  • williamabong

    Gee Helen they are so lovely, have you had them long or were they a going away present from the Labour women of NZ

  • i went to the blues brews and bbqs yesterday and on the way in there were a couple of “volunteers” asking for signatures for some green party petition. They walked up to my partner and i and a rage overcame me. see, we dont get many greenies down here in blenheim because we’re all pretty switched on….. but not wanting to waste this opportunity i felt that i had to yell out “FUCK OFF GREENIE” in their faces.

    after i calmed down i tried to give the paid volunteers a lesson on propaganda but they didnt have a clue what it was. they were too thick to understand.

    i felt like i was being bombarded at a time when i should have been enjoying my day.

    there. another rant off me chest.

    • Honcho

      They will be from out of town too, just like the vandels who destroyed government property out at waihopi.

      Got mates living in Blenheim and there is nothing the boys from the Wairau hate more then smelly out of towners telling them how to live their lives.

      • Rodger T

        Got a buddy in the airforce that did some security work at Waihopai ,they quite enjoyed it cos` the female ferals would take their tops off when they protested ,it was a popular assignment.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          I suppose yuck tits are better then no tits for men by themselves?

          • Patrick

            As long as they kept their arms by their sides – hairy armpits are a sight not worth seeing these days

    • Pokerface

      Love It!! Many thanks from those of us who didn’t get this opportunity.

    • Gazzaw

      That was pretty heartless of you Nigel. They were probably raising funds to stop those greedy vineyard owners spraying their grapes because it’s killing off the lesser spotted green tree frog or some such other worthwhile cause.

      • Honcho

        The vines really dont like any sort of sprays, very delicate work producing bulk quantities of top quality wine grapes.
        But undoubtably the vineyards are denying some little known about worm or snail its natural habitat and we should all feel ashamed of ourselves for being so ignorant …

        • yeah quite true that. the vinyard owners iv spoken to assure me that they try NOT to spray (because its costs) and the sprays are quite natural.

  • dotcom

    Foreplay classes got underway in Ngaruawahia yesterday.