Fox News borrowing subbies from NZ Herald?

It would appear that Fox news is borrowing subbies from the NZ Herald:


Well, this is awkward. Fox News ran?an article?on how feminism has made heterosexual relationships and marriage so challenging. To illustrate this point, the conservative news source ran a photo of a lesbian wedding. A?wedding that Equally Wed featured last year, when Alaskans?Stephanie Figarelle?and?Lela McArthur?became the first?same-sex couple to marry at the Empire State Building.? the screenshot before the site could change it to stick figures of a man and a woman to help author Suzanne Venker make her point that “feminism didn?t result in equality between the sexes ? it resulted in mass confusion.” Ah, yes, it’s definitely the feminists who are confused. Not the web editor at Fox News who sweetly proves our point: Love is love.