Four Volcanos Erupt Independently on Kamchatka

Der Spiegel reports

Volcanic eruptions are hardly a rarity. It seems that a new one goes off every few weeks or so somewhere in the world. But a string of four volcanoes erupting in close proximity to one another is virtually unheard of.

That, though, is what has taken place in recent weeks on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s far east. Four different cones and mountains, all within 180 kilometers (110 miles) of each other, have been active simultaneously since late November. Given that volcano experts don’t believe that the four volcanoes are being fed from the same magma source, the parallel eruptions would seem to be the geological equivalent of winning the lottery.

All four of the volcanoes now erupting have shown significant activity in recent years. Most recently, Tobalchik began spewing lava on Nov. 27 of last year, creating the impressive lava flows visible in the 360 degree video taken by Airpano. Shiveluch, the northernmost of the four, prefers shooting columns of ash high into the air, which it has been doing on a regular basis during the last four years since a magma dome in its crater exploded. Besymjanny awoke with a bang in the 1950s following 1,000 years of dormancy and has been active since then, with huge clouds of ash rising on a regular basis. Finally, the southernmost of the quartet, Kisimen, has been erupting regularly since 2010, and there is concern that it could perform a repeat of the violent explosion which sheered of half of the mountain some 1,300 years ago.


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  • Lion_ess

    Closer to home, we have White Island, Tongariro and Mt Ruapehu all exhibiting activity over the past 3 months.

    • Yoni

      It happens too often for it to be a statistical anomaly. Indicates we have much to understand about the forces beneath the earth.

      Don’t forget to include the pumice island under water eruption as well

  • admin note: fixed video to correct one :)

  • Travis Poulson

    Say “Kamchatka” 10 times fast after a few beers.

    • Lion_ess

      Yeah, so?

      • Travis Poulson

        Sorry, I’ll keep my toilet humour to myself.

        • Lion_ess

          I tried, but I didn’t get anything – no double-entendres – nothing! You’ll have to spell it out so I get it.

          • Travis Poulson

            come chucker? ok point taken, I’ll go back to the office.

          • Lion_ess

            Ummmm Hmmmm – oh, I get it now

          • Travis Poulson

            *chirping crickets*

          • GregM

            DO NOT go back to the office, you need to get out more… :-)

    • ay “Kamchatka” 10 times fast after discovering there is no ice cream for desert.

  • Stuart Dumphries

    Gay marriage is clearly to blame…. :-)

  • Patrick

    Big Al Gore will parachute in & blame Climate Change, Wee Wussel Norman will be parroting Gore’s rubbish & advocating for more taxes, John Key’s eyes will light up at the prospect of more tax revenue gained through doing nothing but keeping a bunch of rope headed dope smoking hippies happy, the NZ taxpayer will bend over & take another one up the chuff & the whole merry go round starts again.

  • J.M

    Not much danger to humans with these ones, you’ll need a helicopter to get anywhere near them. Still when I have a bit more money would love to visit Kamchatka. Some of the best fishing anywhere (only the bears to compete with for the salmon), and a helicopter ride or two to see the volcanoes, plus some decent hot springs.