Fox News borrowing subbies from NZ Herald?

It would appear that Fox news is borrowing subbies from the NZ Herald:


Well, this is awkward. Fox News ran an article on how feminism has made heterosexual relationships and marriage so challenging. To illustrate this point, the conservative news source ran a photo of a lesbian wedding. A wedding that Equally Wed featured last year, when Alaskans Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur became the first same-sex couple to marry at the Empire State Building. snapped the screenshot before the site could change it to stick figures of a man and a woman to help author Suzanne Venker make her point that “feminism didn’t result in equality between the sexes – it resulted in mass confusion.” Ah, yes, it’s definitely the feminists who are confused. Not the web editor at Fox News who sweetly proves our point: Love is love.


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  • unsol

    A very good looking couple, but if you hadn’t pointed out this was a same sex union I would have assumed the girl in the suit was male as she struck me as a ‘pretty’ boy. Interesting that SSA sometimes means the males look more feminine & the girls more masculine. Whereas others – like this bride and say Ali Mau or Portia De Rosi, you would never guess.


    The fox article was an interesting read – what makes marriages last is a pet topic of mine.

    “But young women have an added burden: they’ve been raised in a society that eschews marriage. They’ve been taught instead to honor sex, singlehood and female empowerment”.

    Couldn’t agree more. But

    “The complementary nature of marriage—in which two people work together, as equals, toward the same goal but with an appreciation for the qualities each gender brings to the table—has been obliterated. Today, husbands and wives are locked in a battle about whom does more on the home front and how they’re going to get everything done. That’s not a marriage. That’s war.

    It’s time to say what no one else will: Feminism didn’t result in equality between the sexes – it resulted in mass confusion”

    Not sure if I agree with this at all (btw, how do you do the quote thing where you get the line?).

    I agree with her view that men & women are equal, but different. They each have the same basic rights to work, buy a house, live de facto or get married, have children whether naturally or via adoption or IVF, but they each bring different strengths & weaknesses to the table.

    The only difference is that in modern times these strengths & weaknesses sometimes move away from what some consider to be traditional – e.g. women being the DIY person or the one to set up the TVs & computers etc or even being the breadwinner (including working in logging or being cops) while men are at home taking care of the domestic stuff.

    As for men dying to save women like on the Titanic – some consider that kind of stuff (which is an extension of the whole men insisting strongly that they carry a woman’s bags or opens their car door etc) as benevolent sexism (as opposed to hostile sexism which of course is more blatant & offensive). So I am not sure the fact that this kind of stuff is dying out is a loss as those who fawn over women like they are some fragile little doll are also the kind to control & abuse….think Scarlet O’Hara who was raped by her door opening so-called chivalrous husband.

    • Jimmie

      I think you might be barking up the wrong tree. Often it is women themselves who like chivalrous guys. When I take my better half out for a nice meal I will often open and shut the car door for her and take out her seat for her at the table before she sits down.

      She likes it (considers it romantic) and chances are if I stopped doing little things like that I would end up with a clip around the ears.

      So yeah – its not always some nasty he-man trying to bash his door mat Mrs into submission – think about it.

      • unsol

        You missed the point – you’re not fawning. What you do for your spouse is not benevolent sexism……you do it because she loves it, not because you think she is incapable.

        I must say that I have found women who equate romance with the more intense kind of chivalry also tend to be the kind who get their ideas of romance & marriage/long-term commitments from Joan Collins….or worse, 50 Shades of Gray.

        To me most conventional forms of chivalry are meaningless. I much prefer everyday consideration, kindness, respect & affection (so also means that when we are out to dinner or movies he is happy to hold hands or put his arm around me)….with the odd spontaneous bunch of $10 flowers from the dairy on hubby’s way home from work….and I of course respond in kind with his version of flowers being mountain bike stuff!

        • Jimmie

          Well you are wrong in this case – she doesn’t read mills & boons or 50 shades of pain. Just good down to earth girl who likes a little TLC once in a while.

          • unsol

            Like I said, what you are describing is completely different to the controlling behaviour I referenced. Door opening was perhaps a bad example since you jumped on that. End of the day good relationships are those where each person’s preferred way to express love is respected, appreciated & validated. Sounds like you guys have that sussed!

        • Timboh

          Everyday consideration … Respect. Hard to argue with. Good post

          • Callum

            Apparently never expected to work the other way though???

          • unsol

            Yes it is & if its not dumb them. Relationships are a 2 way street & if such basics are not reciprocal then its demise is always inevitable.