Flatmate wanted. To sleep in my bed.


You need to be polite and pay $110 a week to get to sleep with Gustav, stud, from Sweden.

Perhaps “stud” is lost in translation?  There are a lot of, err, studs, in the Swedish language.


Even so, who am I to stand in the way of someone trying to fill a vacant room half a queen size bed?


H/T: helenawolf


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  • Random66

    I think in this instance ‘stud’ is an abreviation of student. Alexander is ‘working’ and Miranda and Gustav would appear to be students. Still having to share a bed with an unknown is a big ask, I wonder how comfortable the couch is?

  • Andy

    Some stuff gets lots in translation. In Swedish, the word sex and love are the same (elsker). The word for husband and man are the same, as are wife and woman

  • Did Gustav become a stud because of a diet of Ikea meatballs, now discovered to contain horse-meat?

  • Mr_Blobby

    Was he asking for $110 a week or offering.

  • thor42

    Not interested in the “flatmate wanted”.

    I just want to know what Miranda looks like.

    Swedish women……mmmmmmmm……. ;)

  • Hazards001

    Well obviously if Miranda and Alexander can share a bed and pay $110 each then of course Gustav wants a roomie to…errr…split costs as we can extrapolate that the loser is paying a quarter(1/2 cos his bed isn’t occupied) share of a dingy shithole in the CBD at $440 a week …lmfao…what a bunch of tossers.

    Without a word of a lie I advertised the spare room here for a while specifically stating a single person only as the house isn’t huge and got a reply from an Indian guy that when he turned up wanted to know if he could share the room with his mate and still pay the advertised rent….duh…NO!