Fat Bastard blames everyone else, gets stupid court to agree with him, $350,000 compo awarded

A fat bastard who is dying as a result of stuffing his gob with tonnes of food has managed to convince a gullible court that everyone else is to blame.

A morbidly obese man dying of liver cancer has been awarded more than $350,000 from his doctor because the GP failed to refer him to a weight-loss clinic or send him for lap-band surgery.

Medical experts say the case of Luis Almario is a legal landmark in NSW and will force suburban doctors to ensure overweight patients shed kilos or risk being sued.

What are they going to do, forcibly strap these fat bastards to a bench and starve them into thinness? 

In his verdict, Justice Joseph Campbell said when Dr Varipatis first saw his patient in 1997, Mr Almario was “morbidly obese and suffered from a constellation of other inter-related conditions, all affected by his obesity, including the liver disease”.

He upheld that the doctor was legally responsible for the disease progressing to cirrhosis, liver failure and eventually liver cancer.

“I am satisfied that but for the negligence of the defendant, the liver disease would not have progressed to cirrhosis and one could have expected a great improvement in his health generally, had bariatric surgery been successful, and a healthful weight been achieved by Mr Almario following surgery,” Justice Campbell noted.

He found Dr Varipatis negligent on three counts but the GP has appealed the decision, backed by his insurer Avant. Allan Tattersall, acting general manager of claims at Avant, told industry publication the Medical Observer that it was in the interest of all GPs to refer the case back to the courts.

At what point did this fat bastard start to think that maybe he should stop stuffing his gob with food?

Personal responsibility – will it ever come back in style?


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Perhaps this will mean that GP’s will just stop taking obese people as patients?

    • Mr_Blobby

      A good starting point.

      Next because it is there own fault that they stuff so much food in there shit hole they should be put at the back of the queue for treatment.

      Less stupid people who are suffering through no fault of there own should be at the front of the queue.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Why take personal responsibility if everyone else can fall on the sword for you?

    Its like smokers blaming the cigarette companies, they didn’t hold a gun to your head and make you smoke.

  • Andrei

    FFS – the guy is 68 years old, like 68 year old men don’t get cancer obese or no? Something is gonna get you sooner or later and a 68 year old man is no spring chicken

  • StupidDisqus

    This is all because of the public health system. Get rid of Aussie Medicare, and its clear people have to take personal responsibility for their health. Get rid of the rest of the “welfare state” and its clear people have to take personal responsibility for everything else too.

  • peterwn

    The judge got it partly right – he reduced the damages because of contributory negligence. However what the judge should have taken into account was the likliehood of the envisaged surgery being undertaken and if so whether it would be successful. if it was 10%, then the damages should have been reduced to 10%. There is legal precedent for this sort of approach.

    The upshot of this sort of thing is people will have to pay more for seeing doctors and medical treatment as professional liability premiums will go through the roof as they have in USA. Judges and juries seem to think that insurance companies have pots of money.

    Incidentally some guy in Northland argued that he was too ill and obese to go to jail, but the judge sent him there anyway. He left jail much thinner and with vastly improved health.

    • Cadwallader

      There’s a guy on Death Row in USA who claims he is too fat to be the recipient of a lethal injection. This is nothing that a firing squad couldn’t fix.

  • cows4me

    So one would have to assume a plethora of obese have discovered a new way to fund their lifestyle and the medical profession has just become less attractive. The march of social breakdown continues at a furious pace and the reality of life has become something akin to Alice in Wonderland. So if one is a failure in life then one must take every step to find someone or something to blame. The logical conclusion to all this will take us all down, then maybe that’s what they really want.

  • Time For Accountability

    Just like it is everyone else’s fault when a drunk drives.
    Ditto when a thief makes a decision to steal.

    This is a bad indictment on a stuffed judiciary cartel

  • I have lost 10kg since Jan 4th by reducing the amount I eat per meal and actually taking note of how much food I stuff in my gob. Another 10kg to go then I have to figure out how to maintain that level.

    • Bunswalla

      Well done Brian – so you really are Smaller?

    • Random66

      That’s great Brian. The first 10kg will come off quicker than the last, simply because you initially lose fluid as well as excess fat. The rule of thumb for successful long term weight loss (which stays off), after that initial big loss, is to lose no more than 2kg per month. Any quicker and you risk losing muscle and putting weight back on when you go back to eating ‘normal’. Eat only when hungry, eat smaller meals and often, and eat slowly as your brain takes a while to process you are full. Exercise is a key ingredient – 30 minutes at least 5 x a week (walking is fine to start with, maybe consider swiming) and drink plenty of water. Try to limit your alcohol intake. If you make some really simple changes that become long term habbits you will feel all the healthier. Go Brian!!!

    • Mr_Blobby

      Well done, getting it off is hard, keeping it off is even harder.

  • Mike Jones

    Read the first 4 lines. I have better things to worry about than some dying fat Australian.

    • Marc Williams

      Well you got this far Mikey, so not so much then.

  • Bunswalla

    The doctor first saw the patient in 1997, and he was morbidly obese then. Fuck me, his doctor’s kept him alive for 16 years already – the guy deserves a medal not a law-suit.

    If you’re morbidly obese you’re heading for the morgue in any case. 16 years is a bloody good innings when you’re already twice your normal bodyweight.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    There has to be a stage when these disfunctionals get rendered for fuel, there is no other use for them

  • Lopsy

    Just one more wafer?…

  • TomTom

    If another fat fuck complain to me that they’re just “big boned”, I’m gonna get myself a fucking axe and find out for myself, for shit’s sake.